New G-Side Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


G-Side ft. Joi Tiffany - Real Ones [Stream & Download]

If you caught Flying Lotus‘s Medication Meditation and Masquatch when they were featured earlier this week, you already know that the current-gen console re-release of GTAV boasts an expanded soundtrack. Hunstville rap... Read More


G-Side - Gz II Godz [Album]

Late last year, Southern hip-hop fans rejoiced when S.T. 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova announced that they were ending their year-long hiatus and rejoining forces as G-Side. Now, after several months in the studio, the Huntsvillle,... Read More


G-Side - Statue [Stream & Download]

You know you’ve done well for yourself when they display a Statue of you in your hometown. ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova of G-Side think they deserve that honor for all that they’ve done for Huntsville, Alabama. And... Read More


G-Side - Forever [Stream]

Like all good houseguests, ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova of G-Side are careful never to overstay their welcome. As far as the Booth is concerned, though, the point is basically moot; good music is always welcome on our pages, so... Read More


G-Side ft. Jhi Ali - Impossible (Javelin Remix) [Stream & Download]

While their last feature, late September’s Gettin’ It, failed to win over Booth readers, Hunstville duo G-Side aren’t giving up that easily. Today, the Huntsville representatives return with a newly-remixed... Read More


G-Side ft. Stalley & Joi Tiffany - Gettin’ It [Stream & Download]

Ever since The One, Huntsville, Alabama duo G-Side has renewed my desire to acquire hood mixtapes just for the whip. Keeping it centered on what they represent, G-Side takes the dirt road to show how keeping knuckles to the... Read More


G-Side ft. Chris Lee - Nat Geo [Stream & Download]

First things first: did anyone else peep the title of G-Side‘s current single, and immediately imagine how dope it would be to hear someone flip a sample of the orchestral theme from that old Nat Geo PBS series? Uh,... Read More