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Listen to Fashawn Spit “100 Bars” Over a Jay Z Classic [Feature ]

Fashawn has remained mostly quiet since the release of his acclaimed second studio album The Ecology back in February. The Mass Appeal signee and longtime Booth favorite is, of course, entitled to a break from the studio... Read More


G.O. - I Wish ft. Oddisee & Fashawn [Stream]

Boston emcee G.O. makes his Booth debut today - a DJBooth world premiere - with the lead single off of his upcoming project, The Hope. I Wish, the similarly titled debut offering from the project, is produced by Phenom, while... Read More


Fashawn on Writing for Dr. Dre’s “Detox,” Meeting Nas, Chuck D & More [Feature ]

I love music, but even more than music, I love stories. That's why so many of my interviews sound less like question and answer sessions and more like conversations; really, all I'm trying to do is get rappers to... Read More


20syl - Copycat ft. Fashawn [Stream]

Producer 20syl injects a fresh and innovative electronic sound into everything he touches, and his latest release is no exception. Watch him play Copycat with longtime Booth favorite Fashawn in this WILL & GAB and... Read More


Fashawn - Out the Trunk (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes [Stream]

Fashawn‘s most recent album, The Ecology, was released to great acclaim back in February, though if you are a Booth regular you probably are well aware at this point. One of the standout tracks, the Exile-produced,... Read More


Fashawn - Higher [Stream]

First off, if you haven’t listened to Fashawn‘s near unanimously reader-acclaimed album The Ecology yet, what are you waiting for?! If you still need some convincing, tune into the Mass Appeal wordsmith’s... Read More


K-Young, One-2, Fashawn & El Prez - Something About Mary [Stream & Download]

Treacherous C.O.B is busy prepping the release of their upcoming compilation, Mint Room 2, set to be released on May 12 via a premiere by The DJBooth and the good folks of 2DopeBoyz. There is definitely Something About Mary... Read More


DJ EFN - Selfish (K-Def Remix) ft. King Tee, Fashawn & Kurupt [Stream & Download]

With so many of DJ EFN‘s recent releases gracing our pages, it would be Selfish to not feature the K-Def Remix of one of his most impressive album cuts. Here the veteran beatsmith turns the track into a more elegant... Read More


Fashawn - The Ecology [Album]

After months of anticipation, Fresno emcee Fashawn has finally released his long-awaited sophomore album, The Ecology. Taking his music to the next level with Nas as the Executive Producer for this project, Fashawn's new... Read More


“Music Saved My Life, Again”: The Story Behind Fashawn’s “The Ecology” [Feature ]

Fashawn's new album, The Ecology, almost didn't happen because Fashawn almost gave up, twice. Before his 2009 project, Boy Meets World, Fashawn was on the verge of packing in his musical aspirations. He had a... Read More


Fashawn - Something to Believe In ft. Nas & Aloe Blacc [Stream]

Feeling a little disillusioned with the state of contemporary hip-hop? Leave it to Fashawn and his spectacularly talented homies to give you Something to Believe In. Over DJ Khalil’s brass fanfare, the Fresno phenom trades... Read More


Fashawn ft. Busta Rhymes - Out the Trunk [Stream]

With his sophomore full-length just one week from (finally) hitting store shelves, Fresno phenom Fashawn returns with another fresh single off the eagerly-anticipated set. On Out the Trunk, the Booth fave spits braggadocious... Read More


Fashawn’s Making Hip-Hop History, Are You Listening? [Feature ]

In 2015, I'm willing to go to the bottom of the ocean in a candy-painted submarine to find hip-hop, but in my younger years I was wearing floaties, splashing around in the kiddie pool. I would soak up the... Read More


Fashawn - Guess Who’s Back [Stream]

Hey Booth readers, Guess Who’s Back! OK, seeing as Fashawn‘s name is on the title line, that’s not exactly a tough one, but I think y’all will still find his latest single a dope surprise—especially... Read More


Fashawn - FASH-ionably Late EP [Album]

Originally slated to drop via Mass Appeal on Tuesday, September 30, Fashawn's highly-anticipated sophomore set, The Ecology, has been pushed back to a yet-unannounced date in 2015 due to sample clearance issues. Don't call it... Read More


Fashawn ft. Evidence - Dreams [Stream]

No need to pinch yourselves, West Coast hip-hop fans; a joint EP from Fashawn and The Alchemist may sound too good to be true, but I assure you this is real life. Plus, if I’m wrong and we are in the world of your... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. MURS & Fashawn - Whatever It Takes [Stream]

On Turn the Tables, the lead single off his latest compilation album, DJ JS-1 and guest spitter O.C. aggressively repudiated the rapper-centric culture of contemporary hip-hop, which pushes the crucial contributions of DJs... Read More


Choosey ft. Fashawn & Ishe - Matters [Stream]

Last we saw Choosey, the Los Angeles rhymesayer was raising his Middle Finger to his competition in the music game. After that record’s in-your-face hostility, you may be surprised at the smooth, comfortable vibe of... Read More


Fashawn ft. Dom Kennedy - Golden State of Mind [Stream]

Fashawn‘s taken his sweet time putting together a follow-up to 2009 debut full-length Boy Meets World, but his sophomore album is finally on the horizon. Today, we get our first taste of the set in the form of lead... Read More


Niqle Nut ft. Fashawn - Niqle Niqle Nine [Stream]

An Inglewood buzzmaker signed to Treacherous C.O.B., Niqle Nut makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with single numero uno off his upcoming independent debut full-length. On the pseudo self-titled Niqle Niqle Nine,... Read More


DJ EFN ft. Fashawn & Wrekonize - Hood Banger [Stream]

Sometimes, a song’s title says it all—and DJ EFN‘s latest effort is a case in point. Hood Banger is indeed the type of ish that you’d expect to hear blasting from an old-school head’s car speakers. I... Read More


Markis Precise ft. Elzhi & Fashawn - Kiss the Ring [Stream]

Like Don Corleone, Booth newcomer Markis Precise likes to work behind the scenes, drawing from his formidable cast of connects when something needs to get done. For example, today the Golden State beatsmith has pulled a few... Read More


Fashawn - Champion [Stream]

Next Saturday, April 12, current World Boxing Organization welterweight champ Thomas Bradley III will be squaring off against challenger Manny Pacquaio, two years after a controversial 2012 match in which the latter lost to... Read More


P-Money ft. Freddie Gibbs & Fashawn - Break It Down [Stream]

When I saw Fashawn was part of the latest effort from P-Money, the title had me thinking the song was either a smokers’ anthem or featured a more traditional vibe, as Fash likes to Break It Down both onstage and when it... Read More


DJ Kay Rich ft. Fashawn, Problem & C Plus - CA All Day [Stream & Download]

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but each participant on DJ Kay Rich‘s latest effort, CA All Day, reps Cali… all day. In fact, I like to think of Fashawn, Problem, and C Plus as the new Beach Boys. Crazy, I know,... Read More


Fashawn - Champagne & Styrofoam Cups (Untagged Deluxe Version) [Album]

Following the release of his acclaimed Champagne & Styrofoam Cups project, Fashawn is back with a deluxe and untagged version that includes three bonus tracks in addition to featured singles Medicine Man, Diamonds & Girls and... Read More


Fashawn ft. Wiz Khalifa - Medicine Man (Drug Free) [Stream]

If you’re anything like me, seeing the subtitle “Drug Free” on a record by Fashawn, with guest bars by Wiz Khalifa, provoked a reflexive eyebrow-raise of epic proportions. And your/my incredulity is justified—in... Read More


Fashawn ft. K-Young - Diamonds and Girls [Stream & Download]

To the victor go the spoils. In Fashawn’s case the spoils include Diamonds and Girls, among many others. As the Fresno emcee will tell you growing up wasn’t easy, but somehow the emcee persevered and is now reaping the... Read More


Fashawn ft. Chevy Woods - Back in the Game [Stream & Download]

I knew today’s hip-hop game moved fast, but damn. Not even a month after hooking up with fellow West Coast flame-spitter MURS to drop collaborative set This Generation, Fashawn has deemed it appropriate to announce that... Read More


MURS & Fashawn ft. Adrian - This Generation [Stream]

UPDATE: Click “Watch Video” for the brand new visuals to This Generation. With forthcoming collaborative album This Generation Fashawn and MURS have set themselves quite the challenge: to boil the current moment... Read More


Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) ft. Fashawn & Co$$ - Cali Dreamin [Stream]

It’s easy to fantasize about the sunshine and glamor of the Golden State—especially if you, like me, live in chillier climes. But a fantasy, by definition, leaves out the unpleasant aspects of real life. On their... Read More


MURS & Fashawn - Slash Gordan [Stream & Download]

What’s better than rappers doing a collabo album? Well…pho, Shock Top beer, college football, and a couple other things I can’t name, but that’s about it. If you’re also a fan of collab albums... Read More


Planet Asia ft. Fashawn & Willie The Kid - F**k Rappers [Stream]

Fresno, stand up! On F**k Rappers, a Dr. Zodiak-directed video single from Planet Asia‘s 10th full-length, the underground veteran comes together with fellow Grizzly City native Fashawn to drop aggressive bars over... Read More


Treacherous Records ft. Ab-Soul, Fashawn & One-2 - Donnie Brasco [Stream & Download]

Based on the life of FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone, ‘97 film Donnie Brasco saw an intrepid G-man infiltrate a prominent crime family, ultimately penetrating so deeply into the organization’s chain of command that he... Read More


Treacherous Records ft. Fashawn, Kobe, El Prez & Kenny Siegel - Born Go Getta [Stream & Download]

A little-known biographical fact about Fashawn is that, when his mother was in the delivery room, the Grizzly City rhymesayer-to-be refused to leave till the doctor waved a c-note in front of the birth canal—at which point... Read More


Fashawn ft. Omar Aura - One More Try [Stream & Download]

It’s been a few months now since we first heard about Fashawn’s upcoming Champagne and Styrofoam Cups album, but you know what they say; you can’t rush perfection, or dope odes to your hometown. New release One More Try... Read More


MC ADaD ft. Naledge & Fashawn - Space Invaders [Stream & Download]

Not featured on the solo tip since dropping off Slowly back in August of 2011, MC ADaD makes his long-awaited return to our pages with freshly-minted mixtape single Space Invaders. Here, ADaD’s own videogamey synth... Read More


Fashawn - Santiago’s Revenge 2 [Stream & Download]

On Santiago’s Revenge, a mixtape inclusion leaked way back in summer 2010, Fashawn shot back at the sucker emcees attacking him out of jealousy for his superior mic skills. Nearly two years later, the Grizzly City... Read More


Wiz Khalifa ft. Fashawn - Mt. Money [Stream]

If Rack City doesn’t sound like a desirable destination for your Spring Break, then allow Wiz Khalifa to be your travel agent to his favorite vacation spot, Mt. Money. Although the track won’t appear on... Read More


Exile ft. Fashawn - Oh Word (Keep On Rising) [Stream & Download]

If there were any doubt as to why West Coast fast-riser and freestyle alum Fashawn chose to work with Exile exclusively on both his first and (forthcoming) second studio albums, the latter’s latest promo single should... Read More


Fashawn - Gettin’ It [Stream & Download]

Paper may be the object of the game, but Gettin’ It is only half the battle. To qualify as a true baller, you’ve got to get it and look good while doing it. If your wardrobe’s looking a little stale, then... Read More


Fashawn - Skating Down the Block [Video]

Grizzly City representer Fashawn returns with a brand new video, Skating Down the Block, that paints a dark and honest picture of the hustle so many have to engage in to survive. Skating is the latest video for... Read More


Fashawn - Generation F [Stream & Download]

Currently hard at work on the follow-up to 2009’s Boy Meets World—one of the most acclaimed rap debuts in recent memory—Fashawn is taking a moment to sip some bubbly, celebrate his successes to date, and... Read More


Notes to Self ft. Fashawn - Mr. Polite [Stream & Download]

Fresh off dazzling hardcore heads in the Booth with the Babu-assisted Lick Shots, Notes to Self return to our pages with another newly-released single off their forthcoming full-length. Mr. Polite finds crewmates Roshin,... Read More


Omar Aura ft. Fashawn - 1,000 Palm Trees [Stream & Download]

Booth newcomer Omar Aura‘s home streets may come with the same crime and drama that are a fact of life in any inner-city area, but when the sun’s shining, there’s a cool breeze and the pretty girls are out... Read More


Evidence ft. Fashawn - Same Folks [Video]

West coast representers Evidence and Fashawn hit the Venice Beach boardwalk to do a little street promo on their dope new video Same Folks. If you’re digging Same Folks be sure to check out Evidence’s Cats &... Read More


Closed Sessions: ATX The Documentary (Pt. 1-4) [Video]

In March of 2010, Closed Sessions and setup a recording studio inside of landmark Texas Mansion. Artists from all over the country and all sub-genres of Hip Hop came through to collaborate on new music, share... Read More


Fashawn - Big Dreams [Video]

Fashawn takes some time out of his globe trotting schedule to film a video for his his J. Cole-produced single Big Dreams. For more be sure to check out his Higher Learning 2 mixtape, available now. Read More


Devin Miles ft. Fashawn - So Real [Stream & Download]

Your average up-and-coming rapper might be able to claim a 60-70 percent realness level. Maybe 90, on a particularly hard-hitting record. For Booth newcomer Devin Miles, however, nothing less than perfection will do – in... Read More


Closed Sessions ft. Fashawn, Buff1, Scheme - Theme Music [Stream]

Chicago based record company Closed Sessions, whose forthcoming LP and accompanying documentary are set for release on March 15, has released the DJ Babu-produced single Theme Music.  Featuring verses from Booth regulars... Read More


Fashawn - Manny Pacquiao [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title of Fashawn‘s ongoing series fool you; the Cali native’s style of moral education is a little different from what those raised in the church may remember from their Sunday School days. For... Read More


Fashawn - Going Home [Stream & Download]

First Dirty Money, then Vonnegutt; what’s with all the home oriented records? Whatever. If this is what’s happening in the hood, I’ll take DJBooth Freestyle Alum Fashawn‘s Going Home record over the... Read More


Kero One ft. Fashawn - Kinetic World [Stream & Download]

Up-and-coming artists looking to succeed in the music game would do well to follow the example of gas particles as described in kinetic theory, and remain in motion at all times – the constantly-running-into-walls... Read More


Fashawn - Grizzly City 3 [Album]

There comes a time in every rapper and athlete’s life when they have to stop being the next big thing, and become a big thing, when they have to move from potential to actuality. Most (Papoose, Kwame Brown, etc.) either... Read Full Review


Fashawn - Grizzly City 3 [Album]

Boy Meets World emcee Fashawn has joined forces with to bring fans his latest street album, Grizzly City 3. Presented by the West Coast’s own DJ Skee, the project features 18 brand new tracks you can vibe... Read More


Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples) ft. Fashawn, Evidence & Defari - Aces High [Stream]

Though anguished lead single/album title track Crown of Thorns met a warm reception in the Booth, readers may nonetheless be relieved to know that its brooding tone doesn’t pervade Dilated Peoples vet Rakaa... Read More


Brother Ali & Fashawn - Breakin’ Dawn Boys [Stream]

Ok, so I just called my chiropractor for the first time since a bad kickball accident I had in ’05 (don’t ask). I told the good doc that I had listened to this new track called Breakin’ Dawn Boys from Fashawn and... Read More


Fashawn ft. Talib Kweli - Life’s a B*tch (Freestyle) [Stream]

“Life’s a bi**h and then you die” may not exactly be the kind of sentiment that gets sewn into pillows, but it does serve as the basis for some classic hip-hop, as skyrocketing young west coast emcee Fashawn (who we... Read More


Balance ft. Fashawn, Mistah F.A.B & Thurzday (of U-N-I) - Bootleg Liquor [Stream]

Back in the day my friend’s sister’s boyfriend (follow that?) Juan gave us some rum that he and his brothers had made in their bathtub, and it wasn’t until the next day that I could finally stand up again. Fortunately,... Read More


Fashawn ft. Blu - Samsonite Man [Stream]

In my review of Fashawn’s dope new album Boy Meets World I wrote that the Cali-based emcee finds hip-hop hope in a world that can often feel devoid of it. Case in point: Samsonite Man, the third single off the album. Exile,... Read More


Fashawn - Boy Meets World [Album]

They say that pressure makes diamonds, and if that’s true than it goes a long way towards explaining Fashawn’s brilliance. Placed in a group home by child services at the age of 12 while his father was incarcerated and... Read Full Review


Dre Biggity ft. Diz Gibran & Fashawn - CREAM [Stream]

If you’re going to remake (or at the least reinterpret) a classic hip-hop track like C.R.E.A.M. you better come with it, and thankfully DJBooth newcomer Dre Biggity does just that with his new homage to the original, CREAM... Read More


Fashawn & Alchemist Write Prescription for “The Antidote” [Download] [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- Fashawn, the West Coast buzzmaker who earned reader acclaim for tracks like "Life As A Shorty" and "The Outer City," has hooked up with iconic beatsmith The Alchemist to cook up a brand new street album.... Read More


Fashawn - Fash Plays It Cool [Stream]

Fashawn may still be waiting for his solo debut, the autobiographical Boy Meets World LP, to receive a release date from the label brass (originally scheduled to drop in summer ‘09, it’s been pushed back to... Read More “Streets Don’t Lie” Record Deal Contest Presents: Fashawn [Feature ] has partnered with and five other high-profile hip-hop sites for their new Streets Don't Lie contest, in which six up-and-coming emcees will submit videos for their latest singles in hopes of winning a... Read More


Fashawn - Life As A Shorty [Stream]

After a few decades of living, it’s easy to forget just how much we all had to learn about the ways of the world—for example, post-potty training I had tremendous difficulty understanding that the great outdoors were... Read More


Fashawn - The Outer City [Stream]

With so many Americans struggling to simply make ends meet, artists with the common touch (as opposed to, say, the Midas touch)  have a unique opportunity to hit it big. Perhaps inspired by Cam’ron‘s populist... Read More


Fashawn Holds Exclusive Meet and Greet in NYC [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY – Whether freestyling or creating singles, Fashawn showcases the out-of-the-box thinking that's already earned him a place in the hearts of hip hop fans across the blogosphere. Last Tuesday, insiders looking to... Read More


Evidence ft. Fashawn & Alchemist - Far Left 2 [Stream]

Anyone with step-relatives can attest to the fact that blended families are often a far cry from The Brady Bunch; nonetheless, (figurative) Step Brothers and longtime collaborators Evidence and The Alchemist have proven a... Read More