New Gilbere Forte' Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Gilbere Forté - White Lights [Stream]

Gilbere Forte’ was absent from our pages for the opening months of 2014 (His last feature, Waiting Game (RAAK Remix), dropped in October.), but his silence wasn’t due to inactivity. Just the opposite, in fact:... Read More


Groundbreakers: Gilbere Forte on “PRAY”, His Influences & More [Feature ]

The culture isn’t moved by those who nudge it forward, who gently tap. Culture is moved by those bold and brave enough to truly push and break new ground. For our new series in collaboration with Green Label,... Read More


Gilbere Forte x Banks - Waiting Game (RAAK Remix) [Stream]

Last week, we saw Gilbere Forte’ link up with frequent production partner RAAK to remix Royals, the hit debut single from New Zealand pop songstress Lorde. Evidently, they had a blast doing so, as the dynamic musical... Read More


Lorde ft. Gilbere Forte - Royals (RAAK Remix) [Stream]

Royals, the debut single from New Zealand pop songstress Lorde, has yet to crack the Top 40 Stateside (it currently sits at #59), but if I were a betting man, I’d put money on it blowing up. Whether it’s the... Read More


Gilbere Forte - PRAY [Album]

Philly-bred artist Gilbere Forte' is no stranger to The DJBooth. Over the past three years, the innovative and genre-pushing Forte' has seen 33 of his records featured on our homepage. Along with three mixtapes, two special... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Active Child - Nolita [Stream]

With the ink still drying on his contract with Epic Records and a stellar mixtape lead single under his belt, Gilbere Forte’ could hardly be in a better position, career-wise. Romantically? That’s quite a... Read More


Gilbere Forte - The Awakening [Stream]

Despite the heavy exposure Gilbere Forte’s received in The DJBooth, I suppose it’s possible that some people are still sleeping on him. If you happen to be one of these somnolent souls, it’s time to wake up... Read More


Gilbere Forte - PRAY [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title of Gilbere Forte’s latest video single and EP title track fool you; as a listen to PRAY reveals, the Philly phenom ain’t about to get down on his knees for anyone. Here, frequent... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Gilbere Forte - Stuntin’ [Stream]

Tayyib Ali‘s last solo feature, March promo single Dear Lord, found the Philly buzzmaker offering his prayers to those who are struggling just to put food on the table. Today, the buzzmaker returns to express gratitude... Read More


JMSN ft. Gilbere Forte, ANTHM & Deniro Farrar - Somewhere (JMSN Remix) [Stream & Download]

If you’re familiar with Detroit singer/songwriter/producer JMSN‘s hypnotizing †Priscilla† cut Somewhere then you’re probably wondering how in the world three very different emcees were able to work their... Read More


Gilbere Forte - YOTD: Year of the Dragon [Album]

Philadelphia fast-riser Gilbere Forte’ has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the YOTD: Year of the Dragon mixtape. Hosted by Terry Urban, the project features 18 tracks’... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Lord Knows [Freestyle] [Stream]

It’s been a minute since last we heard from Gilbere Forte’. Well, OK, his last feature was back in early October, but still, two and a half months is a long time for the freestyle alum to be away from our pages.... Read More


Buddy James ft. Gilbere Forte & Young L - Weighting [Stream & Download]

As the cliché goes, you always regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. Which is to say, if you have a big dream—be it making a name for yourself in the rap game, striking up a conversation with... Read More


Gilbere Forte ft. Jim Jones & Pusha T - Hot (In This B*tch) [Stream & Download]

Is it just me, or is it getting kinda Hot (In This B*tch)? Well, as luck would have it, Philly repper Gilbere Forte’ and a few of his flyest colleagues are here to help you cool off. Here, Bengie and Raak‘s... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Black Soul [Stream & Download]

With the release of his latest EP just a few short days away, Gilbere Forte’s returned to raise awareness with one more fresh leak off the project. Backed by the determination-drenched, Chipmunk-sampled collaborative... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Asher Roth & Bun B - Black Chukkas (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The skittering Black Chukkas might not have been the first track from Gilbere Forte’ we posted on DJBooth, that honor goes to My Time, but it was the first track that made me truly pay attention to the Philly emcee. In... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. The Kickdrums - Hello [Stream & Download]

Why live in boring old reality, when you can create your own instead? A firm believer in the power of dreams to shape the external world, Booth fave Gilbere Forte shares his uniquely dope form of idealism on his latest EP... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Gilbere Forte - 100 Million Dreams [Stream & Download]

“A hundred million, a hundred million, a hundred million dreams ...” Those words, set over a sinister beat that leans heavy on the piano keys, sets off Emilio Rojas‘s new nightmare of a record 100 Million... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - I Be (On My Chill) [Stream & Download]

If you’re a rapper there’s a lot of things for you to be on. If you’re Big Boi you’re of course on that Krytonite, if you’re Drake you’re simply On One (whatever that is) and if you’re Gilbere Forte you take a... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Freeway - Winner [Stream & Download]

When it comes to being a Winner, believing in oneself may not be the whole battle (case in point, Charlie Sheen), but it’s a damn good start. Making its world premiere on our front page, the inaugural leak off... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Tyga & Raak - Burn Me Down [Stream & Download]

Gilbere Forte‘s brought us music for just about every mood over the course of his eclectic tenure in the Booth, but I can’t recall ever hearing him quite as fired up as he gets on his latest effort—single numero... Read More


Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte’ - Here We Go Again [Stream & Download]

“Here We Go Again” is typically an expression of exasperation, but don’t be deceived; the lead single off Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte’‘s forthcoming collaborative set is decidedly fresh. With... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ @ SOB’s [Video]

Spend the day with Gilbere Forte’ as he preps for DJBooth’s latest showcase and his first performance at New York City’s legendary S.O.B’s with Jasmine Solano, 9th Wonder, Nitty Scott, Murda Mook,... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. CurT@!n$ - My City To Your City [Stream & Download]

From KRS-ONE to Young Jeezy, Jay-Z to E-40 and everyone in between, hip-hop has always been about repping the city that raised you, so it should be no surprise that constant Philly representative Gilbere Forte has released... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Don Trip - We Do This [Stream & Download]

Tomorrow, Gilbere Forte’ and numerous other talented up-and-comers will be joining forces to fundraise for musical education as part of and the J. Dilla Foundation‘s Give Back showcase (click here for... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Born in ‘87 [Video]

After recently dropping a Booth-sponsored mixtape, Gilbere Forte’ is already building hype for his next release, as seen here in the new music video for the first song off his upcoming album. The album, also named Born... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ Brings Listeners up to Speed on New “Philadelphia Freshman” Mixtape [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Northeastern phenom Gilbere Forte', SocietySOP and have come together to bring you Philadelphia Freshman, a collection of old, new and unreleased material designed to bring you up to speed on... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Philadelphia Freshman [Album]

Northeastern buzzmaker Gilbere Forte’ has joined forces with and SocietySOP to bring fans his latest street release, Philadelphia Freshman. Hosted by Ace McClowd, the project is a collection of old, new and... Read More


DJBooth & J. Dilla Foundation Join Forces for “Give Back” Benefit Concert [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and the J. Dilla Foundation have enlisted a lineup of reader-approved underground favorites for Give Back, a benefit to promote musical education. Going down the evening of May 10, at trendy... Read More


Swizz Beatz ft. Eve & Gilbere Forte’ - Everyday (Coolin’) (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Though Swizz Beatz latest single, Everyday (Coolin), received lackluster Booth reviews when it hit our front page two weeks ago, Gilbere Forte’ evidently saw some potential in the joint; today, the Philly-repping reader... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ x Adele - Set Fire to the Rain [Stream]

It must feel good to be Adele right now; not only is the UK soul singer beloved by listeners on both sides of the Atlantic, but of late she’s become one of hip-hop’s foremost cross-genre crushes, inspiring an... Read More


Miguel ft. Gilbere Forte’ - Hard Way (Remix) [Stream]

If I can be excused a little name dropping, I ran into fast rising emcee Gilbere Forte’ during last weekend’s Grammy festivities and frankly it’s not hard to picture the man on the other side of the fence someday,... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - EYES of VERITAS [Album]

Philly-bred emcee Gilbere Forte’ has joined forces with The Smoking Section and Hall of Fame to bring fans his new mixtape, Eyes of Veritas. The Don Cannon-hosted project finds Forte’ showcasing his unpredictable... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Train Lights [Stream & Download]

Gilbere Forte is a star on the rise, and hip-hop is only the horizon. His resume on the Booth is as diverse as it is impressive, and with tracks from Kanye West (Alors on Danse) to STS (My Time), you can count on the man to... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Born in ‘87 [Stream & Download]

Gilbere Forte’s built up such a reputation for eclecticism in the Booth that my habit of remarking on his unpredictability whenever he drops a new record has, in itself, become kinda predictable. For his latest trick,... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Please Don’t Worry [Stream & Download]

The only thing you can expect from Gilbere Forte’ is the unexpected, and the latest change of pace from the DJBooth Freestyle Alum is Please Don’t Worry. In contrast to the indie oriented 1st Floor, and his smoothed... Read More


Gilbere Forte` ft. Selina Carrera - Last Nite [Stream & Download]

If I’ve learned anything from listening to Gilbere Forte’, it’s to never press play with a closed mind. One minute he’s flipping indie rock samples (1st Floor), the next he’s linking up with noted Re-Up vet... Read More


Sean Rose ft. Gilbere Forte’ - Downtown [Stream & Download]

Now that we’ve officially graduated from “jacket weather” to “coat weather” up here in Minne-ap (I know, the rest of you are still rocking tank tops, no need to rub it in), there’s always the temptation to... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Ab-Liva - Push the Bar [Stream & Download]

Few artists in Booth history have been able to innovate as consistently as Gilbere Forte’; with each feature, the Philly buzzmaker has found a fresh new way to Push the Bar (y’know, pushing the envelope and... Read More


Stromae ft. Kanye West &  Gilbere Forte’  - Alors On Danse (Remix) [Stream]

While America’s urban music has been thoroughly steeped in the synth-heavy influence of European pop, artists across the pond haven’t stopped cooking up new and adventurous ways to get bodies moving. The latest... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Buttons [Stream & Download]

The 191st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Gilbere Forte’, the Philly native who brought us acclaimed mixtape leaks Take One x Dawn, 1st Floor and I Know My Love. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ Spits “Buttons” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Gilbere Forte', the Philly native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape leaks "Take One x Dawn," "1st Floor" and "I Know My Love" has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 191st entry in our Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - Take One x Dawn [Stream]

There’s restlessly creative, and then there’s… well… then there’s Gilbere Forte’. No longer content to switch everything up from one Booth feature to the next, the Philadelphia up-and-comer... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ - I Know My Love [Stream]

Having announced his arrival on the scene with synth-soaked street banger My Time and provided a case study in hip-rock done right on the Freelance Whales-assisted 1st Floor, Gilbere Forte’ has already proven that he... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. Freelance Whales - 1st Floor [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to put on your hip-rock goggles for this joint (don’t worry, it’s not the Creed/Fat Joe combo you’ve had nightmare’s about). Gilbere Forte’ is back in the Booth for his... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. STS - My Time [Stream]

If you’re not already on EST, you may want to reset your clocks; on his first Booth feature Gilbere Forte’ informs hip-hop heads worldwide: “This is My Time.” Here, the Philly-based up-and-comer joins up with... Read More