New Everliven Sound Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Everliven Sound - Everending Story [Stream & Download]

As my fellow ‘80s babies will remember, fantasy film The Neverending Story (and the dope novel that inspired it) featured adolescent hero Atreyu battling against a virulent Nothing spawned by greed and lust for power,... Read More


Everliven Sound with DJ Tee - Video Game [Stream & Download]

You might raise an eyebrow at Everliven Sounds’s lofty claim that “Life is like a video game.” I mean, you don’t see Italian plumbers eating giant mushrooms and saving princesses nor do you get rewarded for stealing... Read More


Everliven Sound - Sound of the Everliven [Stream & Download]

Not featured as a duo since summer 2010’s Elements, Jersey-based emcee Cymarshall Law and UK spitter Skit Slam have rejoined forces to craft their junior project as Everliven Sound. One of two newly-released singles off... Read More


Everliven Sound ft. El Da Sensei - Elements [Stream]

Drafted by Russian chemist Dimitri Mendelev in 1869, the Periodic Table of the Elements was a useful guide to the building blocks of matter, but suffered from a tragic lack of hot beats and witty punchlines. Unfortunately, no... Read More


Everliven Sound - Get Up Stand Up [Stream]

With the recent release of Booth-sponsored prelude mixtape The Last Word Benders (available for free streaming and download here, for all you slowpokes who have yet to check it out), HiPNOTT Records duo Everliven Sound have... Read More


Everliven Sound - Freedom of Speech: The Last Word Benders [Album]

Reader favorite Cymarshall Law and UK rapper Skit Slam, together known as Everliven Sound, have hooked up with and Kevin Nottingham to bring listeners a new collaborative mixtape entitled Freedom of Speech: The... Read More


Everliven Sound - What Should He Do [Stream]

New mixtape cut What Should He Do may be Everlivin Sounds first feature but, in actuality, the duo’s only half-new to the Booth. That’s right: Jersey emcee and longtime reader favorite CyMarshall Law‘s... Read More