New Final Outlaw Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


FinaL OutlaW - Final Outlaw Theory II [Stream & Download]

From Bo, to Travis, to Jesse James, history is filled with great outlaws. Well, after the dynamic performance he turns in on Final Outlaw Theory II, I think it might be time to add FinaL OutlaW to that list. As the title... Read More


FinaL OutlaW - Blacklisted [Stream & Download]

Like epic, heart-pounding production? What about an angry, rapid fire flow? Dumb questions, of course you do. In fact, you might even have deeper feelings for them if Final Outlaw’s lead single, Blacklisted, is a proper... Read More


FinaL OutlaW ft. StartYourOwnRebellion - Im an Outlaw [Stream & Download]

This just in: FinaL OutlaW is, in fact, an OutlaW. While the thesis of new mixtape single Im an Outlaw may go without saying, it’s hard to fault the man for stating the obvious when he does it in such an eminently dope... Read More


Final Outlaw - Gossip Is for the Birds [Stream & Download]

Both in the personal and professional arenas, idle Gossip can have profound (and usually negative) effects on the individuals concerned. Introduced to the Booth by Jesse Abraham, Big Apple newcomer Final Outlaw proposes a... Read More