New Harlem's Cash Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Harlem’s Cash - Uptown N*gga [Stream & Download]

Though Harlems Cash‘s allegiance to his ‘hood is clear from his stage name, the emcee takes his latest mixtape song release as an opportunity to clue in anyone who might not have gotten the memo: “I’m... Read More


Harlem’s Cash - CBMF [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Harlem’s Cash “CMBF” video. Not glimpsed on our pages since April of last year, when he joined forces with The DJBooth to drop his Whole Thing EP,... Read More


Harlem’s Cash - The Whole Thing EP [Album]

NYC underground mainstay Harlem’s Cash has hooked up with to bring fans a brand new EP,  The Whole Thing. Considered by Cash himself to be his “first real project,” the set finds the emcee... Read More


Harlems Cash Steps Into the Booth With Digital EP “The Whole Thing” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Big Apple emcee Harlems Cash has stepped into the Booth with The Real Thing, a brand new EP the artist describes as "my first real project." Composed of nine original cuts (plus two bonus tracks) and... Read More


Harlem’s Cash ft. Wize G - La La [Stream & Download]

Harlem’s Cash, formerly known as Ca$he, formerly known as Harlem’s Cash (get that?) has returned to build anticipation for his forthcoming mixtape with a “random record” that didn’t make the... Read More


Harlem’s Cash - Talking Down [Stream & Download]

As devoted Boothgoers will remember, 2010 saw regular featuree Harlem’s Cash trade his original stage name for the sleeker “Ca$he.” Evidently, the switch just wasn’t feeling right, since the Big Apple... Read More


Ca$he ft. T-6 - Corner Boys [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from CA$HE (on the solo tip, that is), it was July ‘09, and the Northeastern up-and-comer had taken a break from his long and arduous journey to Harlemwood to bask in the summer sun. What’s he been... Read More


Donwill ft. CA$HE & The Park - Love Junkie (Wallpaper Remix) [Stream]

Are you uncomfortable spending any amount of time single? Do you find yourself constantly hopping from one affair to another, falling head-over heels at the slightest provocation? Well, you’re gonna have to face it:... Read More


Jeff Chery ft. CA$HE & Kalaj Dame - Fearless [Premiere] [Stream]

The rap game has a tendency to chew unwary artists up and spit them out, but Jeff Chery knows for a fact that he’s made of sterner stuff than the average emcee. On Fearless, the first of two exclusive world premieres... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. CA$HE & Mikkey Halsted - We Rap GR8 [Stream]

Just who is 9th Wonder‘s mysterious protégé?  After a thorough investigation of Booth newcomer Tom Hardy‘s MySpace and Twitter pages, I’ve deduced the following: he resides in Durham, North Carolina,... Read More


CA$HE ft. Tiara Wiles - Feels Like [Stream]

Slip on those emerald glasses, readers—Booth favorite Harlem’s Cash has reached perhaps the most important milestone on the yellow brick road to HARLEMwood: the official lead single.  Though such a long and... Read More


CA$HE Goes “Cruisin’” on Booth-Exclusive Freestyle #34 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Harlems Cash, the up-and-coming emcee last seen on reader-acclaimed ensemble cut "Unstoppable (Regional Remix)," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 34th installment of our Freestyle Series.... Read More


CA$HE - Cruisin’ [Stream & Download]

Installment number 34 in our DJBooth Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Harlems Cash, the up-and-coming emcee who brought us the reader-acclaimed Unstoppable (Regional Remix), a cut off his Mick Boogie-presented On My Way To... Read More


CA$HE is “On My Way To Harlemwood” with Mick Boogie [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Harlems Cash has teamed up with DJ Mick Boogie to bring listeners his latest street album. Featuring the Booth-acclaimed "Unstoppable (Regional Remix)," and appearances by Donny Goines, XV, Mickey Factz and... Read More


CA$HE ft. Donnis, Shawn Chrystopher & Phil Nash - Unstoppable (Regional Remix) [Stream]

Despite the ringside-announcer style introductions, this newly-released remix off Harlems Cash‘s forthcoming mixtape is less of a knock-down, drag-out battle for lyrical supremacy than a united effort to demonstrate... Read More


CA$HE Drops “On My Way To Harlemwood” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Harlem's Cash, the NYC rapper whose recently-featured "I Wanna Rock" impressed DJBooth members with its Jimi Hendrix/2 Live Crew-sampling production, is looking to bring his eclectic sound to a wider audience... Read More


CA$HE - I Wanna Rock [Stream]

When your influences include Jimi Hendrix, Santogold and Young Jeezy, it’s a safe bet that your sound will be plenty unique. Enter previously-featured emcee, Harlems Cash, who is handed a masterful cut from The Government,... Read More


XV ft. CA$HE - Carmen Sandiego [Stream]

Smallville, Kansas wunderkind XV returns to the Booth with a creative track from his 40 Days, 40 Nights series, entitled Carmen Sandiego.  So, where in the world did this Chad Hugo-produced cut come from?  The... Read More


CA$HE ft. Mickey Factz - E.T. [Stream]

Underground rapper Harlems Cash has reinvented a popular character from a famous Steven Spielberg film on his new single, E.T..  Cash’s freshness makes him “glow” like the eponymous extraterrestrial at... Read More