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Fall Out Boy: Rappers Love Them, Rap Fans Not So Much [Feature ]

Music is 99% subjective, but it's that remaining 1% that dictates our conversation. We can't listen to music in a vacuum, so all the outside forces--friends, family, the radio, Twitter, the old heads--play a role in... Read More


Fall Out Boy ft. Wiz Khalifa - Uma Thurman (Remix) [Stream]

In the “Jack Rabbit Slim’s” scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, a bewigged Uma Thurman awkwardly danced her way into the hearts of men everywhere. At least, I was feeling it when I first saw the movie... Read More


The Hypemen Podcast, The Lost Episodes: Pete Wentz [Feature ]

Way.....way....way....back in the day (aka 2010), when the entire concept of a rap podcast was still in its infancy, there was the Hypemen podcast. Up until the last episode in July of 2011, the Rosenthal brothers and... Read More


Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean - The Mighty Fall [Stream]

Previously heard collaborating with Joe Budden, 88 Keys and MURS on the official remix of America’s Suitehearts and, further back, soliciting Weezy‘s guest assistance on Tiffany Blews, pop-punk outfit Fall Out Boy... Read More


Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, 88 Keys & MURS - America’s Suitehearts (Remix) [Stream]

Rap and pop-punk are certainly strange bedfellows, but the industry’s neverending quest for crossover appeal means these unlikely but crowd-pleasing collabos are here to stay.  Even those who prefer their hip-hop... Read More


Fall Out Boy ft. Lil Wayne - Tiffany Blews [Stream]

Next Tuesday, pop-punk band Fall Out Boy will release their brand new album, Folie à Deux.  Although the Wilmette, Illinois quartet isn’t very hip-hop (‘isn’t’ meaning ‘not at all’), their... Read More