New Grynch Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Wizdom ft. Grynch & Fearce Vill - My City’s Filthy [Stream]

Update: The Jeff Santos-directed and edited visuals for Wizdom’s My City’s Filthy single have been added. When I moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn in late 2012, one thing that took a little getting used to was... Read More


Theoretics ft. Grynch & Afrok - Sunsets [Stream]

The Seattle natives who make up buzzmaking crew Theoretics are some of the hardest-working individuals in the local scene, but their packed schedule doesn’t stop them from taking in a little beautiful scenery every now... Read More


Wanz ft. Warren G., Grynch & Crytical - To: Nate Dogg [Stream]

If there were a Hall of Fame for hip-hop hookmen, Nate Dogg would be the very first inductee. On new promo single To: Nate Dogg, premiered yesterday via, Thrift Shop guest singer Wanz links up with a few talented... Read More


Grynch - Street Lights [Album]

Seattle native Grynch has released his new album, Street Lights, and The DJBooth has a full stream of the project. Included on the indie emcee's fourth full-length LP are previously-release, Booth-approved selections "Carry... Read More


Grynch - Carry On [Stream]

When you work at something long enough, you can miss the point where you go from student to teacher. Whether he knows it or not, Seattle’s Grynch has reached that point. In the new Griff J-directed video for his latest... Read More


J.Lately ft. Grynch - Roses [Stream]

Oftentimes, we become so consumed with the rat race and the daily grind that we forget to take a breather and appreciate what’s around us. That’s where J.Lately comes in. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the... Read More


Sam Lachow ft. Gift Uh Gab, Nacho Picasso, Jarv Dee, La, Raz Simone, & Grynch - Young Seattle Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

Are you a fan of the underground sounds that have been emerging from Pacific Northwest of late? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Sam Lachow, the Emerald City rapper/producer who made his solo debut with... Read More


Grynch ft. Bambu & Slug (of Atmosphere) - Mister Rogers (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Hey Neighbor! Welcome to the hip-hop hood, where everyday is beautiful and Grynch drops dope cuts with his neighbors; on this trip, Slug (of Atmosphere) and Bambu. In a remake his 2011 cut, Mister Rogers, Grynch will have... Read More


Grynch - Mister Rogers [Stream]

The other day a friend of mine informed me that, in his younger days, Mr. Rogers served the country as a Navy Seal, and that those cardigan sweaters were actually intended to cover up his impressive collection of military... Read More


Fearce & BeanOne ft. Grynch - Tunnel Visions [Stream & Download]

According to Wikipedia (aka, the most trusted medical authority in the world), tunnel vision is a symptom of numerous unpleasant-sounding ailments—including glaucoma, altitude sickness, severe cataracts and migraines, to... Read More


Omar Aura ft. Grynch - You Could Do It [Stream]

It’s sad but true: most people in life will doubt you until you finally succeed—at which point they’ll tell you that they just knew you had it in you all along. On You Could Do It a freshly-leaked bonus cut... Read More


Notion ft. Grynch & Luck-One - Champagne & Caviar [Stream & Download]

Notion may not be swimming in the bucks just yet, but fans can rest assured that he’s been living well. On his latest promo single, the Seattle representative takes time out from ihs grind to enjoy some Champagne &... Read More


Grynch ft. Sol - I’m Good [Stream & Download]

Sometimes, one little letter can make all the difference. Whereas The Grinch of Christmas-stealing fame is a misanthrope who can’t stand to see others having a good time, Grynch is an eternal optimist who wants nothing... Read More


Grynch ft. Malice & Mario Sweet - In the Rain [Stream & Download]

Grynch‘s hometown, Seattle, Washington, may be famous for its precipitation, but the up-and-coming emcee doesn’t mind; in fact, as he reveals on the latest single off his forthcoming digital LP, he finds it to be... Read More


Grynch ft. Brother Ali & Shaprece - So Far [Stream & Download]

It’s taken a long time for Grynch to carve out his niche in the game but, now that he’s made it, he ain’t going nowhere. On the latest single selection off his forthcoming album, the Pacific Northwestern... Read More


The Physics ft. Grynch - After Effect [Stream & Download]

However consequence-free a fling may seem, there are invariably unexpected (and often nasty) After Effects. Just ask Thig Natural, Monk Wordsmith and Just “Justo” D’Amato, together known as The Physics. On their... Read More


Wizdom ft. Sol, Luck-One & Grynch - That’s Nice [Stream & Download]

When a talented emcee like Wizdom gathers up his mic-murderingest colleagues to craft a dope ensemble cut, what is there to say but “For sure, That’s Nice”? (That’s the luxuriant “That’s nice,” of... Read More


Kublakai ft. Grynch - Rock That $#!+ (Remix) [Stream]

The latest of many dope and diverse Seattle representatives to introduce himself to our pages in recent weeks, Kublakai asks the people in his general vicinity to “Rock That $#!+” on his current single/album... Read More


J. Bre ft. Luck-One & Grynch - Memories [Stream & Download]

A newcomer to our pages, Seattle representer J.Bre helps his soon-to-be fans get familiar by sharing a few Memories of bygone years. Over a wistful instrumental by Anno Domini, Bre revisits his life to date, while encouraging... Read More


Second Family ft. Grynch & Knuckles - Too Many [Stream & Download]

In a reversal of Hova‘s plight on a certain 2004 smash, Element & Noquezt of Second Family have just one problem: “Too Many b*tches.” On the latest single off their newly-released full-length, the... Read More


Rockwell Powers ft. Grynch & RA Scion - My Way [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his collaborative street album with producer Ill Pill, Rockwell Powers is back to tantalize yoiur eardrums with another stand out record. On My Way, a dreamy soul-sampled backdrop courtesy of Pill... Read More


Grynch - Timeless EP [Album]

Seattle up-and-comer Grynch has joined forces with to bring fans his latest EP, Timeless The project features five fresh records from the freestyle series alumnus, along with two additional bonus tracks.... Read More


Grynch ft. Jon Hope & La - Timeless [Stream]

Over the course of Booth history, Mike Dreams, Truck North, Costell and Pol B have each earned good-to-great reader reviews for joints with the word “Timeless” in the title. Have they held up as well as the artists... Read More


Grynch ft. Sol - All I Wanna Do [Stream & Download]

The days are getting shorter, college students are neck-deep in finals and (depending on where you are) it’s freaking freezing outside… in other words, it’s the perfect time to listen to songs about lounging... Read More


Grynch - Both Feet In [Stream & Download]

The 219th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Grynch, the Seattle native who recently earned reader approval for EP single Air Max ‘Em. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Grynch Spits “Both Feet In” for DJBooth x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

Grynch, the Seattle native who recently earned reader approval for EP single "Air Max 'Em," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 219th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Grynch - Air Max ‘Em [Stream & Download]

Though I’m ashamed to say I wouldn’t be able to tell a pair of CB 34’s from 360s (and I just grabbed those names from Wikipedia), I’m willing to believe that those more sneaker-savvy than I can learn... Read More


Grieves ft. Grynch & Krukid - 3 Bad Men [Stream & Download]

For your average fan, rowdy shows and liquor-soaked afterparties are activities for weekends and special occasions, but for musicians on the road it’s all part of the daily grind – is it any wonder that unwary artists... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. Sol & Grynch -The New Light [Stream]

Though my fellow Minne-ap natives will take every opportunity to tout the beautiful summers that make up for the Twin Cities’ bitterly cold winter months, I have to say that the season thus far’s been a little... Read More