New Ibn Inglor Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Danny Winter - Too Cold ft. Ibn Inglor [Stream & Download]

If you’re already a little chilly, you might want to prepare yourself as it’s about to get Too Cold. Making his first appearance in the Booth today is Danny Winter, a rapper and producer from San Francisco, with a... Read More


Ibn Inglor - F*ck It [Stream]

Ibn Inglor hasn’t stepped into the Booth with any new material since unleashing his latest street album, New Wave 2, back in April. Though the Windy City representative has yet to hash out details on his next project,... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Lordy Lord (Mhone Glor Remix) [Stream]

Way back in August of 2012, when the Windy City buzzmaker was still an unknown quantity on our pages, Ibn Inglor unleashed mixtape single Lordy Lord. Inspiring our own Nathan S. to write, “Sweet baby Jesus this is dope,”... Read More


Ibn Inglor - New Wave 2 [Album]

With last year's New Wave LP, Ibn Inglor built on the foundation he established with Booth-hosted debut Gawdspeed, and cemented himself as one of the most compelling, experimental voices on the Windy City scene. Now, he is... Read More


Ibn Inglor - CHAMBERS [Stream]

DAMAGED, the last single off Ibn Inglor‘s forthcoming full-length, won positive reviews for its hard-hitting verses but left certain fans hungry for something a little more adventurous. The Windy City emcee must have... Read More


Ibn Inglor ft. Nick Acquroff - DAMAGED [Stream & Download]

Featured on our front page in late February, the lead single off Ibn Inglor‘s next street album found him addressing the public from a position of power, angrily demanding the respect and recognition he deserves. Having... Read More


Ibn Inglor - BELIEF [Stream]

Fresh off blessing our front page with ICE, the eighth entry in our recently-relaunched freestyle series, Ibn Inglor returns to the Booth with new buzz record BELIEF. Here, the Windy City buzzmaker congratulates himself on... Read More


Ibn Inglor - ICE [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More


Ibn Inglor - COLD STORM [Stream]

Update: The Andre Muir-directed visuals for Ibn Inglor’s COLD STORM have been added. As of my writing, the temperature in Chicago is a comfortable 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Ibn Inglor, however, is still shivering. Making... Read More


Ibn Inglor - BLACK PRINT [Stream]

Any American who gets their information on politics and world affairs strictly from cable networks and popular periodicals is destined to have a woefully incomplete understanding of the facts. Even in the arena of music... Read More


Ibn Inglor - New Wave [Album]

Fresh off the release of his Booth-hosted GawdsSpeed tape in February, Chicago native Ibn Inglor has returned with the brand new street album, NEW WAVE. Found on the dark, moody nine-track set are previously-featured... Read More


Ibn Inglor - NEW WAVE [Stream]

Recently via Twitter, no less a media outlet than Complex declared Ibn Inglor “the new leader of Chicago’s up-and-coming rappers.” Though some might judge that it’s a little early in his career to make such... Read More


Ibn Inglor - WAXXX [Stream]

Last month, Ibn Inglor kicked off promotion for his forthcoming sophomore street album with COLD STORM, an aurally adventurous joint showcasing a bolder, more braggadocious side of the artist’s persona than we’d... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Gardens Grow [Stream & Download]

Those with a green thumb or who love spring, might see the title of Ibn Inglor’s latest, Gardens Grow, and expect to hear a bubbly, light cut celebrating the arrival of spring, which introduces blooming flowers and pastel... Read More


Ibn Inglor - GawdsSpeed [Album]

Buzzmaking emcee Ibn Inglor has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his independent studio debut, GawdsSpeed. Recorded in the artist's bedroom in Chicago project Altgeld Gardens, the album comes on the heels of... Read More


Ibn Inglor ft. Kris Henry - Mvfiv Klvn [Stream]

After multiple delays and months of waiting, Ibn Inglor‘s DJBooth-hosted debut album is finally ready to be unleashed upon the listening public. Before the main course is served, though, the Chi-town buzzmaker has... Read More


Ibn Inglor Debuts Teaser Trailer for DJBooth-Hosted Debut Album “GawdsSpeed” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- With the release of his DJBooth-exclusive debut full-length, GawdsSpeed, less than two weeks away, Windy City emcee Ibn Inglor has unleashed an official teaser trailer for the album. Edited by the artist... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Cold Winter [Stream]

If past years and current forecasts are any indication, it’s gonna be another Cold-ass Winter in the Windy City. But listeners shouldn’t expect any small talk about the weather on Ibn Inglor‘s new single.... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Gold [Stream]

If almost any other rapper stepped into the Booth with a record named after Ron Paul’s favorite element, you’d know exactly what to expect: a whole lot of chain talk, and little in the way of lyrical substance.... Read More


Ibn Inglor - TheComp [Album]

This December, emcee Ibn Inglor will release his debut street album, Gawdspeed, for free download at To help all of his prospective fans "catch up," the Altgeld Gardens, Chicago native has released TheComp, a... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Heads Down [Stream & Download]

December 27, Ibn Inglor will be releasing new studio album GawdsSpeed, featuring reader-approved singles Le’Land and XXX, for free via The DJBooth. Before that however, the Windy City rhymesayer is bringing his newer... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Le’Land [Stream]

I’d never heard of Le’Land before today but, after listening to Ibn Inglor‘s latest single, I’m not surprised—with the terrifying visions the Chi-town spitter conjures up here, it seems unlikely that... Read More


Ibn Inglor ft. Joel Quentez & True Story - XXX [Stream & Download]

This is the part where I would normally say “Ibn Inglor‘s new record XXX is sure to be a treat,” but due to the song’s XXX title I really don’t want to lead anyone on. The record is in fact a big... Read More


Ibn Inglor ft. G-Scott - Lordy Lord [Stream & Download]

From Hail Mary to Amen to New God Flow, we’ve had no shortage of heavenly rap arrive on The DJBooth lately. For his new single (and DJBooth world premiere) Lordy Lord Chicago representer Ibn Inglor leans on co-producers... Read More


G-Scott ft. Ibn Inglor - 4 Finger Ring Raps [Stream & Download]

With a record titled 4 Finger Ring Raps, which just so happens to be featured on a forthcoming album that dons the name 1983, you would expect rapper G-Scott‘s latest effort to be an absolute eighty’s... Read More


Ibn Inglor - Colors [Stream & Download]

These days it’s hard to truly sound unique – even the unique artists sound unique in the exact same way – but I can honestly say I’m hard pressed to declare that I’ve heard something like Ibn Iglor’s Colors.... Read More