New Immortal Technique Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Immortal Technique Believes Negative Police Interactions Actually Inspired His Violent Youth [Feature ]

Throughout my 15 year fascination with—and dedication to—hip-hop, Immortal Technique’s presence has stood as one of the most impactful in the culture’s history. Incredibly technical emcee skills... Read More


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s High School Bully Was Immortal Technique [Feature ]

And now for the wildest thing you’ll read all week (yes, wilder than Obama having to hold Trump’s hand through this whole being president thing). Earlier this week, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda... Read More


Immortal Technique’s “Dance With the Devil” is Fu*king Terrifying [Feature ]

'Tis the season to be frightened. Bring on the ghouls and goblins, doorbell abuse and slutty attire, candy corn and Treehouse of Horrors. A dentist's favorite holiday is haunting us once again. The final day... Read More


Constant Flow ft. Immortal Technique & Melanie Fontana - Moment of Peace [Stream]

In the fast-paced, stressful world of 2014, we could all use the occasional Moment of Peace. Unfortunately, you’re not gonna find silence or tranquility on the latest single from Booth newcomer Constant Flow—but you... Read More


Akir ft. Immortal Technique - Future [Stream]

To this day, Immortal Technique’s Akir-assisted cut, Treason, still hits as hard as the first time I heard it. Now the duo is back with another powerful cut that, like Treason, will hit just as hard 10 years into the... Read More


Dujeous ft. Immortal Technique - I Witness [Stream]

If rap is, as Chuck D, famously claimed, the “black CNN,” then you can consider Dujeous a crack team of investigative journalists. On a new single off their next street album, the Booth-approved crew hook up with... Read More


The Next ft. Immortal Technique & Talib Kweli - This American Life [Stream]

On this week’s episode of NPR staple This American Life, the placid Ira Glass discussed the rise of a Schenectady school maintenance man to head of his department, and his despotic reign over the same. It was a... Read More


Immortal Technique ft. Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike - Civil War [Stream & Download]

In sharp contrast to his previous feature Toast to the Dead, a Dilla produced tribute to all the good people in history who have been crushed under the wheels of the machine, Immortal Technique’s new offering is a... Read More


Immortal Technique - Toast To The Dead [Stream]

Immortal Technique is so revolutionary he makes dead prez look like Ray-J, Talib Kweli look like Flo-Rida and Lupe Fiasco look like Shawty Lo. Ok, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point; Immortal takes... Read More


Diabolic ft. Immortal Technique - Frontlines [Stream]

Haven’t met your recommended daily allowance of pure, uncut underground aggression? Have no fear – Booth newcomer Diabolic‘s got you covered. As befitting a jam named Frontlines, this new single finds the Long... Read More


King Magnetic ft. Termanology & Immortal Technique - Fullest Extent [Stream]

Everything may be a gamble, but when an underground vet like Allentown’s King Magnetic steps into the Booth with a hard-hitting, retro-informed jam like this new single (the emcee’s first feature), it’s a... Read More


KRS-One & Buckshot ft. Immortal Technique - Runnin Away [Stream]

If the four tracks we’ve already featured, along with the simple fact that two emcees as legendary as KRS-One & Buckshot have joined forces for one hi-octane collaborative project, haven’t convinced you to... Read More


Immortal Technique - The 3rd World [Album]

I can pinpoint the exact moment in my life when I first heard Immortal Technique. It was midway through my first semester in high school, during a ride home from an older buddy. He put on Dance with the Devil, the signature... Read Full Review


Maya Azucena ft. Immortal Technique, Ness & Hasan Salaam - Rebel [Stream]

A follow-up to her acoustic-based release last year, Junkyard Jewel, Brooklyn newcomer Maya Azucena has created a new mixtape project strictly for and with her friends on the hip hop side of the tracks.  With a large... Read More


Immortal Technique - The 3rd World [Stream]

Immortal Technique has never been one to mince words.  The 3rd World, the title track off his upcoming album, is a heavy-hitting, flag-waving, no nonsense probe into the ills of developing countries.  Set amongst a... Read More


Immortal Technique Invades the West Coast [Feature ]

Miami, FL -- Immortal Technique is back on the road for a mini West Coast tour starting on March 7th in California and ending on March 16th in Colorado. Stronghold family member, Poison Pen, as well as DJ G.I. Joe will also... Read More


Immortal Technique Benefit Hip Hop Show for the Jena 6 on Nov. 1st [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Thursday, November 1, 2007 Immortal Technique will return to NYC for a Benefit Concert for the Jena 6 at Lehman College in the Bronx , the birthplace of Hip Hop. Other hip hop benefit shows to be announced... Read More