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From J. Cole to Isaiah Rashad, Capturing Depression With One Line [Feature ]

The most harrowing aspect of depression is how it moves in silence. Depression is an hour-by-hour illness, where one moment you’re firing on all cylinders and the next you feel as if you’re falling out of the... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Shared Empowering Advice for the Youth [Feature ]

Since making his DJBooth debut in May of 2012 ("Part III"), Isaiah Rashad has signed a record deal with the best independent label for becoming a true artist, released two highly-acclaimed full-length projects (Cilvia Demo,... Read More


SZA, Isaiah Rashad & the Benefits of TDE’s Tough Love [Feature ]

I can’t speak for every creative type out there, but for many of us, the blessing of being creatively proficient comes with the curse of never knowing when enough is enough. That same spark that makes us create in the... Read More


Isaiah Rashad’s “Free Lunch” Was Originally J. Cole’s Record [Feature ]

Isaiah Rashad released "Free Lunch" as the lead single off his 2016 debut album, The Sun's Tirade, but that wouldn't have been possible if J. Cole had decided to keep the Cam O'bi-produced beat for himself.... Read More


Beat Break: Cam O’bi Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs [Feature ]

Cam O’bi might just be the most soulful producer in rap right now (all due respect to 9th Wonder, Terrace Martin and Jake One). A student of J Dilla, Dr. Dre and, above all, The Neptunes, the 27-year-old Las Vegas... Read More


TDE Meets Dreamville: Isaiah Rashad & Spillage Village Recorded “Some Jams” [Feature ]

TDE and Dreamville finally hooked up to record some new material together this past weekend, but Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole were nowhere to be found. In a (now deleted) tweet fired off early Saturday (June 24) morning,... Read More


Family Business: Why TDE Is the Best Label to Become an Artist [Feature ]

These days, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul spend basically all their time together, but the quartet didn't grow up friends. They didn't meet at school. They'd all been working on rap music... Read More


“I’m Done Being a Hermit”: Isaiah Rashad Shares Big Plans for Releasing New Music [Feature ]

A total of 33 months passed between the release of Isaiah Rashad's 2014 debut Cilvia Demo and its long-overdue follow-up, but when the 25-year-old finally delivered The Sun's Tirade last September, it was... Read More


Isaiah Rashad’s Perfect Response to an Upset Concertgoer With a Broken iPhone [Feature ]

Back in the day, the concert-going experience was about living in the moment. It was about watching your favorite artist perform your favorite songs. It was about standing side-by-side with hundreds or possibly thousands of... Read More


Feeling the Love in Chattanooga: My Experience at Isaiah Rashad’s Homecoming Show [Feature ]

Blue and beautiful, not a single cloud could be found in the sky as a sign indicated our entrance into Chattanooga; scenery fitting of a Thomas Cole landscape painting or a Ryan McGinley photograph. The sun glowed from above,... Read More


Isaiah Rashad, “Nelly” & The Artistic Drive To Be No. 1 [Feature ]

One of my favorite writers died believing he was a failure. The books weren’t selling, the people weren’t reading—at his funeral, the minister didn’t know him as a great American novelist, but another... Read More


Isaiah Rashad, Peter Pan & The Fear of Growing Up [Feature ]

Tension is in the air. Swords can be heard clashing across the seven seas. The audience watches with bated breath as two lifelong enemies engage in one final duel. Good vs. Evil, Young vs. Old, Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook. Our... Read More


TDE’s Isaiah Rashad Announces 22-Date “Lil Sunny Tour” [Feature ]

With just a couple of months remaining in 2016, TDE has kicked things into high-gear. Fresh off the release of his full-length debut, The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad announced today (October 24) that he will be... Read More


GoldLink & Isaiah Rashad Make an Incredible Duo on New Song “Untitled” [Feature ]

Isaiah Rashad made his long-awaited return to our ears late this summer with The Sun’s Tirade, an album that hasn’t left my car speakers since the day of its liberation. Knowing how TDE’s album cycle... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Reminds Us to Ask for Help on World Mental Health Day [Feature ]

Although the link between creativity and mental illness has been heavily embellished, there has always been plenty of overlap between the two on a purely anecdotal basis. For as long as hip-hop has existed, there have been... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Forced to Tweak “The Sun’s Tirade” Due to Sample Clearance Issue [Feature ]

Earlier this month, Isaiah Rashad released his studio debut The Sun's Tirade, but in the last week, the TDE emcee has been forced to make changes to his LP due to sample clearance issues. ��... Read More


Dealing with Depression: Isaiah Rashad’s Story is My Story [Feature ]

The minute the beat dropped on Isaiah Rashad’s song “Hereditary,” I was hooked. Maybe it was the ease of his voice or the production’s haziness, or how much he was able to say in only a minute and... Read More


Not Sorry For The Wait: The Art of Appreciating Anticipation [Feature ]

Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours, and hours were an eternity to a child awaiting the dawn of December 25. Anxious, excited, and inhibited by the holy spirit of Saint Nicolas, time simply moved at a different... Read More


Isaiah Rashad “The Sun’s Tirade” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

The dictionary defines the word demo as: a demonstration of a product or technique. In music, a demo is a collection of songs that are meant to demonstrate the capabilities of a performer. Back in the day, before the internet... Read More


Isaiah Rashad’s “The Sun’s Tirade” Will Feature Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock & SZA [Feature ]

This Friday, September 2, TDE emcee Isaiah Rashad will release his long-awaited sophomore album, The Sun's Tirade. In anticipation of the release, label head honcho Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith has unveiled the... Read More


Isaiah Rashad on His Addiction: “I Fucked Up, I Almost Got Dropped Three Times” [Feature ]

Isaiah Rashad will end his two year hiatus on Friday with the release of The Sun’s Tirade. Long-awaited would be an understatement, the anxious anticipation for his follow-up to Cilvia Demo has felt more like ten years... Read More


Isaiah Rashad: “I’m Making a Mixtape Nobody Will Ever Hear” [Feature ]

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Late Sunday evening, TDE emcee Isaiah Rashad announced that mixing was complete for his new album, and that he turned over the project to label president Dave Free to be uploaded... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Serves Up “Free Lunch” Video, Confirms Album Release Date [Feature ]

Isaiah Rashad’s “Free Lunch” hasn’t left my ears since its release late Sunday evening. The beat, produced by Cam O'bi, has an infectious bounce that makes it impossible to sit still while... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Releases New “Free Lunch” Single, It’s Real Good [Feature ]

Seven months ago, TDE promised their fans that 2016 would bring new albums from ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, SZA and Isaiah Rashad. Three of those four albums, however, are still sitting on MixedByAli's studio hard drive.... Read More


Our Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 [Feature ]

Right now everyone is focused on February 11 and Yeezy season, but there’s 10 more months to go in 2016, which means there's about a bazillion more albums to look forward to, including a number of... Read More


Benny Cassette ft. Isaiah Rashad - Virgo Season [Stream]

Update: The BenMarc-directed visuals for Benny Cassette’s Virgo Season single have been added. While astrology has absolutely no basis in reality—sorry, new-agers—I’ll admit to having a little Virgo pride.... Read More


Isaiah Rashad Hints That His Debut Album Might Drop Before 2016 [Feature ]

Since Cilvia Demo was released in January of 2014, fans of Isaiah Rashad have demanded more. Patience is a common practice among all TDE artists, a frequent reminder to fans that it’s not about... Read More


I Fell in Love With “Cilvia” Almost 2 Years Ago, Isaiah Rashad’s Been Silent Since [Feature ]

[Image via Volture] It’s 9 AM on a Sunday. I wake up in a fog greeted by strewn about PBR cans, empty Gatorade bottles and the wrapper to whatever food I managed to get my hands last night; usually it’s a... Read More


Kembe X & Isaiah Rashad - Caged Bird (Jager) [Stream]

On Tuesday, we saw Kembe X light the fuse on his forthcoming, Scion A/V-presented EP with As I Unfold, a reader-acclaimed collaboration with Ab-Soul. Now, the Windy City representative has joined forces with another member of... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Modest [Stream]

If you peep an interview with Isaiah Rashad, you’re likely to witness an extremely rare sight: a rapper exhibiting humility. But don’t get it twisted—despite his Modest, the TDE signee’s fully aware that... Read More


Bet You Can’t Guess Who’s on Isaiah Rashad’s Rap Mt. Rushmore [Feature ]

When it dropped back in January, Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo stayed at the top of our album chart for weeks, and it's easy to hear why. The newly signed TDE emcee has a unique and thoughtfully dope style, but as the... Read More


SZA ft. Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds [Stream]

What? A week after the release of SZA‘s Top Dawg debut EP, you still haven’t copped the set? I’mma go ahead and assume that you just forgot the project had dropped—in which case, this freshly released... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Heavenly Father [Stream]

No album, mixtape or free project has streamed through my headphones this year, more than Isaiah Rashad‘s Cilvia Demo. And there is no track on Cilvia that I have listened to more than Heavenly Father. Therefore, there... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo [Album]

A splash of modern rap combined with vintage sounds and styles has proven to be a reliably successful, although difficult to execute, strategy in hip-hop, a genre deeply rooted in nostalgia. Mix an old automobile (say, a 1993... Read Full Review


Isaiah Rashad - RIP Kevin Miller [Stream]

It ain’t just Isaiah Rashad‘s skills that set him apart from the competition. His priorities, too, are different from the usual. In the opening bars of his latest single, the TDE signee quotes Master P, spitting,... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. Michael Da Vinci - Brad Jordan [Stream]

Heading into 2014, all eyes are on TDE. SchoolBoy Q‘s Oxymoron sounds like it could be one of the biggest albums of the year, and Kendrick also has a new LP in the works. Amid all this excitement over Top Dawg‘s... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. SZA - Ronnie Drake [Stream]

Fresh off celebrating his addition to the Top Dawg stable with a Jay Rock/ScHoolboy Q-assisted remix of recent single Shot You Down, Isaiah Rashad keeps it in the TDE family on his latest promo cut, Ronnie Drake.... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q - Shot You Down (Remix) [Stream]

Last month, rhymesayer Isaiah Rashad stepped into The DJBooth with his first feature of 2013, promotional single Shot You Down. The record won widespread reader acclaim thanks to Antydote and Chris Calor‘s smooth... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Shot You Down [Stream]

Absent from our pages since December of 2012, when he earned positive reader reviews for Hii (F**k Love), Isaiah Rashad is back in the Booth with guns blazing and a fresh promo single in tow. Premiered yesterday by Hot... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. Rob December - Hii (F**k Love) [Stream & Download]

With states like Washington and Colorado recently legalizing marijuana, many DJBooth readers can now alter their state of mind legally. For those not lucky enough to reside in said states, you can use Isaiah Rashad’s new,... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. Brian Cameron - Gusto [Stream]

Whatever Isaiah Rashad does, you can count on him to do it with Gusto, honesty and panache. Not featured on our pages since dropping off Fake Trill EP inclusion Like That back in September, the Chattanooga rhymesayer is back... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Like That ft. Rob December & Rikki Blu [Stream]

On the first single and title track off his next street release, Isaiah Rashad told us about some sh*t he don’t like: namely, Fake Trill individuals who make their real counterparts look bad. For the follow-up, the... Read More


Isaiah Rashad ft. Rob December - Fake Trill [Stream & Download]

Real may recognize real but, for those who need a little assistance, Part III emcee Isaiah Rashad demonstrates how to distinguish Fake Trill from the genuine article on a freshly-minted promo single. Chris Calor provides a... Read More


Isaiah Rashad - Part III [Stream]

Don’t worry; though Isaiah Rashad‘s first Booth feature and latest buzz single is Part III of a larger story, listeners should have no trouble jumping into the story in medias res. Here, The Antydote serves up a... Read More