New Greg Grease Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Greg Grease - Sailboats ft. Proper-T [Stream & Download]

Earlier today, underground veteran Greg Grease unleashed a three-track EP on his fans, the first of three upcoming, adventurous projects. The standout selection off the Minneapolis emcee’s latest work is Sailboats,... Read More


Freez ft. Metasota & Greg Grease - Roll Another [Stream]

Feeling stressed? Do what Booth newcomer Freez does whenever the struggle’s getting him down: “Roll Another blunt,” light it up, and watch your troubles dissipate in a cloud of smoke. Of course, no smoking session... Read More


Greg Grease - Really Tho [Stream]

A year and change after blessing The DJBooth with his highly-acclaimed Black King Cole EP, Greg Grease is back with numero uno off his next independent full-length. And it’s a Booth-exclusive world premiere—for Really... Read More


Greg Grease - Black King Cole EP [Album]

Minneapolis emcee Greg Grease has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners an exclusive stream of his latest street release, the Black King Cole EP. The follow-up to 2012's Cornbread, Pearl & G street album, the... Read More


Greg Grease - Black King Cole [Stream]

As anyone with open eyes is aware, our supposedly “post-racial” society is anything but. No amount of oppression, discrimination and inequity, however, can erase Greg Grease‘s pride in his people and culture. On EP... Read More


Greg Grease x Dremur x Signif - What I’m Told [Stream & Download]

Believe it or not, Twitter is good for more than hashing out silly beefs (cough cough…Azealia Banks and Angel Haze… cough cough). Thanks to the popular social media platform artists can hook up for dope... Read More


Big Jess ft. Chaundon, Greg Grease & Metasota - Simple and Plain [Stream]

Pop culture is littered with trilogies. From Star Wars to the Lakers of the early 00’s, great things always seem to come in threes. For producer Big Jess, though, three just doesn’t cut it, which is why he is... Read More


Greg Grease - Cornbread, Pearl & G [Album]

Up-and-coming Minneapolis rhymesayer Greg Grease bring listeners his latest street album, Cornbread, Pearl & G. Named after 1975 black drama Cornbread Earl & Me and inspired by J. Dilla, Native Tongues and other Golden Age... Read More


Greg Grease - C.R.E.A.M Dreams [Stream]

Greg Grease loves weed—a fact that should have been readily apparent to anyone who listened to his last feature, blunted mixtape single Flying Kites. When it comes to rap’s other favorite green stuff, however, his... Read More


Greg Grease ft. Budah Tye - Flyin’ Kites [Stream & Download]

At first glance, Flyin’ Kites might seem like an unusually innocent pastime to base a rap record around. But why front? Childish or not, that sh*t is fun. As you might have surmised however, Greg Grease does it a little... Read More


Greg Grease - Basement Soul [Stream & Download]

With the release of the music video for Minneapolis lyricist Greg Grease‘s latest single Basement Soul comes an obvious lesson: when a mysterious basement ghost plays a rapper’s record you don’t call... Read More


Greg Grease - Rip Well [Stream & Download]

Hailing from the Southside of Minneapolis, emcee Greg Grease describes himself as a “producer by day” and “sh*t talker/MC by night.”  While I’m sure Grease’s sh*t talking is on point,... Read More