New Hopsin Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Hopsin: “I Actually Wanna Literally Die” [Feature ]

Mental health, within the realm of hip-hop, is a tricky subject. While it would seem that that isn’t the case, especially given the fact that rap is often brazenly candid and forthright — the genre is also... Read More


The Business Lesson All Artists Can Learn From Hopsin’s “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8” [Feature ]

Funk Volume went from one of hip-hop's strongest independent labels to a smoldering pile of debris so fast it feels like it got hit with a drone airstrike, and today Hopsin took to the YouTubes to share his side... Read More


Funk Volume Implodes, Hopsin & Dizzy Wright Say the Label Has Broken Up [Feature ]

It was all good just a week ago.  In an almost unbelievably fast turn of events, it appears that Funk Volume, inarguably one of hip-hop's most successful independent labels, is now completely over. Unlike when... Read More


Hopsin - Fort Collins ft. Dizzy Wright [Stream]

Funk Volume leader Hopsin has released George Orozco-directed visuals for Fort Collins, a standout selection from his latest album, Pound Syndrome. The self-produced effort, which features a verse from lablemate and Vegas... Read More


Funk Volume Challenges Any Rap Label to a $500k Battle - Who You Got? [Feature ]

This past Tuesday, Funk Volume showed up in force to Sway in the Morning, as Hopsin, Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright sat down with Sway to discuss various topics. The biggest news to come out of the interview? The indie... Read More


Hopsin - Pound Syndrome [Album]

Looking to shock the world, as he told us earlier this month, Funk Volume co-founder and LA rapper/producer Hopsin has released his fourth studio album, Pound Syndrome. The album is comprised of 14 tracks, is lead by single... Read More


Hopsin - The Pound [Stream]

Hopsin said he intended to shock the world with his new album, Pound Syndrome, which was released today. The shock begins with the album’s self-produced intro, The Pound, which received the visual treatment thanks to a... Read More


Hopsin Wants “Pound Syndrome” Album to Shock the Rap World [Feature ]

Talking to Hopsin is a strange experience. First, yes, the contacts are kind of creepy. In person he's calm, humble, radiates an easy kindness, but then he looks at you with those dead-shark eyes and you're off... Read More


Hopsin - FLY [Stream]

With the release of his new album just 16 short days away, Hopsin has unveiled visuals for the LP’s second single, FLY. Without question, the song and accompanying video represent some of the best work of the Funk... Read More


Hopsin - Crown Me [Stream]

With Dizzy Wright’s The Growing Process now available for your enjoyment, it looks like Hopsin is next up for release in the Funk Volume crew, as his album Pound Syndrome is scheduled for release on July 24. It appears... Read More


DJ Hoppa - Home Invasion ft. SwizZz & Hopsin [Stream]

A DJ, producer and all around nice guy, San Fernando Valley native DJ Hoppa is gearing up to release his first full-length album at the end of March. Those familiar with Funk Volume have seen Hoppa’s name and heard his... Read More


Jarren Benton ft. Hopsin & Locksmith - Killin My Soul [Stream]

Just one week after earning reader acclaimed for the Rock City-assisted Diamonds & Furs, longtime Booth fave Jarren Benton returns with another fresh single off his latest EP. This rendition of Killin My Soul, created to... Read More


Hopsin - Mr. Blackman [Stream]

Hitting theaters next Monday, Justin Simien-directed “satirical drama” Dear White People will focus on the fallout of a racially-insensitive theme party thrown by students at an Ivy League university. Even if that timely... Read More


Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 [Stream]

According to Wikipedia, there are about 4,200 religions in the world, many of which teach that followers of all the others can expect to spend the next life in eternal damnation. Not exactly the most encouraging odds.... Read More


Hopsin - I Need Help [Stream]

I don’t know if it’s his creepy contacts, his penchant for igniting beef with the biggest artists in the industry or the fact that he seems to have a psychotic break in every damn video, but I can easily imagine... Read More


Hopsin - Knock Madness [Album]

Hopsin, your rapper’s favorite rapper, is back with his latest album. Or, perhaps he would be your rapper’s favorite rapper if he didn’t spend so much time angrily insulting his fellow rappers and the rap game at large.... Read Full Review


Hopsin ft. Tech N9ne - Rip Your Heart Out [Stream]

On Hop Is Back, the second single off his forthcoming sophomore LP, Hopsin made clear that he was ready, willing and able to annihilate anyone foolish enough to step. One warning shot of that caliber should be enough but, as... Read More


Hopsin - Hop Is Back [Stream]

Lyrical heads rejoice: Hop Is Back. On the latest single off his forthcoming junior set, Cali underground phenom Hopsin announces that his ‘ass-whooping ticket‘s been validated and he’s ready to do battle... Read More


R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Hopsin & Jarren Benton - Underground Hits (Remix) [Stream]

Back in April, R.A. The Rugged Man stepped into the Booth with Underground Hits, a single that managed to sound grimy despite being based around a Mozart sample (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, to be specific). Today, the record... Read More


Getting Inside “The Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6”: Should We Care? [Feature ]

(Pic via Hopsin's Instagram.)   Whoever coined the phrase don’t judge a book by it’s cover clearly wasn’t a hip-hop fan. There are so many talented artists out there that it would be impossible... Read More


Hopsin - Ill Mind Six: Old Friend [Stream]

Over the last several years, Hopsin has been offering fans regular glimpses into his headspace via an ongoing series of video singles entitled Ill Mind of Hopsin. Recently, the Funk Volume rapper/producer’s been lost in... Read More


R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Hopsin - Underground Hits [Stream]

When you think about classical performers like Mozart, an artist like R.A. The Rugged Man probably does not come to mind. His grimy persona and even grimier flow wouldn’t go over well in Mozart’s refined,... Read More


Funk Volume ft. Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, Jarren Benton & DJ Hoppa - FV2013 [Stream]

An independent record label based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, Funk Volume is getting ready to make 2013 its biggest year yet. To prepare listeners for the 11 months of dopeness ahead, the imprint... Read More


Hopsin - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 [Stream]

In an age of copy and paste rappers it’s rare that I get to say this, but there really isn’t anyone else out there like Hopsin. Maybe you know him as the guy with the white eyes, maybe you know him from that XXL... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. B.o.B. & Hopsin - Am I a Psycho [Stream]

Most Tech N9ne fans will agree that, when the Strange Music emcee asks “Am I a Psycho,” the correct answer is “Hell yes.” Those in doubt need only listen to this standout album cut, which finds the... Read More