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Cheat Code Review: G-Eazy “When It’s Dark Out” [Feature ]

In a year as dry as 2014, G-Eazy’s debut album, These Things Happen, stood out more than most albums. They say timing is everything, and at that time he created and released a better product than most of his... Read More


G-Eazy - When It’s Dark Out [Album]

Oakland native and longtime Booth fave G-Eazy has released his sophomore studio album When It's Dark Out, a follow-up to last year's well-received These Things Happen. Running a total of 17 tracks, the album was preceded by... Read More


G-Eazy’s “When It’s Dark Out” Album is Inspired By Tim Burton & Wes Craven [Feature ]

Last night, at Premier Studios in  New York, G-Eazy hosted a listening session for his forthcoming sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out. While news that big names like Chris Brown and Big Sean will be... Read More


DJ Carnage - I Like Tuh (Remix) ft. ILoveMakonnen, Lil Wayne & G-Eazy [Stream]

In February, DJ and producer Carnage released I Like Tuh, an ignorant club banger with ILOVEMAKONNEN. Today the record received the remix treatment, as guest verses from Lil Wayne and past collaborator G-Eazy have been added... Read More


KYLE - King Wavy ft. G-Eazy [Stream]

Ventura, California native and hip-pop buzzmaker KYLE has released a trio of new records via his Soundcloud, the best of which is King Wavy, a promo single featuring Bay Area star-in-the-making G-Eazy and produced by Nexxus. Read More


G-Eazy - Running ft. Gabriel Garzón-Montano [Stream]

Bay Area buzzmaker and longtime Booth favorite G-Eazy has released Running, a loosie record that features Gabriel Garzón-Montano and is produced by Michael Keenan. G-Eazy is currently working on his debut album on RCA... Read More


Kool John & P-Lo - Mad ft. G-Eazy [Stream]

The Bay Area is on fire right now. No, not because people rioted after the Warriors became the Champion of the ‘14’-‘15 NBA season, but rather their local music scene continues to churn up new hits and... Read More


Kehlani, G-Eazy, IAMSU! & Lil B - Champion [Stream]

Nothing brings a city or region together quite like a sports championship. Just ask Bay Area natives Kehlani, G-Eazy, IAMSU! and Lil B, who have joined forces with producer P-Lo to celebrate the Champion Golden State... Read More


Pell x G-Eazy - Got It Like That [Stream]

It’s been exactly one year since Pell released his Floating While Dreaming album, but that doesn’t mean the New Orleans native is done pushing material off the project. Today, we’re treated to a remix of LP... Read More


Audio Push - Bonfire ft. G-Eazy [Stream & Download]

On Monday, in celebration of the national international holiday known as #Four20, Audio Push released a new mixtape. After sifting through the project’s 14 tracks, the DJBooth staff has chosen Bonfire, a throwback track... Read More


Marty Grimes - The Famm ft. G-Eazy [Stream & Download]

While many artists can forget those who stood by them throughout their humble beginnings in the pursuit of success, Marty Grimes understands that everything he does is for The Famm. Fellow Bay Area spitter, guest artist and... Read More


Mod Sun - Goddess ft. G-Eazy [Stream]

If you currently possess a Goddess, it’d be wise to lock her down because at the moment Mod Sun is in the midst of a cross-country tour and he might just scoop and run away with her. Joined by Bay Area native and... Read More


Fly Commons - Fully Focused ft. Jay Ant & G-Eazy [Stream & Download]

Take it from a certified ADD case: staying Fully Focused is integral to success in just about any arena. If Fly Commons doesn’t make it to the top of the rap game, it won’t be from an inability to concentrate; as he... Read More


Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy & Olivver the Kid - Time [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his latest independent full-length, Manhattan-based rap buzzmaker Skizzy Mars steps into the Booth with a brand new single off the set. Produced by Michael Keenan, Time packs guest vocals from G-Eazy... Read More


G-Eazy ft. John Michael Rouchell - Downtown Love [Stream]

Thanks to the success of his latest independent full-length, Bay Area phenom G-Eazy has added a second leg to his ongoing These Things Happen tour. That extra time on the road, however, doesn’t mean he won’t be... Read More


G-Eazy - Why Thank You [Stream & Download]

Heading into 2015, G-Eazy is feeling better than he has ever felt before. How do we know? He says so himself on Why Thank You, one of three newly-released records to close out the year. Over a wistful Hit-Boy beat, the... Read More


G-Eazy - Achievement [Stream]

Just days after announcing that his sold-out From the Bay to the Universe Tour would be extended into the New Year, Golden State buzzmaker G-Eazy has unleashed two fresh promo singles for his fans’ listening pleasure.... Read More


The Code ft. G-Eazy - Gravity [Stream]

Don’t get it twisted; The Code‘s latest single may take its name from the force that pulls you (and other stuff) down to Earth, but Gravity is the perfect record to flip on when you’re looking to get lifted.... Read More


Bobby Brackins ft. G-Eazy & Mina J - Hot Box [Stream]

Since dropping off F**k Friends back in 2012, songwriter and emcee Bobby Brackins has put his solo career on hold to focus on his work behind the scenes, penning records for Chris Brown (Loyal) and Tinashe (2 On). Yesterday,... Read More


G-Eazy ft. French Montana - Say [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his highly-anticipated debut album, G-Eazy returns to bless the Booth with a standout cut off the set. On Say, a cinematically grimy Ty Fyffe instrumental sets the mood as the Oakland representative... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Remo & Rick Ross - I Mean It (Remix) [Stream]

G-Eazy‘s new album, These Things Happen, has been the success Eazy was hoping for, so what better way to celebrate than with a heavyweight remix? (Well, I can think of a few better ways to celebrate, but Eazy’s... Read More


G-Eazy - These Things Happen [Album]

Objectivity is the biggest myth in music. I always laugh when someone accuses me of writing subjectively, or of being biased. As if there's some other way to write. This isn't math, this is music. Every time you press play... Read Full Review


G-Eazy ft. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth - Lotta That [Stream]

Alcohol, weed, money, offers from major labels, supermodels blowing up his phone—just about anything you could want, G-Eazy‘s got it in spades. On the freshly-released Lotta That, coming on the heels of last... Read More


G-Eazy - The Day It All Changed [Stream & Download]

Not too long ago, G-Eazy was just another up-and-comer struggling to earn his keep in the rap game. Now, he’s poised to turn all his dreams into reality. On an outtake from his next independent album, the Oakland emcee... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Remo - I Mean It [Stream]

There is a long history of rappers making famous proclamations (see: The Beastie Boys’ No Sleep Till Brooklyn and Run-DMC’s It’s Like That), so it’s no surprise to hear G-Eazy declare “I Mean... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Christoph Andersson - Tumblr Girls [Stream]

If you clicked on Tumblr Girls expecting an ode to the scantily-clad, dubiously-aged ladies who flock to the titular social network, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. Dedicated to one woman in particular,... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Devon Baldwin - Let’s Get Lost [Stream]

I’ve never been on tour with a rap sensation like G-Eazy, but I can imagine that there are a lot of one night stands along the way. As the Oakland emcee/producer prepares for the start of his These Things Happen Europe... Read More


Jez Dior ft. G-Eazy - Old No. 7 [Stream]

With his last three features on our pages averaging around four stars, Jez Dior is slowly becoming a DJBooth favorite. With about a million reader approved features, G-Eazy has been a Booth favorite for sometime now. When the... Read More


G-Eazy ft. E-40 & Jay Ant - Far Alone (Remix) [Stream]

On the lead single off his next independent full-length, G-Eazy looked back on his carefree (and mildly debauched) adolescence, and scoffed at those who doubted his ability to succeed in the hip-hop game. The Oakland-based... Read More


G-Eazy ft. NYLO - Sleepless [Stream & Download]

The anticipation for G-Eazy‘s next album, These Things Happen, must be killing those Booth readers who made him a Best of The Booth award winner in the Breaking Through in 2014 category. I’m sure more than a few... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Rockie Fresh & Tory Lanez - Been On (Remix) [Stream]

Now that it is 2014, you have probably been inundated with lists of artists who are gonna blow up this year. Well, G-Eazy‘s Been On (Remix) features not one, not two, but three emcees who belong on each and every... Read More


From G-Eazy to Kat Dahlia, Artists to Watch for in 2014 [Feature ]

If you had said to someone in the beginning of 2013 that Macklemore would prove to be one of the year's biggest artists, they would have probably responded with, "Who's Macklemore?" Especially in the digital age, a lot can... Read More


G-Eazy - Almost Famous [Stream]

The title of G-Eazy‘s latest single explains why I’m leaving home to become a stewardess. Sorry; when I see a record titled Almost Famous, I can’t help but think about the classic flick by Cameron Crowe. In reality... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Jay Ant - Far Alone [Stream]

G-EAZY‘s last feature, Gotta Go, saw him reflecting with ambivalence on the whirlwind of sex, drugs and partying his life has become. On Far Alone, the lead single off his next LP, the Los Angeles-based up-and-comer... Read More


G-Eazy ft. BEND & Daniel Johnston - Gotta Go [Stream]

When I hear an emcee like G-Eazy rhyme about long nights filled with liquor, drugs and irresponsible sex, it’s tough not to feel a little jealous of his carefree lifestyle. Of course, when you factor in the guilty,... Read More


Ground Up ft. G-Eazy - Breakfast [Stream]

I wouldn’t know because sleep trumps all for me, but apparently Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, if it’s anything like Ground Up’s Breakfast, I am willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to dig... Read More


G-Eazy - Been On [Stream]

While G-Eazy is currently busy traveling the country as part of Weezy‘s America’s Most Wanted Tour, he hasn’t taken that as an excuse to stop recording. In between gigs, he found the time to record new... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Team Robot - I Don’t Believe You [Stream]

I know music is very subjective and everyone has his or her own tastes, but if you tell me you don’t like G-Eazy‘s latest jam, simply put, I Don’t Believe You.  The upstart’s style is so charismatic and... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Johanna Fay - Must Be Nice [Stream]

When G-Eazy sees a rapper throwing c-notes around and rocking jewelry worth more than most people’s cars, his reaction is the same as most of ours would be: “Must Be Nice...” As he admits on the title track and... Read More


Hoodie Allen ft. Skizzy Mars & G-Eazy - Casanova [Stream]

I’m sure that many of you have heard the word Casanova, but do you know where it comes from? The term was birthed thanks to Giacomo Casanova, an 18th century Italian adventure and author, who earned the reputation of... Read More


G-Eazy x DJ Carnage - Loaded [Stream]

On single Loaded, DJ Carnage grabbed the mic to inform the public on the bulging status of his bankroll. Nearly six months later, the Los Angeles representer is still rich—thus, he’s decided to reiterate the point... Read More


G-Eazy - Jack Skellington [Stream & Download]

New Year’s Day is officially behind us, and you know what that means: it’s going to be a hot minute till the next “fun” holiday rolls around. (No, Valentine’s Day doesn’t count.) Not ready... Read More


Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy & Devon Baldwin - Pay for You [Stream]

With women steadily gaining on their male counterparts in the economic arena, more and more guys are finding themselves earning less than their significant others. Whereas some men would chafe at having to be supported by... Read More


Cisco Adler ft. Don Carlos & G-Eazy - Boom Boom Boom [Stream]

Like so many dudes, Cisco Adler is motivated to step out onto the dancefloor not just in order to move his own body, but to see fly females do the same. On his latest single, he asks the DJ to put on “that sh*t that go... Read More


G-Eazy Talks “Must Be Nice,” Tour Life & More (Exclusive DJBoothTV Interview) [Feature ]

For the latest episode of "Outside the Booth", DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel catches up with the fast rising G-Eazy to talk about his recently released Must Be Nice album, his hit single Marilyn, his relentless touring... Read More


G-Eazy - Must Be Nice [Album]

With last year's The Endless Summer LP, G-Eazy made an explosive impact in the Booth, earning rave reviews and a long residency on our Mixtape Chart (now consolidated with our Albums Chart). Now, the Oakland rhymesayer has... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Johanna Fay - Plastic Dreams [Stream]

When I first saw that G-Eazy had titled his new single Plastic Dreams I wondered if he was referring to dreams of limitless credit cards, women so flawless they look industrially made, or both. Turns out my mind’s... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Hoodie Allen - Lady Killers [Stream & Download]

Fellas beware: if you leave your girl in a room alone with G-Eazy, she won’t be your girl anymore by the time she comes out. On new single Lady Killers, the follow-up to late July’s Plastic Dreams, the Golden... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Devon Baldwin - Mad [Stream]

Combining ‘50’s Doo-Wop with modern-day trap music? G-Eazy must be absolutely Mad. Crazy as the concept may be, G-Eazy‘s latest single is pretty damn dope in practice. Here, the artist’s own... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Dominique LeJeune - Marilyn [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view G-Eazy’s Tyler Yee-directed “Marilyn” video. I got into a big fight last night with my girl and I was just about to use the argument as an excuse to fly... Read More


G-Eazy - Lost In Translation [Stream & Download]

When I first saw that G-Eazy’s new single was titled Lost in Translation I prepared to make a series of jokes about the Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson flick of the same name, until I saw the cover art and pressed play.... Read More


G-Eazy - Mercedes Benz (The American Dream) [Stream & Download]

You’ll know G-Eazy‘s hit the big-time when you see him rolling down the streets in a brand new Mercedes Benz. On a fresh unreleased cut, the Oakland representative petitions the Man Upstairs for his little slice... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Greg Banks - Runaround Sue [Stream & Download]

Normally, I wouldn’t discourage readers from taking a listen to a DJBooth feature, but this time I just feel I have to offer a word or two of warning: those who were planning on thinking any deep thoughts today might... Read More


G-Eazy ft. Skizzy Mars & Devon Baldwin - All I Could Do [Stream & Download]

As anyone who just watched his Runaround Sue video on DJBoothTV, listened to Make-Up Sex or even better read his in-depth interview over on our sister site already knows, despite the fact that his name conjures up images of... Read More


G-Eazy - The Endless Summer [Album]

Oakland up-and-comer G-Eazy has hooked up with Pigeons & Planes, Mostly Junk Food and to bring listeners his latest digital release, The Endless Summer. The project features 11 new tracks from the unsigned... Read More


G-Eazy - Runaround Sue [Video]

G-Eazy goes super retro for Runaround Sue, also featuring Greg Banks and the first video off his upcoming The Endless Summer album, available on August 9. Let that be a lesson to all the guys out there - stay away from pretty... Read More


G-Eazy - Make-Up Sex [Stream & Download]

When I see a couple who are constantly at each other’s throats, my initial reaction is somewhere along the lines of “Sucks to be them.” Looks, however, can be deceiving—for example, the Make Up Sex may be so... Read More


Rantz ft. Blair Taylor & G-Eazy - One Girl [Stream]

Alas, things must not have worked out with that Georgia Peach Rantz paid homage to on his Booth debut (featured way back in August of 2008); this newly-leaked cut off his forthcoming album finds the rising r&b star back... Read More