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Beat Break: Teddy Walton Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

Teddy Walton picked up his first major placement in 2015, co-producing A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q’s “Electric Body” after A$AP Yams took notice of the young producer’s eclectic mixes on YouTube. Things... Read More


Freddie Gibbs Doesn’t Have a New Album “Coming Soon,” He Was Joking [Feature ]

It's only been five weeks since Freddie Gibbs released You Only Live 2wice, his first project since 2015's Shadow of a Doubt, but the Gary, Indiana native refuses to rest on his laurels. In the caption... Read More


Freddie Gibbs on Young Rappers Linked to Sexual Assault Allegations: Hip-Hop “Don’t Give a Fuck” [Feature ]

For the spring 2017 issue of XXL Magazine, Freddie Gibbs sat down with writer Emmanuel Madualokam to discuss his turbulent 2016, which found the veteran rapper facing sexual assault charges in Vienna, Austria,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs Refuses to Compare Himself to Tupac, Other Rappers Take Note [Feature ]

Much like in sport, comparisons in hip-hop are unavoidable. Just as a young Harold Minor was once labeled the next Michael Jordan—even though the only traits "Baby Jordan" shared with His Airness was a shaved dome and a... Read More


Review: Freddie Gibbs Channels Tupac on Soul-Bearing ‘You Only Live 2wice’ [Feature ]

Freddie Gibbs almost lost it all―his career, his life, his freedom. Everything he built almost fell apart like a paper mache castle left out in the pouring rain. Allegations of sexual assault in Austria placed him in a... Read More


The Return: Freddie Gibbs to Release ‘You Only Live 2wice’ on March 31 [Feature ]

Following a turbulent 2016, during which he was charged with—and later found not guilty of—sexual assault in Vienna, Austria, Freddie Gibbs is gearing up for his return to music later this month.... Read More


5 Dream Hip-Hop Collaborations We’re Speaking Into Existence [Feature ]

Every once in awhile, a group of artists will come together and force the world to slap its collective forehead and shout “why didn’t I think of that?” I was 12 when Madvillainy came out, 14 when I first... Read More


Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs Share Plans to Release EP in 2017 [Feature ]

Regardless of how people feel about his insane output, I will forever be amazed at Curren$y’s ability to keep pumping out music at a superhuman pace. After 50+ projects, Spitta is showing no signs of slowing down, and... Read More


Freddie Gibbs’ Next Album is Made Up of Those Madlib Beats Kanye Passed On [Feature ]

Miss the old Kanye? The chop up the soul Kanye? Did you love Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's collab album, Piñata? Congratulations, all your dreams are coming true today.  It feels like years ago, but... Read More


Freddie Gibbs is Making the Rawest Music Videos in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

“My sentiments exactly, niggas can’t out rap me" The opening line of “Crushin' Feelin's” took me by surprise like the bang of a car backfiring. It was the first time I had ever heard a song... Read More


“It Can Really F*ck You Up Mentally”: How Our Favorite Rappers Handle Online Criticism [Feature ]

To be alive and on the internet is to subject yourself to the onslaught of strangers. That's true for kids in high school getting slammed in the comment section of IG posts, Moms who post a cute video of... Read More


Freddie Gibbs Says He Can Rap on Kendrick & J. Cole’s Level, is Absolutely Right [Feature ]

Freddie Gibbs has never been one to bite his tongue, in a song or in an interview. The man's seemingly allergic to telling anything but the complete and unwavering truth, so it’s only right that in his new interview... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Shadow of a Doubt [Album]

Gary, Indiana's own Freddie Gibbs has released his latest project, Shadow of a Doubt, via his own ESGN Records. Shadow of a Doubt is Gibbs' first proper full-length since the release of last year's Booth-acclaimed... Read More


Cheat Code Album Review: Freddie Gibbs’ “Shadow Of A Doubt” [Feature ]

Giving Freddie Gibbs a Cheat Code review almost doesn’t feel right. Shadow of a Doubt is a body of work that’s not supposed to be rushed through, so really I should just demand you listen to the entire album.... Read More


Verbal Kent - Suitcase Switch ft. Freddie Gibbs [Stream]

Chicago emcee Verbal Kent has released Suitcase Switch, the first single off his forthcoming album, Anesthesia, due out September 11, via Mello Music Group. The Apollo Brown-produced track features a guest spot from fellow... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Kaytranada - My Dope House [Stream]

It’s Gangsta Gibbs hoe! Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs has linked up with Montreal electronic producer Kaytranada, and the two would like to formally invite you inside their Dope House. Built on a foundation of... Read More


Bad Lucc - Let’s Get Money ft. Freddie Gibbs [Stream]

Another week, another dope promo single from Bad Lucc. It’s West Coast meets Midwest as the Diamond Lane emcee links up with Freddie Gibbs for the aggressive Let’s Get Money, and the two artists proceed to do just... Read More


The Purist - Pimp Hand ft. Freddie Gibbs [Stream]

We already know that The Purist is El Capitan when it comes to UK beatsmiths, so it’s no surprise to see him flexing his Pimp Hand on one of the standout tracks from his latest LP. The funky boardwork is extravagant,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Pronto EP [Album]

Following a production 2014, a year in which the Gary, Indiana native released the masterful Piñata with Madlib, Freddie Gibbs has returned with a surprise EP. The three-track Pronto, released independently through his own... Read More


The 1 Song You Need to Hear This Week: Freddie Gibbs’ “Satin Black” [Feature ]

For the last eight months, I've been helping y'all forge the wild, torrential rivers of the musical internet, because it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the worthy new music that drops every week,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Satin Black [Stream & Download]

Later this year, sneaker heavyweight Converse will unleash the third installment in its increasingly popular series of compilations. Our first taste of the project comes in the form of Black Satin, a lead single featuring... Read More


The Worlds Needs a Freddie Gibbs x BJ The Chicago Kid Album [Feature ]

Like Guess Who, beer pong, and spin the bottle, we've all played the dream collaboration game at least once in our lives; I love making up dream collabs in my head.  When I listen to music, I'm always playing an... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Sellin Dope [Stream]

Rockstar Games have been blessed with some serious hip-hop gold for their PS4 & XBOX One re-release of GTA V. Earlier today, we got the incredible Medication Meditation from Flying Lotus and Krayzie Bone. Since one... Read More


BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Freddie Gibbs - B.A.M [Stream & Download]

In recent months, BJ The Chicago Kid has tossed out one promo single after another, and pretty much all of them have been on-point. Is his latest effort another hit? I’ll answer with a timeless quote from Emeril... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Home [Stream]

Home is where the wi-fi is free, where the bills pile up, and if you like clichés - home is where the heart is. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib delivered lyrical miracles yesterday, with Knicks (Remix), and today they return with... Read More


Freddie Gibbs x Madlib ft. Action Bronson, Joey BadA$$ & Ransom - Knicks (Remix) [Stream]

Did Piñata, the first collaborative full-length from Gary, Indiana mic-wrecker Freddie Gibbs and veteran beatsmith Madlib, leave you hungry for more? Well, I’ve got good news: the emcee and producer are preparing to... Read More


Game ft. Bobby Shmurda, Freddie Gibbs & Skeme - Hit Em Hard [Stream]

When you see Gangster Gibbs and Skeme together on a song, you know the streets are about to be hotter than Sal’s Pizzeria on a Tuesday and Hit Em Hard brings a raw, hunger to Game‘s compilation album.... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Harold’s [Stream]

According to people who know what they’re talking about, Harold’s Chicken Shack serves some of the finest fried chicken you’ll find anywhere. (Sadly, it doesn’t exist in NYC, so I have to make do with... Read More


AWAR ft. Freddie Gibbs - Wake Up Call [Stream]

Still sleeping on AWAR, after more than a dozen reader-acclaimed solo features from the NYC native? Then I advise you to get checked out by a neurologist, because you may be in a coma. New single Wake Up Call is unlikely to... Read More


Young Thug, ASAP Ferg & Freddie Gibbs - Old English [Stream]

Sometimes you’re looking for some true lyricism, rhymes you can obsessively dissect with a scalpel. And sometimes you’re looking for a new banger so dirty you feel you committed a felony just listening.... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs - Carry On [Stream]

Fresh off stepping into the Booth for an exclusive Behind the Boards interview, Beantown DJ and producer Statik Selektah returns to our pages with a brand new single off his next studio album. This cut borrows its title and... Read More


The Hypemen Podcast, The Lost Episodes: Freddie Gibbs [Feature ]

Way.....way....way....back in the day (aka 2010), when the entire concept of a rap podcast was still in its infancy, there was the Hypemen podcast. Up until the last episode in July of 2011, the Rosenthal brothers and... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & The World’s Freshest - The Tonite Show [Album]

Originally scheduled for release on May 13, the collaborative project between Freddie Gibbs and The World's Freshest, The Tonite Show, has been released early via EMPIRE Recordings. Included on the 10-track, nine-song album... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & The World’s Freshest ft. Trae Tha Truth & Yukmouth - I Be On My Grind [Stream]

I can imagine Freddie Gibbs relaxing with a cold brew and a cigar after a long day, but it feels more fitting to imagine him moving weight and stacking paper. His new single with producer and project collaborator The... Read More


Freddie Gibbs x Vanderslice - Bugatti Bullet Holes [Stream]

If you remember Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or any classic side scrolling, beat em up video game, this video will mean more to you than to the squares who are lost right now. On Bugatti Bullet Holes, the latest single... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & The World’s Freshest - G Like That [Stream]

If the Founding Fathers of all that is funky created a committee to write the G Handbook, Freddie Gibbs would have to be an honorary member. But just to be safe, for Exhibit A of evidence of his keeping it real, we have his... Read More


Noelz Vedere ft. Freddie Gibbs - Out of Focus [Stream]

When Freddie Gibbs is attached to a track, it is advised that you grab a helmet and brace for impact. Every time he steps to the mic, he devours the beat with a rugged, unapologetic flow. Well, on Out of Focus, he is fighting... Read More


Sauce Mckinley ft. Freddie Gibbs - ‘Til it Dawn [Stream & Download]

Earlier today, we featured Kublakai‘s Daybreak, a street banger perfect for the early-morning commute. But what if your daily grind ends when the sun peeks over the horizon? Then Sauce McKinley‘s DJBooth debut is... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Piñata [Album]

Gary, Indiana rhymesayer Freddie Gibbs and Oxnard, Cali beatsmith Madlib have (finally) unleashed their first collaborative full-length, Piñata. Coming on the heels of Gibbs's 2013 debut, ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally),... Read More


Buddy ft. Freddie Gibbs - Kids on the Block [Stream & Download]

No, Buddy‘s latest feature is not a tribute to the men who brought us You Got It (The Right Stuff), I’ll Be Loving You Forever and other late-‘80s/early-‘90s pop hits. The Kids on the Block the... Read More


Trae Tha Truth x The World’s Freshest ft. Problem & Freddie Gibbs - Wid It [Stream]

When it comes to the daily grind, there are some days when I’m on the ball and others when my mind is thousands of miles away. Trae the Truth, on the other hand, is Wid It every day of his life—and you can tell it... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Thug Till It’s Over [Stream]

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to listen to more hip-hop that I don’t normally listen to; it’s good get out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to music. The first artist on my list is... Read More


Freeway & The Jacka ft. Freddie Gibbs & Jynx - Cherry Pie [Stream]

Two seasoned street veterans from opposite coasts, Philly stalwart Freeway and Oakland mainstay The Jacka have joined forces to commit Highway Robbery on a forthcoming collaborative full-length. Today, we get our first taste... Read More


J NICS x DJ Burn One ft. Freddie Gibbs - Scale [Stream]

The Jewish philosopher Maimonides emphasized the importance of every moral choice by asserting, “One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil.” A walk through the... Read More


Flume ft. Freddie Gibbs - Holdin On [Stream]

A buzzmaking beatsmith hailing from Sydney, Australia, Flume makes his first foray into the DJBooth with Holdin On, a cut off the forthcoming expanded edition of his last LP. Fueled by wobbly synths and a leisurely,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs x Madlib - Harold’s [Stream]

Today, Gary, Indiana rhymesayer Freddie Gibbs and veteran beatsmith Madlib unleashed their third collaborative EP, which doubles as the official prelude to their forthcoming full-length. If the previously-featured,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Deeper [Stream]

Next year, Gary, Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs and veteran beatsmith Madlib will be taking their collaborative partnership to the next level with the release of Piñata, their first joint studio album. To prepare fans for the... Read More


David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs - My Mentality [Stream]

My Mentality when preparing to listen to a cut from David Dallas is much different than when I am prepping for a Freddie Gibbs cut. With Dallas I am ready for a heartfelt effort, whereas with Gibbs I am grabbing a helmet and... Read More


Jon Connor ft. Freddie Gibbs - F’N Right [Stream]

You mean to tell me that two monsters of the Midwest, Jon Connor and Freddie Gibbs, both with big summer project releases, have joined forces on Connor’s latest single? F’N Right! As expected when two Booth favorites... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - ESGN [Album]

Gary, Indiana street lyricist Freddie Gibbs has decided original release date July 9 was just too long to wait and has now officially released his latest commercial mixtape, ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally). His first project... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Eastside Moonwalker [Stream]

Freddie Gibbs hails from Gary, Indiana, but I guess he has danced his way to the East Coast, because his latest effort is titled Eastside Moonwalker. I really shouldn’t joke (if you can call that a joke) about this song,... Read More


Freddie Gibbs - Freddie Soprano [Stream]

Yesterday, I remarked on how strange it was for Freddie Gibbs to release a mixtape single titled One Eighty Seven in which absolutely no homicides are described. Now it all makes sense: the Gary, Indiana repper was saving up... Read More


Freddie Gibbs ft. Problem - One Eighty Seven [Stream]

To devotees of gangsta rap, the number ”187” can only mean one thing: someone, most likely an undercover cop, just got murked. Thus, it might come as a shock that homicide doesn’t factor into Freddie Gibbs’... Read More


Polyester The Saint ft. Freddie Gibbs - I Win [Stream]

Polyester The Saint‘s last Booth feature, released back in March of 2012, saw him hooking up with Freddie Gibbs and Bad Lucc to craft an anthem for all those who epitomize the 7th Letter of the alphabet. A year and... Read More


360 ft. Jadakiss & Freddie Gibbs - Own Thing (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Not only is NYC rap buzzmaker 360 determined to make it to the top of the hip-hop game but, like Frank Sinatra, he’s committed to doing it his way.  For the official remix of Own Thing, a record featured on last... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Freddie Gibbs - Creepin [Stream & Download]

Based on the title of his forthcoming album (Club Wiley) and his label home (Closed Sessions), you might assume that Alex Wiley only makes music for a select, exclusive group of lucky listeners. Thankfully, the emcee is much... Read More


P-Money ft. Freddie Gibbs & Fashawn - Break It Down [Stream]

When I saw Fashawn was part of the latest effort from P-Money, the title had me thinking the song was either a smokers’ anthem or featured a more traditional vibe, as Fash likes to Break It Down both onstage and when it... Read More