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Four (More) Must-Hear Artists Under 1,000 Followers [Feature ]

Playlists have become like the summer festival circuit. Every playlist boasts the same handful of artists, just like every festival boasts a similarly unchanging lineup. Many streaming platforms’ “new... Read More


Hardaway Smith - Playa Ways [Stream]

It’s no surprise that a dope hip-hop video can consist of a number of different elements. It can feature a fleet of yachts in a tropical locale or in Los Angeles rapper Hardaway Smith‘s case it might merely... Read More


Hardaway Smith - So Dope [Stream & Download]

After the overwhelmingly positive reception received by Booth debut Eyes Wide Open, there’s no arguing that Hardaway Smith is dope… but precisely how dope? To get a better idea, check out unreleased record So... Read More


Hardaway Smith - Eyes Wide Open [Stream & Download]

If you don’t keep your Eyes (and ears) Wide Open, you risk missing missing something dope—for example, a dope Booth debut. Those who were paying enough attention to see Hardaway Smith‘s face pop up on our... Read More