New I-20 Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


DJ Pain 1 ft. I-20, Scotty Boi, Rain & Traxx - I Want the Power [Stream]

If the Illuminati really handed out invitations to successful musicians (They don’t, nor have they even existed since the late 18th Century.), DJ Pain 1 would be first in line. On his next solo tape’s lead single,... Read More


I-20 ft. Fiend - Live It Up [Stream]

The title of I-20’s latest feature, Live It Up, might ring a bell because, earlier this month, Jennifer Lopez released a single by the same title. While the two cuts might share a name, their respective artists take very... Read More


I-20 - The Intermission [Album]

Disturbing tha Peace street mainstay I-20 has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street album, The Intermission. One of several mixtapes I-20 plans to release in the lead-up to the third and final... Read More


I-20 - A Toast [Stream & Download]

For most 9-to-5ers, the start of Friday is synonymous with thoughts about the weekend ahead. In the music business, however, the work never stops. Literally, never. That is why it is part and parcel that we bring you yet... Read More


I-20 - The Love [Stream & Download]

Does I-20 do it for The Love, or for the money? On the latest song release off his forthcoming, DJBooth-hosted street release, I-20 makes clear that the answer is “Yes.” Following August’s Southern Charm, this... Read More


B. Stille [of Nappy Roots] ft. I-20, Nyche & Renzo - The Soup Kitchen [Stream & Download]

Call me naïve, but drug-related euphemisms seem to be getting more and more esoteric by the day. Take B. Stille‘s latest promo single, for example. While the title, “The Soup Kitchen,” had me imagining the Nappy... Read More


I-20 - Southern Charm [Stream & Download]

There’s a reason you never hear about Boston charm. Unless your idea of “charm” is drinking and watching the Celts, my people just aren’t charming. But the South? As I-20 proves on his new video single... Read More


I-20 - Cold World [Stream & Download]

It’s a Cold World for those trying to make their way in the urban jungle. On I-20‘s latest mixtape single, the Southern street vet shows us just how chilly it can be, delivering his narrative bars over a gritty,... Read More


I-20 - Death Wish [Stream & Download]

Got a Death Wish? Then you just might have what it takes to ride with I-20. On the latest single off his forthcoming free digital album, the Disturbing Tha Peace street veteran emphasizes the perilous nature of his hustle,... Read More


I-20 ft. Ludacris & Twista - Little Boy [Stream & Download]

Fresh off joining forces with The DJBooth to drop his Celebrity Rehab mixtape, I-20 returns with the first official single off his next street album. Kicked off with a sample from ‘74 film The Education of Sonny Carson,... Read More


I-20 ft. Sha Stimuli - God’s Plan (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The final track off I-20‘s recently-released, DJBooth-sponsored Celebrity Rehab mixtape, God’s Plan has been remixed and repackaged as the latest leak off DJ Pain1‘s forthcoming street release. On this... Read More


I-20 ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel - The Definition [Stream & Download]

If you were to crack open your dictionary right now, you’d find a picture of I-20 right next to The Definition of “cool.” A standout cut off the Southern street vet’s new, Booth-sponsored mixtape, this... Read More


I-20 - Celebrity Rehab [Album]

Southern vet I-20 has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, the Celebrity Rehab mixtape. The project features 16 original records from the Disturbing tha Peace signee. Included on the... Read More


I-20 - The Meaning [Stream & Download]

When you’ve seen as much as I-20 has, you start to wonder about The Meaning of it all. On the latest release off his forthcoming, DJBooth-hosted mixtape, DJ Pain1 serves up a gritty, soul-sampled beat as the Decatur... Read More


I-20 ft. Killa Kyleon - I’m the Man [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, I-20 is the motherf*cking man. El hombre. L’homme. Der Mann. Don’t take it from me, though; take it from the man himself, who explains exactly why he can be considered a male human being par... Read More


Nathaniel ft. I-20 - Left for Dead [Stream & Download]

While failing relationships are always painful, nothing hurts quite like struggling to keep the ship afloat when your significant other has already called it a loss. Booth newcomer Nathaniel knows what I’m talking... Read More


Pill, I-20 & Killa Kyleon - King Hustler [Stream & Download]

If you experience a little déjà vu upon listening to the latest leak off Trakksounds and ThaFixx’ new compilation album, it’s likely because you have heard it before. Featured back in May with i-20 as the... Read More


I-20 - Blood & Tears [Stream & Download]

Hip-Hop hasn’t always been kind to I-20, but the A-Town representative’s not about to let it go—not after all the Blood & Tears he’s poured into the game. The latest leak off his forthcoming... Read More


The Fall Guys ft. Joell Ortiz & I-20 - Well Respected [Stream & Download]

The last time I listened to a rap song from a Wisconsinite it was about ten years ago in 2001, when Calvin Bellamay (a.k.a Coo Coo Cal) was telling us about his projects in Milwaukee, WI. Well, just in time for the NFL’s... Read More


I-20 - King Hustler [Stream & Download]

Decatur, Atlanta representative I-20 crowns himself King Hustler on his latest Booth feature, an unreleased cut. Trakksounds produces, flipping a funk-soul sample as the artist drops bars packed with gritty block talk.... Read More


I-20 ft. Freeway, Dox Diggla & Goga - Life Is Short [Stream & Download]

Well aware that Life Is Short, Boston representative seizes his chance to shine on his latest Booth feature. This street-ready selection finds producer Dirty Dunnz serving up a gritty, organ-led backdrop for the... Read More


Marc Antoni ft. I-20 & Flint - Handle Business [Stream & Download]

Recently introduced to readers with the Booth-exclusive world premiere of single Attempts, Boston representative Marc Antoni returns to build further anticipation for the project with a joint that didn’t make the final... Read More


I-20 Reps for Africa on new DJBoothTV Video “100 Percent” [Video]

DTP artist I-20, the Atlanta emcee determined to overcome the Critics explores his African roots in the new video for his single 100 Percent. 1-20 is many things, but he always keeps it one-hundred percent. Read More


I-20 Reps for Africa on new DJBoothTV Video “100 Percent” [Feature ]

DTP artist I-20, the Atlanta emcee determined to overcome the Critics explores his African roots in the new video for his single 100 Percent. 1-20 is many things, but he always keeps it one-hundred percent. Read More


I-20 - Critics [Stream & Download]

Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, well, we call them Critics. I kid, I kid; while I, personally, enjoy reading a good critical beatdown, it’s easy to imagine how careless trash-talk can... Read More


I-20 - Bury Me [Stream & Download]

No, it isn’t April Fools’ Day, and we didn’t deliberately mix up the mp3s to trick Boothgoers into listening to country music. (Though, now that I think about it, that would have been hilarious.) The snippet... Read More


Tone Trump ft. Akon & Birdman - Hands In The Sky [Stream]

Boasting such heavyweights as Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Freeway, and Cassidy, as well as underground up-and-comers like G.A.G.E., Kevin Michael, and Rocky Fontaine, Philly is more than ready to step back into the spotlight as... Read More


I-20 Reveals Behind The Scenes Look at “Really Like Her” Video Shoot [Feature ]

New York, NY - Disturbing tha Peace emcee I-20 is getting ready to finally release his full-length debut, Blood in the Water, on October 14th. To build buzz, he has released this behind-the-scenes video, which features his... Read More


I-20 ft. Ludacris & Rocko - Really Like Her [Stream]

Despite major distribution from Capitol Records, DTP artist I-20‘s debut album, Self Explanatory, failed to crack the 200,000 copies-sold mark.  Following a short disappearance, the Eastside Atlanta native is back... Read More