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GhostWridah - Long Way Home [Stream]

With the uproar after the verdict was announced during the George Zimmerman trial, timing could not have been more fitting for Miami native and DJBooth regular, GhostWridah, to release his latest cut, Long Way Home. The... Read More


Ghostwridah - Buckets [Stream]

Still haven’t checked out Ghostwridah‘s latest street album, released at the top of June? Frankly, I can’t imagine why. Whether you simply forgot about it or the previous singles off the set (All Star... Read More


GhostWridah - Flu Game LP [Album]

GhostWridah, the artist who brought us previous releases In Love With My Future, American Alien and Downtown Lights, has returned to The DJBooth with the Michael Jordan-inspired Flu Game, his fourth free album in the past... Read More


GhostWridah - Prescription [Stream]

I’m not a licensed medical professional but, if you’re suffering from a lack of quality beats and rhymes, I can confidently say that GhostWridah‘s latest effort will be just what the doctor ordered.... Read More


GhostWridah - All-Star Weekend [Stream & Download]

This past weekend, NBA ballers and hoop fanatics congregated in Houston, Texas for three days of partying and showing out—with a little basketball on the side. While All-Star Weekend, the newly-released lead single off... Read More


GhostWridah - Born Free [Stream & Download]

Are we Born Free, or does autonomy come with a price? As with so many of life’s burning questions, it depends entirely on who you are and how you look at it. GhostWridah, for one, is keeping all his bases... Read More


GhostWridah - I’m Cold [Stream & Download]

At the time of my writing this, the temperature’s hovering around 90 degrees in GhostWridah‘s native Miami. So, why’s he shivering on his latest feature? Take a listen to I’m Cold and hear for... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Billy Blue - Mic Freak [Stream & Download]

As an emcee so skilled that he can spit a dope verse with his Eyes Closed (as he boasted in his last feature), it stands to reason that GhostWridah would be a magnet for women attracted to lyrical excellence. On a brand new... Read More


GhostWridah - Eyes Closed [Stream]

Just how good is GhostWridah at this rap sh*t? Let’s just say he could rock the mic with his Eyes Closed. Which, granted, isn’t exactly impressive as winning the Indy 500 with your eyes closed, or destroying the... Read More


GhostWridah - Raise It Up [Stream & Download]

Whether you’re sipping on a strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun or enjoying a glass of champagne, Miami emcee GhostWridah wants you to Raise It Up in his honor. Serving as Ghost’s first solo feature since the release of... Read More


Prote-J ft. GhostWridah - All of the Lies [Stream & Download]

Emcee/producer Prote-J’s new single, All of the Lies, interestingly flips Kanye’s famous All of the Lights, depicting the harsh realities of the modern hip-hop industry, plagued by TMZ, Twitter, and storytellers who... Read More


GhostWridah - Downtown Lights 2.0 [Album]

In May, Booth fave GhostWridah released Downtown Lights, his third project in the last three years (see American Alien and In Love With My Future). Now, roughly two months later, the Miami native has... Read More


GhostWridah - Talk My Sh*t [Stream & Download]

Sometimes a rapper wants to make a difference, do his part to change the world. And sometimes, well, a rapper just wants to Talk My Sh*t. GhostWridah‘s latest effort is (obviously) an example of the latter, using a... Read More


GhostWridah - Downtown Lights [Album]

Miami phenom GhostWridah has stepped into his Booth with the latest street release, Downtown Lights. Released in conjunction with the re-launch of and co-Executive Produced by the artist himself along with... Read More


GhostWridah - 1995 (Freestyle) [Stream]

Please allow me to smile and let out a huge sigh of relief. I would like to announce that our younger generation IS NOT destined to survive on dumbed down raps and cookie cutter beats. Miami’s own GhostWridah has done... Read More


GhostWridah - DIE [Stream & Download]

Death is—to put it paradoxically—a fact of life, but we rarely get to hear about it from the point of view of those who face it on the regular. To rectify the situation, Booth fave GhostWridah has cooked up DIE, a... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Nehemie - Skittles And Iced Tea [Stream & Download]

Coming on the heels of offerings from Reef the Lost Cauze (The Prey) and Plies (We Are Trayvon), the latest Booth feature from reader fave GhostWridah finds the Miami emcee sharing his own reflections on the Trayvon Martin... Read More


GhostWridah - Daytona 500 [Freestyle] [Stream]

Miami mic-murderer GhostWridah takes inspiration from another famous hip-hop “Ghost” on his latest promo single, the first in a series of Wu-Tang-inspired freestyles. Here, the RZA-produced backdrop from... Read More


Gill Graff ft. Anjuli Stars, Ghostwridah, & REKS - Dear Tomorrow [Stream & Download]

An uplifting rap song that isn’t corny is like a brown recluse spider; you know they exist, but it’s extremely rare to actually come across one. For his first DJBooth feature, Miami rapper Gill Graff delivers Dear... Read More


GhostWridah - Buzzer Beater [Stream & Download]

In both rap and b-ball, pulling off a truly stunning victory isn’t simply a matter of scoring more points than the other guys; you’ve got to keep the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game, clinching... Read More


Brisco ft. Billy Blue & GhostWridah - Get This Money [Stream & Download]

Despite the seemingly endless series of delays that have plagued his debut set, Panhandle State rhymesayer Brisco remains as devoted as ever to his paper chase. Unreleased joint Get This Money finds him hooking up with Miami... Read More


GhostWridah - Mrs. Wridah [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Though GhostWridah is typically too focused on his grind to spend time chasing skirts (or, if he does, he doesn’t tell us about it in his Booth-featured cuts), he recently met a woman who has him thinking about... Read More


GhostWridah - Victory [Freestyle] [Stream]

On Victory, a mixtape single released back in May, GhostWridah let the world know that, for him, defeat was not an option. Today, the Miami repper is back to drive the point home with Victory, a freestyle which actually... Read More


Brenton Brown ft. Ghostwridah - Lemme Know [Stream & Download]

Whereas many rappers pride themselves on simply staying on their grind, Booth newcomer Brenton Brown subscribes to a “work smarter, not harder” philosophy. On mixtape leak Lemme Know, the New York/Miami dual... Read More


GhostWridah - The American Dream [Video]

Florida representative GhostWridah barely escapes going under the knife on the nightmare visuals to his American Dream single. Produced by Lowkey and off Ghost’s American Alien album, available for free stream and... Read More


Ghostwridah - The American Dream [Stream & Download]

On an unreleased cut premiered in the Booth earlier this week, Island-pop twosome Rock City shared their vision of the American Dream—a dream which bore a greater resemblance to Charlie Sheen than Horatio Alger.... Read More


GhostWridah ft. The Strangerz - Victory [Stream & Download]

Anyone else noticed a certain pungent odor emanating from our mixtape page lately? Kinda like bay laurel, with a hint of Gatorade? Oh, right, that’s the sweet smell of Victory, and it’s coming from... Read More


GhostWridah - American Alien [Album]

Miami-repping Booth fave (and freestyle series alumnus) Ghostwridah has joined forces with to bring listeners his latest street release, American Alien. The follow-up to last year’s In Love With My Future... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Freeway - Window Cracked [Stream & Download]

Upon a first glance at his Booth track record, GhostWridah seems to tackle the same topics as a great many other rappers: cash, luxury goods, the pursuit of fame, and so on. What, then, sets the Miami phenom apart from the... Read More


GhostWridah - Just Venting [Stream & Download]

In late April, Booth-favorite GhostWridah will release American Alien, the follow-up to last year’s In Love With My Future.  To hold over his fans while he wraps up the project, the Miami native has let loose Just... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Steven A. Clark - The Money [Stream & Download]

We could all name a few rappers who will decry materialistic excess on one joint, only to conveniently forget their principles when it comes time for the obligatory cash-themed record. But could GhostWridah, the Miami native... Read More


Blood Type ft. Kendrick Lamar & Ghostwridah - Thanksgiving [Stream]

About three months ago, most of us were sitting at the table with our nearest and dearest, indulging in delicious food and expressing our gratitude for all of life’s blessings. Fast-forward to March 2011, and most of us... Read More


GhostWridah x STS x Sean Falyon - Future Presidents [Stream & Download]

What’s changed in the game since ‘96, when an enterprising young emcee by the name of Shawn Carter announced (in the words of his Big Apple neighbor, Nas), “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me.”?... Read More


The Grand Finale: Wrapping Up DJBooth’s A3C Finale [Feature ]

(Editors Note: Over the last few weeks DJBooth has been steadily releasing exclusive interviews from the artists who attended Atlanta's epic A3C Festival. As a final goodbye to the night that was, here's one last look at the... Read More


GhostWridah Undergoes “Release Therapy” in Latest Video [Feature ]

Miami, Fla. -- Panhandle State Booth fave and freestyle series alumnus GhostWridah is back with "Release Therapy," the latest music video off his In Love With My Future mixtape. Directed by Giancarlo... Read More


GhostWridah - Final Thought [Stream & Download]

In the now infamous broadcast known only as The Decision, a trio of NBA superstars formed that immediately brought Miami to the forefront of the Eastern Conference and poised the Heat to grab more rings than Sonic the... Read More


GhostWridah - Down Goes Frazier [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been following GhostWridah’s work at the Booth, most notably his highly acclaimed In Love With My Future, you’ll probably already have your gloves up prior to listening. However, if this is your first time... Read More


GhostWridah - In Love With My Future [Album]

Miami buzzmaker (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) GhostWridah has hooked up with and to drop his long-awaited, hotly-anticipated new LP, In Love With My Future. Dedicated to anyone with a... Read More


Carlyle ft. Ghostwridah - Replacement [Premiere] [Stream]

Selecting a mate is a big, big life decision – kind of like purchasing a major household appliance. And, like, say, a malfunctioning washer-dryer (provided it’s under warranty), a significant other who isn’t... Read More


GhostWridah ft. ¡Mayday! - Still Not Famous [Stream]

While I realize that I’m more likely to be struck dead by lightning while on my way to cash in a 100 million-dollar Powerball ticket than to become a nationally-known celebrity on the strength of my track... Read More


Ghostwridah - Red Bottoms [Stream]

Sorry to disappoint any, uh, spanking fetishists who may be reading – Ghostwridah‘s latest feature has absolutely nothing to do with sore posteriors. The Red Bottoms referred to on the inaugural leak off the... Read More


GhostWridah & Smitty ft. AG Lyon - My Brother [Stream]

Whatever your opinion on rappers who glorify violence, I think we can all agree that it’s refreshing when artists choose to promote peace through their music. GhostWridah admits that he used to be a member of the former... Read More


GhostWridah - Take It Home [Stream & Download]

Entry #94 in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Ghostwridah, the Florida up-and-comer who recently brought us album leak Miami’s Finest and reader-acclaimed mixtape cut Celebrate Lyfe. On his brand new,... Read More


GhostWridah Spits “Take It Home” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Ghostwridah, the Floridian up-and-comer who recently brought us album leak "Miami's Finest" and reader-acclaimed mixtape cut "Celebrate Lyfe" has stepped into the Booth with entry #94 in our DJBooth... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Smitty - Miami’s Finest [Stream]

Miami’s position of power in hip-hop is largely thanks to local artists’ determination to prove that their hometown is much more than the sunny vacation spot many Americans see it as.  Up-and-coming emcee... Read More

GhostWridah & Presents “305s & Heartbreak: The Mixtape” [Download] [Feature ]

Miami, FL -- GhostWridah has teamed up with to drop 305s & Heartbreak, a Kanye-inspired street album on which the indie emcee gives his perspective on his home city's music scene. Featuring Booth-acclaimed bonus... Read More


GhostWridah - Celebrate Lyfe [Stream]

The shortness of life and the importance of making every second count has been a popular theme in the Booth lately; in the last week, both reader-acclaimed rapper K. Sparks and Swiss R&B singer Seven have weighed in on... Read More


GhostWridah ft. Shawty Lo - Born & Raised [Stream]

Upset that hip-hop has gone from a “platform for self-expression, creativity, and respect” to a “high school popularity contest,” South Miami native GhostWridah has decided that its time hip-hop be... Read More