New Hollywood FLOSS Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Soul Brothers ft. Jack Freeman, Doeman, Rob Gullatte & Hollywood Floss - White Gold Chain [Stream]

Jett I. Masstyr, the man behind Forgive Me Not, and Donnie Houston, the beatsmith who crafted the instrumental backdrop for DeWayne’s Jackson‘s Who Is He?, have a lot in common: they’re both producers... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Mickey Factz & John Dew - Million Dollar Smile [Stream & Download]

For some rappers, having a crooked grill is a point of pride. Hollywood FLOSS, on the other hand, considers his Million Dollar Smile one of his best features—second only to his “billion dollar flow” and his ”trillion... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Like (of Pac Div) - Underdog (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Hip-hop fans love a talented Underdog—and, judging by his sterling track record in the DJBooth, Hollywood FLOSS is no exception. But it may not be long before he outgrows the label; as the Houston fave makes clear on his... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. STS & Rob Jay - Break It Down [Stream & Download]

Just what is it that sets Hollywood FLOSS apart from his peers in the game? Allow him to Break It Down for you. On a new EP single, his first feature since hooking up with the Booth to drop The Legend Continues back in... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - The Legend Continues EP [Album]

Hollywood FLOSS has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest EP, The Legend Continues. The project features six original jams from the Houston rhymesayer, including reader-approved lead single "Got Em... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Termanology - Got Em Mad [Stream & Download]

If there’s anything that people hate more than a loser, it’s a winner. Sure, when you’re on top, people will flatter you in hopes of obtaining a piece of the action, but turn your back for a second and the... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - 20/20 [Stream & Download]

Thought Hollywood FLOSS fell off? Better get your eyes checked. As the Houston rhymesayer’s latest single attests, you don’t need 20/20 vision (or… whatever the equivalent of that would be for hearing) to... Read More


Hollywood Floss - So Much to Say [Video]

The always innovative Hollywood Floss unleashes the visuals to his So Much to Say, single, featuring Brian Angel (of Day 26). For much more fearless hip-hop be sure to cop Floss’ new album, One Fan at a Time, available... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Naledge - Champion Sh!t [Stream & Download]

Just in case you didn’t jump on the Houston repper’s latest street album when it hit the Booth back in September, Hollywood FLOSS is back with another fresh single off the project. On Champion Sh!t, a triumphant... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS Offers “One Fan at a TIme” Mixtape for Streaming and Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Houston buzzmaker Hollywood FLOSS is offering up his latest street album, One Fan at a Time, for streaming and download via Featuring 15 original records from the underground emcees, plus guest... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - One Fan at a Time [Album]

Houston buzzmaker Hollywood FLOSS has hooked up with to bring listeners his latest street album, One Fan at a Time. The project features 12 original cuts from the underground up-and-comer, including... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. YP - Line ‘Em Up [Stream & Download]

Think you can compete with Hollywood FLOSS? Think again—on his latest single, the Houston repper Line[s] ‘Em Up just for the pleasure of knocking ‘em down one by one. Joining FLOSS over Chris... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - Stalker [Stream & Download]

You know you’ve hit the big-time when you get a “real-life Stalker.” On the first official single off Hollywood FLOSS’ forthcoming full-length, the Houston repper describes how a promising first date... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - Attack Of Hollywood (Redux) [Stream & Download]

For a man with both the words Hollywood and Floss in his name Hollywood Floss tends to steer clear of Hollywood’s glamour and does very little flossing (in the slang sense, I can’t speak for his dental habits). Following... Read More


Green Street ft. Hollywood Floss - Coastin [Stream & Download]

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts but based in Brooklyn, Booth newcomers Green Street have made it their mission to push genre boundaries while retaining that classic hip-hop sound. Judging by the trio’s first... Read More


Hollywood Floss ft. Laws - Dream Killer 2.0 [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been wondering where Hollywood Floss has been since September (when last we heard him on the Booth), here’s an update: the DJBooth Freestyle alum is still making dope music. The Houston emcee unleashed his new... Read More


Hollywood Floss - I’ll Be Honest [Stream]

Hollywood Floss’ last non-freestyle feature, the reader-approved Mr. Big Stuff, found the Houston native discussing the difficulties of life as a (literal) shorty. As the cliché goes, though, it’s what’s... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS Spits “Sparks When My Pen Starts” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Hollywood FLOSS, the Houston native who earned reader approval for "Mr. Big Stuff" back in late March. On his brand new, exclusive "Sparks When My Pen Starts" freestyle, the Kwiet Riot Music Group rapper... Read More


Hollywood Floss - Sparks When My Pen Starts [Stream & Download]

The 163rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Hollywood FLOSS, the Houston native who earned reader approval for Mr. Big Stuff back in late March. On his brand new, exclusive Sparks When My Pen Starts... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS - Mr. Big Stuff [Stream]

Do short people really have it tough? As an American male of very average stature (5’11” on my license, 6’0” when I’m rounding up), I have absolutely no idea. For a more informed take on the matter, we... Read More