New Harry Fraud Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Harry Fraud x The Internet - Better Liar [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, you can click the “back” button right now, because this record is not worth your time. In print, that statement might have seemed mildly convincing, but if I had to repeat it to your face, I’d... Read More


Sam Smith - Nirvana (Harry Fraud Remix) [Stream]

Back in August of 2013, London singer-songwriter Sam Smith stepped into the Booth with Nirvana, a slow-burning ballad that won high praise from our readership. UK beatsmith Two Inch Punch subsequently remixed the cut, but was... Read More


Action Bronson - Heel Toe [Stream]

If there’s one thing that’s clear from Action Bronson‘s bars, it’s that the Flushing, Queens representative is one hungry dude—and it stands to reason that his fans would share his hearty appetite.... Read More


Harry Fraud x Smoke DZA - Win [Stream]

While Scion has spent a better part of the last decade making a name for itself in the auto consumer market, the brand has devoted nearly the same amount of time and energy developing a presence throughout various music, film... Read More


Action Bronson x Harry Fraud - Saab Stories [Album]

Flushing, Queens emcee Action Bronson and rising Brooklyn beatmaker Harry Fraud have unleashed their debut joint street release, the Saab Stories EP. Following Bronson's 2012 street releases, Rare Chandeliers and Blue... Read More


Harry Fraud ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff - Yacht Lash [Stream & Download]

Living life loaded might sound like a walk in the park, but high-rollerdom has its occupational hazards. Like Yacht Lash, a type of neck injury commonly contracted in boating accidents. On the latest single off Harry... Read More


Harry Fraud x DJ Wonder - BASE [Stream]

Just last Monday, Harry Fraud unleashed Adrift, a compilation album showcasing his work with a formidable lineup of hip-hop’s hottest artists. Ten days is hardly enough time to fully digest 23 tracks’ worth of... Read More


Harry Fraud - Adrift [Album]

a·drift /əˈdrift/ Adjective (of a boat or its passengers) Floating without being either moored or steered. (of a person) Without purpose or guidance; lost and confused: "adrift in a strange country". At this point,... Read Full Review


Harry Fraud ft. Action Bronson - Morey Boogie Boards [Stream]

A man of wealth and taste, Action Bronson refuses to roll down the block in anything less than a tricked-out BMW. Similarly, when he feels the urge to ride a wave or two, only classic Morey Boogie Boards will suffice. On the... Read More


Harry Fraud ft. French Montana & Action Bronson - Mean [Stream & Download]

Previously heard lending his production stylings to featured joints by artists like Curren$y and Smoke DZA, rising beatmaker Harry Fraud makes his first foray into the solo Booth spotlight with Mean, the latest entry in... Read More