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Which Wu-Tang Clan Member’s Debut Would Succeed in 2017? [Feature ]

How do we define success in today’s music industry? More specifically, how do we as an audience determine what makes a rapper successful in hip-hop today? There isn’t an equation that can get us to an answer that... Read More


Big Ghost: Hip Hop’s Purist Anger Translator [Feature ]

In 2011, during Drake’s initial rise to the top of the mainstream hip-hop realm, an anonymous voice rose from the depths of hip-hop’s grimy underbelly, hurling thunderously hilarious and biting blasphemies at... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear This: Omarion & Ghostface Killah “I Ain’t Even Done” [Feature ]

Earlier this week when we launched our new song series, "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This," we swore that our only criteria was that the music made you want to grab everyone near you and say - guess what? - holy... Read More


Ghostface Killah Threatens to Murder Action Bronson, Will an Apology Help? [Feature ]

Whether you agree or not, the similarity between the voices of Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson has been a hot topic of conversation since the latter's emergence as an artist. Until recently, any words... Read More


Ghostface Killah - King Of New York ft. Raekwon [Stream]

To celebrate the release of their new album, collaborators Ghostface Killah and producer Adrian Younge have unleashed a standout selection. King of New York, which features Ghost’s Wu-Tang brethren and current touring... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Get the Money ft. Vince Staples [Stream]

Get the Money ready, as we’re rapidly approaching the July 10 release date for Ghosface Killah and Adrian Younge‘s collaborative Twelve Reasons to Die II album. The latest leak from the album finds West Coast... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Let The Record Spin ft. Raekwon [Stream]

Looking for some new Ghost and Rae? Go ahead and Let The Record Spin on the second single off of Ghostface and producer Adrian Younge‘s forthcoming collaborative album Twelve Reasons To Die II. This cinematic effort... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Return Of The Savage ft. Raekwon & RZA [Stream]

“In the beginning, it’s time for a new chapter, twelve more reasons to die, after the laughter.” It’s the Return Of The Savage, as Ghostface Killah lets loose a new single for Twelve Reasons To Die II,... Read More


BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul [Album]

A mere two months after releasing his latest solo set, the critically-acclaimed 36 Seasons, Wu-Tang member and living rap legend Ghostface Killah has released another brand new album. Sour Soul consists of 12 brand new cuts... Read More


An Anti-Elitist Guide to Loving Ghostface Killah [Feature ]

Last week, Yoh dared to publicly admit he hadn't ever really listened to Ghostface Killah and, just as he predicted, the Hip-Hop Head Rules Enforcement Committee jumped on him like bears on that crazy guy... Read More


BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah ft. DOOM - Ray Gun [Stream]

After years of rumors and delays, Ghostface Killah recently confirmed that his long-awaited joint LP with DOOM would be dropping this year, prompting hip-hop heads everywhere to scream with excitement like tweens who just get... Read More


Ghostface Killah - 36 Seasons [Album]

Just in time for holiday shopping, Ghostface Killah has delivered the album that will be on every hip-hop head's wish list. The Wu Tang veteran's 11th solo set in total, and the follow-up to last year's acclaimed Twelve... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. Nems & Shawn Wigs - Homicide [Stream]

“This is Tony Starks. You can’t stop me, motherf**ker.” We know, Ghost. We know. Continuing his barrage of newly-released tunes, the Wu-Tang Clan representative has followed up highly-rated, Booth-featured... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. AZ - Blood on the Streets [Stream]

After listening to Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, The Battlefield and Double Cross, Ghostface Killah fans could take a vacation from the blogosphere, secure in the knowledge that the Wu-Tang vet’s next album is... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. AZ - Double Cross [Stream]

On The Battlefield, the last single off his forthcoming solo set, Ghostface Killah returned from a nine-year absence to find that his native Staten Island had changed for the worse: crackheads are on every corner, kids are... Read More


Wu-Tang Clan - Necklace [Stream]

Usually, it’s tough to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. This year, though, it couldn’t be easier to shop for the hip-hop heads in your life; get ‘em each a copy of the Wu Tang Clan‘s new... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams - The Battlefield [Stream]

Released to rave Booth reviews last Tuesday, the lead single off Ghostface Killah‘s next solo set was a soulful jam recounting Tony Starks’s tearful reunion with an old flame. To say the follow-up is a little... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. Kandace Springs - Love Don’t Live Here No More [Stream]

Judging by lead single Gun Showers, Ghostface‘s forthoming Sour Soul LP with BADBADNOTGOOD is going to be one very dope project but, sh*t, February 2015? That’s like three whole months away. Fortunately for... Read More


Ghostface x BADBADNOTGOOD ft. eLZHi - Gun Showers [Stream]

Early next year, Wu Tang veteran Ghostface Killah will be joining forces with T-Dot musical trio BADBADNOTGOOD to release a full-fledged collaborative album. Today, we get our first taste of the project in the form of lead... Read More


Mobb Deep ft. Ghostface Killah - Dirt (Remix) [Stream]

Back in April, veteran crew Mobb Deep unleashed The Infamous Mobb Deep, their first full-length in the better part of a decade. Though album standout Dirt wasn’t picked as a pre-release single, Havoc and Prodigy... Read More


Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Danny Brown - Six Degrees [Stream]

It’s been said that no more than Six Degrees of separation exist between any two people in the world. For those who share a common profession—say, music—the number is presumably even lower. So it’s not too... Read More


Flume ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut - Space Cadet [Stream]

On his first DJBooth feature, early October’s Holdin’ On, Flume invited Freddie Gibbs to blaze an electronic instrumental far removed from his grimy usual fare. Though the move was unconventional, its audacity... Read More


Big Ghostfase’s Full Album Review of Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” [Feature ]

Nathan Update: So here's the deal. Lucas originally wrote this post to highlight some of the best lines from Big Ghostfase's instant classic "Nothing Was the Same" album review. But then Big Ghost's site crashed... Read More


Ghostface Killah, Questlove, ScHoolboy Q & More to Play October A3C Festival [Feature ]

With one month remaining, the A3C Hip-Hop Festival is proud to announce a killer's row of artists headlined by the The Best Block Party Ever featuring a Hall of Fame on the Wheels of Steel: Questlove, DJ Premier, DJ Scratch,... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die [Album]

Years from now, when we talk about 12 Reasons to Die, we’ll talk about it as a Ghostface Killah album, and understandably so. Ghostface is the one with the Wu-Tang pedigree, the one with the multiple classic albums, the one... Read Full Review


Ghostface Killah ft. Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa & Killa Sin - Murder Spree [Stream]

The last single off Ghostface Killah‘s next studio album found him pondering how to deal with the many Enemies who would love to usurp his position of power. Given that this is a comic-book revenge fantasy, there was... Read More


Ghostface Killah x Adrian Younge ft. William Hart (of The Delfonics) - Enemies [Stream & Download]

As far as their forthcoming collaborative project is concerned, Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge are two for two in the Booth. Lead single The Rise of the Ghostface Killah and follow-up The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)... Read More


Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two) [Stream]

A few weeks back, we got our first taste of Ghostface‘s next studio album/conceptual project in the form of The Rise of the Ghostface Killah, a record which chronicled the mild-mannered Tony Starks’ transformation... Read More


Ghostface Killah x Adrian Younge - The Rise of the Ghostface Killah [Stream & Download]

Whether hero or villain, every comic-book icon needs a dramatic origin story. Thus, it’s only right that on the first single off the Wu Tang veteran’s 10th solo album, one version of which which will come packaged... Read More


Wu-Block ft. Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch & Inspectah Deck - Bust Shots (Andrew Kelley Remix) [Stream]

Remember Andrew Kelley, the A&R/producer who hooked up with The DJBooth to drop Raekwon remix LP Dope on the Table in late 2011? Well, he’s still in the business of revamping joints by Wu-Tang affiliates, and one of... Read More


Wu-Block ft. Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah & Jadakiss - Stick Em [Stream]

In life, there’s certain things that just don’t go well together. Take for instance religion and politics or if you really want to get fancy, Game and 50 Cent circa 2005. Thankfully, the combination of artists... Read More


Wu Block ft. Sheek Louch & Ghostface Killah - Union Square [Stream]

What do you get when you gather representatives from two of the greatest crews ever to rep the East—or any—coast together on one record? You get Union Square, the latest promo single from newly-formed... Read More


The LOX, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Wu-Block [Stream]

All red-blooded American males who grew up in the 1990’s, at one point or another, had some variation on the following thought: “Wouldn’t it be dope if the Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles joined forces?”... Read More


Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface, Action Bronson & Termanology - Meteor Hammer [Stream]

Having scored rave reviews for Legendary Weapons inclusions Laced Cheeba, 225 Rounds and Only the Rugged Survive, the Wu-Tang Clan are three for three in the Booth. Just in case you weren’t convinced the LP would be... Read More


Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface Killah, Sean Price & Trife Diesel - Laced Cheeba [Stream]

Having earned rave Booth reviews for album leak 225 Rounds, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan return to ignite further anticipation for their sixth studio album with another fresh record. Thanks to the production work of Noah Rubin... Read More


GhostWridah Drops Off Booth-Sponsored “American Alien” LP [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Miami repper and longtime reader favorite GhostWridah has just released his highly-anticipated, street album, American Alien. Featuring 11 fresh cuts from the freestyle series alumnus,... Read More


Raekwon ft. Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah - Molasses [Stream]

With the release date for his new album right around the corner, Raekwon has leaked yet another collaborative effort (see Rock N Roll), this time featuring Rick Ross and fellow Wu-Tang alum Ghostface Killah.  The... Read More


Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah, Jim Jones & Kobe - Rock N Roll [Stream]

From the days Run-DMC and Steven Tyler were screaming at each other on Walk This Way to B.o.B.’s influences on Airplanes, hip-hop and rock n’ roll have circled each other warily for years. Leave it to Wu-Tang legend... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids [Album]

Phrases like “best rappers alive” and “most underrated” are so overused in hip-hop, subject to such neverending and vague debate, that they’ve essentially lost their meanings. But if we’re talking about Ghostface... Read Full Review


Ghostface Killah ft. Black Thought - In Tha Park [Stream]

MC Shan passed along the cooking knives for this one, particularly since The Bridge was one of those main course deals back in the day. So when Ghostface Killah payed homage to Shan and sprinkled the famous line... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Together Baby [Stream]

If you weren’t completely feeling Wu-Tang representative Ghostface Killah‘s detour into modern R&B territory on Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry... well, then I don’t get you, because that album was dope.... Read More


Josh Xantus ft. Ghostface Killah - I Don’t Care [Stream & Download]

Things hyper-talented NYC singer-songwriter Josh Xantus doesn’t care about: Having an easily pronounceable last name, conforming to the haters’ wishes and losing his pride if it means getting back a special female. Things... Read More


Mark Ronson ft. Ghostface Killah - Lose It (In the End) [Stream]

Although his name isn’t likely to come up in conversations about the best producers in the game, Mark Ronson’s been one of hip-hop’s most known-unknown beatsmiths for years. Most famous for his work with Amy Winehouse,... Read More


Busta Rhymes ft. T.I., Cam’ron, Ghostface & DMX - Stop the Party (Remix) [Stream]

Impressively, Busta Rhymes, who’s currently working on his ninth solo studio album, is still going strong after a decade and a half in the rap game. Having teamed up with trusty maker producer Swizz Beatz for the currently... Read More


Meth, Ghost & Rae - Dangerous [Stream]

If rap was actually a contact sport (and when Suge Knight was around it was), there wouldn’t be many rappers willing to get into the ring with high-caliber Wu-Tang alumni Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. As opposed... Read More


DJ Kay Slay ft. AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface - See the Light [Stream]

Although he’s been in the game a bit longer, DJ Kay Slay is now applying the “DJ Khaled” method to his new album More Than Just a DJ. Khaled is known for making big-budget posse cuts happen between major artists like... Read More


Melanie Fiona ft. Ghostface - It Kills Me (Remix) [Stream]

As Ghostface proved on his most recent album Ghostdini, the Wu-Tang alum’s storytelling skills make him a natural fit for any great r&b track, so before I even listened to the remix to Melanie Fiona’s It Kills Me... Read More


Ghostface Killah - Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in the Emerald City [Album]

Admit it. When you heard Ghostface Killah, the Ironman of the Wu-Tang Clan, was doing an “R&B” album you were a little scared. I know I was. Ghost is one of my hip-hop heroes; a man I consider the best storyteller in rap... Read Full Review


Ghostface ft. John Legend - Let’s Stop Playin’ [Stream]

In a recent video interview, Ghostface Killah calmly gave his rebuttal to all who think there should be a mandatory retirement age for rappers: to paraphrase, an artist should keep going as long as his or her heart’s in... Read More


Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface - 10 Bricks [Stream]

Featured earlier this month, Only Built for Cuban Linx II street single House of Flying Daggers made one fact blindingly clear: when Wu-Tang emcees get together over a beat by the late, great J. Dilla, a spectacular... Read More


Raekwon ft. Inspectah Deck, GZA, Ghostface, Method Man - House Of Flying Daggers [Stream]

When he stepped into the Booth for an exclusive interview back in April, Raekwon the Chef told DJ Z that, if he were to serve one Cuban Linx II track to his fans on a silver platter, it would be House of Flying Daggers. ... Read More


Ghostface ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Baby [Stream]

When word first got out that Ghostface Killah was planning to release an R&B album, fan reactions were mixed—many doubted the rapper could fine-tune his sung vocals enough to carry a full set. As further details... Read More


Trife Diesel ft. Ghostface Killah - Respectfully [Stream]

You may be able to catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but if you’re looking to make a money-and-power omelet you’re going to have to break a few eggs.  Mixed metaphors aside, Trife Diesel knows full... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. Ron Browz - She’s A Killer [Stream]

This one’s a surefire conversation-starter—Ghostface Killah, member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and one of hip-hop’s most renowned storytellers, has hooked up with champagne-popping Autotune fiend/producer Ron... Read More


Method Man & Redman ft. Ghostface & Raekwon - 4 Minutes To Lock Down [Stream]

With the underground going ape in anticipation of Blackout 2, Method Man & Redman have decided to fan the flames with the release of another street single.  On 4 Minutes To Lock Down, Meth makes good use of his Wu-Tang... Read More


Ghostface & DOOM - Chinatown Wars [Stream]

As demonstrated on Talib Kweli‘s My Favorite Song (from GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned) and Statik Selektah‘s Driving Down the Freeway (from Midnight Club: L.A.‘s South Central expansion pack), Rockstar are... Read More


Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah & Method Man - New Wu [Stream]

Since 2007, Wu-Tang devotees have been anticipating the release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, Raekwon the Chef‘s fourth solo LP and the official sequel to his 1995 debut.  Fortunately, the wait is almost over –... Read More


Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Malice - Kilo (Remix) [Stream]

Pop quiz: how many grams are in a kilo?  If you found yourself scratching your head at that one, you might want to take a listen to Ghostface Killah‘s new remix of Fishscale track Kilo. Off the Wu-Tang... Read More


Mariah Carey ft. LL Cool J & Ghostface - I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time (Remix) [Stream]

Mariah Carey’s platinum-certified album, E=MC², has been out in stores since April 8.  Over the last eighteen weeks or so, Carey has officially released three singles: Touch My Body, Bye Bye, and I’ll Be Lovin’... Read More


Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah - Necro [Stream]

As long as there are streets to be run, drugs to be sold, and killer RZA beats to rap over, Wu-Tang members will remain united in their effort to sound as badass as humanly possible.  On Necro, the first leaked song from... Read More


Ghostface Killah - The Big Doe Rehab [Album]

I truly believe that an MC’s name determines their talent level. Come up with a great MC moniker, Ghostface Killah for example, and you’ll have no choice but to make your music as dope as your name. On the other hand, I... Read Full Review


Ghostface ft. Beanie Siegel, Styles P & Solomon Childs - Barrell Brothers [Stream]

Ghostface Killah‘s upcoming album, The Big Doe Rehab, was originally intended to drop on December 4; the same day as Wu-Tang Clan’s 8 Diagrams.  RZA ultimately chose to push 8D to the 11th to avoid conflict and... Read More


Hi-Tek ft. Ghostface, Raekwon & Dion - My Piano [Stream]

Preparing the third installment of his successful Hi-Teknology series, acclaimed producer Hi-Tek knows the first single needs to be something Hip Hop audiences can remember.  Consequently the Cincy native chose My Piano... Read More


Ghostface Killah Checks Into Rehab on December 4th [Feature ]

New York, NY -- "When you get a new Ghostface Killah album, the only reasonable reaction is to get lost in it," said the New York Times of Ghost's last full studio album, '06's instant classic Fishcale. Plus, with the... Read More


Ghostface Killah and Rakim Destroy Hollywood [Feature ]

Article by Nathan Slavik *all photos by Ben Simpson The Scene Hip-hop may be deader than Britney Spear’s modeling career, but last night up-and comer Brother Ali, legendary rapper Ghostface Killah and the even more... Read More


Ghostface ft. Kid Capri - We Celebrate [Stream]

Ghostface is back and it isn’t apart of the upcoming release with Wu-Tang Clan.  After scheduling the release of his third Def Jam project in less than two years for December 4th, the Clan grew angry that he would drop... Read More


Ghostface ft. Amy Winehouse - You Know I’m No Good [Stream]

Announced by Def Jam, that the new Ghostface album was set to highlight Ghost’s crew The Theodore Unit and his son, Sun God—every song released from the December 12th album, More Fish, only continues to highlight... Read More


Ghostface Cooks Up More Fish for Dec 12th [Feature ]

Staten Island, NY -- Someone forgot to tell Ghostface Killah it’s OK to rest on your laurels. Less than 10 months after releasing the most critically acclaimed album of the year – Fishscale – Ghost is back and as strong... Read More