New Fuze The Mc Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Fuze the Mc - Wager [Stream]

Think you can win in the high-stakes game of hip-hop without compromising your vision or values. That’s a risky Wager, but it’s one that Fuze the MC is willing to take, according to his latest Booth feature.... Read More


Fuze The Mc - ATLienated [Stream & Download]

Though Atlanta has arguably produced more enduring hip-hop talent in the past 15 years than any other city on the map, there are still those who believe “Southern rap” and “lyricism” don’t belong in the same... Read More


Fuze The Mc - Something GOOD [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed on our front page for nearly a year (his last feature was July 2010’s Lullaby), Southern buzzmaker Fuze The MC returns today with Something GOOD for all his fans in the Booth-namely, a standout cut off his... Read More


Fuze The Mc ft. Talibah - Lullaby [Stream]

It’s been a minute – almost six months, actually – since we’ve heard from Fuze The Mc – what’s the Southern up-and-comer (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) been up to since this past... Read More


Fuze The Mc - Stereo Typical Music [Album]

Fuze the MC, the ATL-based alternative hip-hop artist who earned reader acclaim for “Super Music,” “Hear We Go” and exclusive freestyle “Man of the Day,” has hooked up with to... Read More


DJBooth Favorite Fuze The Mc Says “Hear We Go” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Fuze the MC, the ATL-based up-and-comer who spit "Man of the Day" for our exclusive freestyle series, has teamed up with Affinity Music & Arts to bring listeners a brand new street album. Featuring the... Read More


Fuze The MC - Here We Go [Stream]

Achieving musical perfection is no easy task—sometimes it means spending hours in your basement, scrolling through your MPC to find a hi-hat sample that fits your beat, or listening to obscure jazz records for days on end,... Read More

Fuze the Mc Spits “Man of the Day” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Fuze the Mc, the ATL-based up-and-comer who recently earned reader acclaim for "Super Music," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #65 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Fuze The Mc - Man of the Day [Stream & Download]

Installment #65 of our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Fuze the Mc, the ATL-based up-and-comer who recently earned reader acclaim for his Booth debut, Super Music.  On his brand new, previously-unreleased... Read More


Fuze The MC - Super Music [Stream]

Booth newcomer Fuze the MC‘s MySpace bio states that he was born and raised in the outskirts of Atlanta, where he honed his rap skills against the wishes of a hip-hop-unfriendly family.  Pretty transparent cover... Read More