New Erik Flowchild Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Erik Flowchild - Child’s Play [Album]

Toronto emcee Erik Flowchild has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital full-length, Child's Play. The project packs a total of 12 original jams from the up-and-coming rhymesayer, including... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. Joe Budden & DJ Grouch - Hurdles [Stream]

We all have a few hurdles in our lives that require strength and determination to overcome. If your hurdle is that you don’t have any emotional and motivational hip-hop to listen to, then you can consider that hurdle... Read More


Erik Flowchild - Words From a Broken Heart [Stream]

While time is the only cure for heartache, music is one hell of a palliative. Just ask Erik Flowchild, who channels his own post-breakup hurt and frustration into art on new single Words From a Broken Heart. Released along... Read More


Erik Flowchild - Monogamy [Stream & Download]

Update: The Philip Sportel-directed video for Eric’s “Monogamy” record has been added to this feature. Young though Erik Flowchild may be, he’s already thinking about turning in his player card for... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. J’Rose - Cycles [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Erik Flowchild, things were going so well with a certain female that the T-Dot emcee was considering Monogamy. A lot can evidently change in two months; newly-leaked mixtape standout Cycles finds the... Read More


Erik Flowchild - Boys II Men [Stream & Download]

Though female oppression is more frequently discussed, gender norms are often no more charitable to men—and, for black males, the pressure exerted by norms of masculinity is only magnified. On EP standout Boys II Men,... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. Victoria Sol - Still Me [Stream & Download]

Erik Flowchild‘s struggles may be a major influence on his musical output, but don’t get it twisted: no amount of paper will make the T-dot native forget where he’s from. On new single Still Me, a scorching... Read More


Erik Flowchild - Speech [Stream & Download]

It’s amazing how common it is to see an artist in his early twenties (or teens, for that matter) jump on the scene in the hip-hop game nowadays. What’s even more remarkable is that a young emcee by the name of Erik... Read More


Erik Flowchild - Okay [Stream]

UPDATE: “Okay” is no longer available to stream. Erik Flowchild‘s long-awaited Delivery Boy mixtape still has yet to hit the ‘net (the artist’s waiting on a few guest features), but don’t... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. PG - Over Here [Stream]

Can an up-and-comer like Erik Flowchild step to the pros?  As far as the 19-year-old emcee is concerned, the answer is “Of course!”—and, in case any of our regulars remain unconvinced after hearing the Brampton... Read More

Erik Flowchild Spits “The Benefits” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Erik Flowchild, the T-dot up-and-comer who recently earned reader acclaim for Add-2 collabo "Walk In the Park," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #79 in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Erik Flowchild - The Benefits [Stream & Download]

The 79th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Erik Flowchild, the T-dot up-and-comer who recently earned reader acclaim for Add-2 collabo Walk In the Park.  On his brand new, previously-unreleased... Read More


Erik Flowchild ft. Add-2 - Walk in the Park [Stream]

Out-and-out hate is for amateurs—if you really want to get under someone’s skin, try saying something that can’t be countered with a simple, “Nuh-uh.”  Like, “You’ve got to work on your... Read More