New India.Arie Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


India.Arie - This Love [Stream]

Ever have that kind of love for a song that’s fleeting, to say the least? You know, the kind where you think it’s the greatest song in the world, you tell everyone you’ve ever met about it and you play it on... Read More


India.Arie - Cocoa Butter [Stream]

It has been a minute since last we heard from India.Arie... well, more like 2,257,920 minutes. For those who can’t do the math in your head (which should be all of you), her last Booth future, Chocolate High, came in... Read More


India.Arie - Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics [Album]

Acts come and go, but an artists’ impact can last centuries. Acts become irrelevant as soon as their gimmick grows tired, as it inevitably will, but an artist adapts, grows, changes. Acts are like that fifth shot of Patron;... Read Full Review


India.Arie ft. Musiq - Chocolate High [Stream]

For those who claim to know everything there is to know about, here’s a quick trivia question: When the Booth started featuring new music, who was the very first artist to have a record put up on the front... Read More


India Arie - I Am Not My Hair [Stream]

India.Arie is back with “I Am Not My Hair” the first single off her upcoming spring 2006 release. Always very passionate about her music, nothing changes here. With radio play limited for true neo-soul artists,... Read More