New Gerald Walker Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Gerald Walker - No Heart Feelings [Stream]

Gerald Walker has been putting in work for years, in the process making countless appearances in the Booth, and the Chicago emcee is finally preparing the release of his debut album. While you’ll have to wait until this... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Gerald Walker & Mann - Good Ol Days [Stream & Download]

Sean Brown‘s previous features, Letter to God, Morning Sun and 100 Thousand, found the Golden State emcee offering a brutally honest account of his struggles in the personal, professional, spiritual and economic arenas.... Read More


Gerald Walker - Yesterday You Said Tomorrow [Album]

Milwaukee emcee Gerald Walker, who has brought us projects like The Other Half of Letting Go and It's Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker, is back in the Booth with his latest mixtape, the DJ Rockstar-hosted Yesterday You Said... Read More


The DJBooth Presents: Neak at NYC’s Bar Matchless (Wrap Up Video) [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Sunday, September 8, Windy City phenom Neak will be rocking the stage at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Bar Matchless. The DJBooth is a media sponsor of the event, which will also feature performances from reader... Read More


Gerald Walker - Make Money [Stream]

In the profit-obsessed world of rap, it’s fashionable to claim that you value currency above all else—including romantic relationships, free time, and sometimes even the music. Gerald Walker isn’t quite that... Read More


Gerald Walker - Gravity [Stream]

When you’re as fly as Gerald Walker, the law of Gravity is really more of a suggestion. On a freshly-minted single off his forthcoming studio debut, the Milwaukee-repping reader fave invites us to join him as he gets so... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Cardo - The Inspiration [Stream & Download]

You’ve gotta respect Gerald Walker‘s hustle. And when I say “gotta,” I’m not just speaking rhetorically; if you don’t show the proper respect, the Milwaukee representative’s going to hunt you... Read More


Gerald Walker - One Life to Live [Stream & Download]

Gerald Walker only has One Life to Live, so he isn’t letting a second go to waste. But unlike most proponents of the “YOLO” philosophy, for whom The Motto serves as license to do dumb sh*t, the Milwaukee emcee has... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Jack Freeman & Shye - Here’s to Us [Stream]

There’s no reward for being a hater beyond the sadistic thrill of knowing you’ve gotten under someone’s skin. When your target is living too well to even acknowledge your disses, it starts to become... Read More


Pizzle x Gerald Walker - Beautiful [Stream]

Does anyone really take the time to make Beautiful music anymore? To answer my own rhetorical question, yes, and his name is Pizzle. Fresh off the DJBooth approved Live Like a King, the Milwaukee singer and emcee laces an... Read More


Proph ft. Gerald Walker - Higher [Stream]

When most rappers make a song called Higher they’ve got some of that sticky green on their minds (and in their lungs), but Proph’s focused on an even worthier goal; love. Making his DJBooth debut with the world premiere... Read More


Gerald Walker - Um, Excuse Me [Stream]

When you’re an artist trying to make it in the game, everybody has an opinion on how you should conduct your hustle. On new mixtape single Um, Excuse Me, released along with its Eric Guerrero-directed visuals, Gerald... Read More


Scolla ft. Phil Adé & Gerald Walker - The Jones [Stream & Download]

Been craving some fresh tunes from Scolla? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, the Motown fave (and freestyle alum) returns with The Jones, the latest entry in his #ScollasWebTour series. Here, the headliner... Read More


Pizzle ft. Gerald Walker - Elevators [Stream & Download]

Pizzle may be new to the Booth but, if his latest mixtape leak is any indication, he’s headed straight to the top of the game. On Elevators, the emcee/singer fills listeners in on the epic scope of his ambitions over an... Read More


Gerald Walker - Rain.Hail.Sleet.Snow [Stream & Download]

Like the United States Postal Service, Gerald Walker delivers the goods no matter the weather—neither Rain Hail, Sleet nor Snow can slow him up. On this newly-released promo single, Cardo On The Beat does his thing... Read More


Gerald Walker - My Name Is Gabriel (The Annunciation) [Stream & Download]

If you went to Sunday School, you likely remember the story of The Annunciation, in which the Angel Gabriel shows up at Mary’s crib to inform her that she’d been selected to give birth to the son of God. What you... Read More


Gerald Walker Offers “It’s Christmastime Again…” EP for Streaming/Purchase via The DJBooth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Emcee/producer Gerald Walker is offering up his latest street release, the seasonally-themed It's Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker, for streaming, download and premium purchase via The DJBooth. Featuring... Read More


Gerald Walker - It’s Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker [Album]

Buzzmaking emcee/producer Gerald Walker has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners his new, seasonally-themed EP release,It’s Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker. The follow-up to September’s acclaimed... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. JusMoni - I Want It All [Stream & Download]

Tomorrow, Booth readers will receive an early injection of holiday cheer in the form of Gerald Walker‘s new, Christmas-themed EP. The second and final pre-release leak off the project, I Want It All finds the Milwaukee... Read More


Gerald Walker - Christmas Everyday [Stream & Download]

Gifts, family, delicious food—why can’t the holidays continue year-round? On the inaugural leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored EP, Gerald Walker reflects upon the general good cheer that reigns supreme... Read More


Gerald Walker - Scream [Stream & Download]

Do you really need a reason to release free music? Gerald Walker thinks not—thus, the Milwaukee repper’s stepped into the Booth to bring fans Scream, an unreleased cut unattached to any forthcoming project. On... Read More


Gerald Walker - I’d Rather Make Mistakes Than Do Nothing At All [Stream & Download]

As has been said so many times before, you don’t make it to the top by being afraid to fail. Or, as Midwest rhymesayer Gerald Walker puts it on the inaugural leak off his next mixtape, “I’d Rather Make... Read More


Gerald Walker Offers “The Other Half of Letting Go” for Steaming/Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Milwaukee buzzmaker Gerald Walker is offering up his latest street album, The Other Half of Letting Go, for streaming and download via Featuring 16 original cuts from the up-and-coming emcee,... Read More


Gerald Walker - The Other Half of Letting Go [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee Gerald Walker has joined forces with and Diamond Supply Co. to bring listeners his latest street release, The Other Half of Letting Go. The project features 13 original cuts from the Milwaukee... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Jack Freeman - Take This to Your Heart… [Stream]

On the last release off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street album, Gerald Walker positioned himself as a bastion of realness in a world of fakes. Of course, it’s easy to keep it one-hundred on a song about keeping... Read More


Gerald Walker - It’s All Real [Stream & Download]

Though it often seems like emcees who truly keep it one-hundred are becoming an endangered species, Gerald Walker is proud to count himself among their number. On the latest release off his forthcoming, Read More


Talent Couture ft. Gerald Walker - All Around the World [Stream]

No longer satisfied accumulating copious amounts of U.S. dollars, Northeastern buzzmaker Talent Couture takes his paper chase global on LP cut All Around the World. Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, the... Read More


Gerald Walker - Please, Shut the F*ck Up! [Stream & Download]

Everyone’s a critic—and there’s pretty much nothing that the haters can’t use as ammunition. On the latest leak off his forthcoming, Booth-hosted street album, the Milwaukee representer asks the... Read More


Gerald Walker - Recluse [Stream & Download]

Rappers that gain a good amount of buzz can often find themselves in the middle of an overwhelming outpouring of attention. With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks, access to artists is steadily increasing... Read More


Gerald Walker - Shackles [Stream & Download]

Fresh off contemplating life, religion and the struggle on The Missing Piece, Gerald Walker put himself under the microscope on his latest promo cut (and potential mixtape inclusion). Over the pensive production of J. LBS,... Read More


Gerald Walker - The Missing Piece… [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of On Your Side, his collaborative mixtape with Taylor Gang member Cardo, Windy City representative Gerald Walker got straight to work on another forthcoming street release. On The Missing Piece…,... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Trae The Truth - Money on the Dresser [Stream & Download]

Fresh off touring with Booth favorite Yelawolf, Gerald Walker returns with the final leak off his forthcoming EP. Money on the Dresser finds Taylor Gang producer Sledgren serving up a smooth instrumental as Walker and guest... Read More


Gerald Walker - I Hope I Dont Fall In Love With Her [Stream & Download]

Not spotted in the Booth since he stepped into the Booth with Ready to GO! back in August 2009, Gerald Walker makas his return to our pages with the latest single off his new EP. Going by the self-explanatory title “I... Read More


Gerald Walker - Ready To GO! [Stream]

Windy City up-and-comer Gerald Walker‘s Booth debut found him toking up with a couple reader-approved cohorts, but don’t think for a second that the ganja’s dulled his will to succeed—when it comes to the... Read More


Gerald Walker ft. Add-2 & Mr. Robotic - High [Stream]

If you haven’t guessed from the title, Gerald Walker‘s first feature centers around that most classic of hip-hop pastimes: rolling through the city streets with a couple friends and a few fine women, enjoying some... Read More