New ESSO Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


ESSO - Tapewreck [Stream & Download]

WIth his new, Booth-hosted EP currently sitting at #9 on our Top Mixtapes Chart, ESSO returns to our pages to raise awareness of the project with a newly-leaked standout cut. Tapewreck finds producer VHVL slicing and dicing a... Read More


ESSO - Son of SAMO EP [Album]

Harlem rhymesayer ESSO has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Son of SAMO EP. The project features eight original tracks from the up-and-coming emcee, including... Read More


ESSO - Son of SAMO EP (Trailer) [Video]

The release of ESSO‘s highly awaited Son of Samo EP is only days away, and to get the crowds properly hyped he delivers this self-directed trailer. We have you hooked? Good, then you’ll want to check back on... Read More


ESSO - Ready [Stream & Download]

ESSO‘s last feature, F*ck It All, caught the up-and-comer on one of his not-so-fly days, struggling to stay motivated despite the paralyzing influences of liquor, drugs, and good ol’ existential angst. Just shy of... Read More


Cesar Luciano ft. ESSO - Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Stream & Download]

Thinking about hating on Cesar Luciano? Save your breath—on a standout off his recently-released Booth-sponsored mixtape, the rap buzzmaker assures his critics, “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Over Marv... Read More


ESSO - F*ck It All [Stream & Download]

Booth readers, there’s real, and then there’s real. What’s the difference, aside from the one on the right being in italics, you ask? Uh… you know it when you hear it. For example, the lead single off... Read More


Ess Vee ft. ESSO - Feel Music [Stream & Download]

Most rappers are more interested in talking about themselves than lending a sympathetic ear; Ess Vee, on the other hand, is all about being a good listener. For his introduction to the Booth, the Jersey representative serves... Read More


ESSO ft. Chase Kennedy - Summertime Fly [Stream]

Can you, like NYC emcee ESSO, lay claim to being Summertime Fly? I don’t know, take this quick test: Are you wearing socks with sandals? Is your swim suit made up of less material than your girlfriend’s? Did you buy those... Read More


Talent Couture ft. Esso - Machismo [Stream]

With his last street release, So Many Gems, flying off the (figurative) shelves, Northeastern buzzmakerTalent Couture has gotten straight to work on a follow-up mixtape. Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, this... Read More


ESSO - Waiting Another Day [Video]

A haunting and honest look at the life of not only an aspiring rapper but an actual person, Waiting Another Day is the latest visual contribution from Harlem, NY native, ESSO.  This video is directed by Shane for... Read More


ESSO ft. Shanell - Calling Out [Stream & Download]

On EP cut Someday, featured back in October 2010, Booth favorite ESSO stated with confidence, “I know I’m gonna get it one day, and I know that day ain’t far.” Well, turns out the next plateau in the Harlem... Read More


ESSO ft. El Prez - Someday [Stream & Download]

If you haven’t caught wind of the buzz New York emcee ESSO has garnered as of late, you must have been under a rock. The emcee had a break-through year in 2009, splashing his name across a plethora of publications, from... Read More


Woody ft. ESSO - Over & Over Again [Stream & Download]

Most fellas not on heavy doses of Viagra need a little down-time between rounds of action in the bedroom – not Woody. On the artist/producer’s first feature as a headliner, the West Coast up-and-comer gives listeners... Read More


ESSO - Heads Will Roll [Stream]

The hipster-beloved Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been enjoying quite a bit of attention from the rap game lately – well, one of their songs has, anyway. Previously flipped on features by King Mez (Winter) and Sam Adams (Heads Will... Read More


ESSO - The Anti-Socialite [Album]

Presented by Y&I Music and, new mixtape The Anti-Socialite finds Harlem rapper ESSO painting a vivid picture of life in the age of social media and the Internet. Over the course of the 15-track set, ESSO... Read More


ESSO - New York, New York [Stream]

After the ‘09 ubiquity of Jay-Z‘s Empire State of Mind, I have a feeling that most of us would be in favor of a moratorium on NYC tribute tracks. With that said, don’t let the title of Harlem emcee... Read More


Emilio Sparks ft. ESSO & Rhya - Hello [Stream]

NYC radio personality Emilio Sparks may be familiar to Big Apple natives but, for the rest of us, a little introduction may be in order – especially in light of his typo-inducing name, which is like a Voltron-style fusion... Read More


Donny Goines, Beyond Belief, ESSO & The ILLZ Spit “BK Cypher” [Exclusive Video] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- This past weekend, brass gathered industry tastemakers, marketing and promotional execs, artist management, label heads, and some of the most highly-respected Booth-favorites such as K. Sparks,... Read More


ESSO Spits “Thinkin Out Loud Again” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- ESSO, the NYC native who recently earned reader acclaim for Michael Jackson-sampling tracks "Don't Stop and "View From the Top," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #88 in our Freestyle... Read More


ESSO - Thinkin Out Loud Again [Stream & Download]

Entry #88 in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of ESSO, the NYC native who recently earned reader acclaim for Michael Jackson-sampling tracks Don’t Stop and View From the Top. On his brand new,... Read More


ESSO - View From The Top [Stream]

For the 30th anniversary of Off the Wall, the landmark fifth album that bridged the gap between Michael Jackson‘s run as Jackson 5 frontman and the pop icon’s Thriller-era glory days, Harlem rapper ESSO teamed up... Read More


ESSO Drops Woody-Produced and MJ-Inspired “Off The Wall” Project [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- ESSO has teamed up with beatsmith Woody to drop a brand new street album, inspired by what the artist calls " of the most important transitional albums in the history of popular music." Released... Read More


ESSO Unleashes Trailer for Joe Puma Directed “Don’t Stop” Video [Feature ]

New York, NY -- In this newly-released trailer, Harlem emcee ESSO gives listeners a preview of the forthcoming music video for Booth-acclaimed mixtape cut "Don't Stop." Directed by Joe Puma, the video is scheduled to... Read More


ESSO - Don’t Stop [Stream]

For those wondering why Change Your Life emcee ESSO‘s latest feature samples from Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, but includes no mention of the King of Pop‘s untimely passing, the answer is simple:... Read More


ESSO - Change Your Life [Stream]

In recent months, a few up-and-comers have stood out from the pack by introducing themselves with an exclusive world premiere (see Kno-No‘s Ain’t Changed, RaSun‘s Can’t Get You Off My Mind).  The... Read More