New G Milla Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


G Milla - Let Chu Know [Stream]

If you were wondering who G Milla is, exactly, do not worry because he is here to Let Chu Know. The Toronto spitter, last heard in the Booth a few months ago with the reader-approved Moon Shadows, makes his return today with... Read More


G Milla - Moon Shadows [Stream]

Three months after earning reader acclaim for Let It Go, G Milla continues his blunted soliloquy on freshly-minted promo single Moon Shadows, a DJBooth-exclusive world premiere. (No relation to the Cat Stevens song of almost... Read More


G Milla - Let It Go [Stream]

Even dope emcees suffer from loneliness from time to time, no matter how loudly they boast about their playeristic tendencies in their lyrics. On freshly-released single Let It Go, G Milla lets his self-assured mask slip... Read More


Luu Breeze x G. Milla - Du$k [Stream]

In horror movies, getting caught outside after Du$k often means being at the mercy of creatures of the night. This freshly-minted joint promo single from Luu Breeze and G. Milla follows that convention, casting the T-Dot... Read More


G Milla - DMT [Stream]

I’ve never excelled in science and haven’t popped a molly, so most drug lingo is lost on me. I do know, however, that the drug Dimethyltryptamine, abbreviated as DMT, is a chemical in your body that is released right... Read More


G Milla - Red Silver [Stream]

Fresh off hooking up with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, G Milla returns to our pages with a fresh promotional single not featured on the reader-approved project. Released along with some hazy... Read More


G Milla - Inner City [Album]

G Milla has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Inner City EP. The project packs seven tracks' worth of new material from the Toronto emcee, including featured single "DMT."... Read More


G Milla - PSYCHO [Stream]

Sometimes a great song will give you goosebumps, make your hair stand on end or even drive you crazy, forcing you to blast it on repeat 24/7. G Milla’s latest effort won’t drive you crazy, but it will make you... Read More


G Milla - Tonight We Die [Stream]

According to some people who actually don’t know sh*t about the Mayan calendar, the world is fated to end tomorrow, December 21. Booth newcomer G Milla, for one, isn’t sweating it; he wrote existence off for good... Read More