New J. Mars Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


J. Mars ft. Shawn Welch - The Lake [Stream & Download]

At the off chance you follow the Mars Rover on Twitter, you’d know that signs of water were recently discovered on the Red Planet. Undoubtedly an awesome discovery, but NASA should have known that it doesn’t have... Read More


J. Mars ft. Chill Moody - Kingdom Hearts [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry if you haven’t touched a Kingdom Hearts game since the first one dropped back in ‘02—or ever. Though J Mars’ latest single shares a title with the popular series, the record’s less... Read More


J. Mars - Stained Glass [Stream & Download]

Last spotted flaunting his Black Diamond Shamballas on an April release off his last street album, the First in Flight State emcee returns to our pages with a luxurious single off his next mixtape. Stained Glass sees the... Read More


J. Mars - Black Diamond Shamballas [Stream]

Introduced to our pages via February’s reader-approved Toast Music, J. Mars returns to our pages with another luxuriant banger off his forthcoming mixtape. Released along with visuals by director Karl Lunsford, the... Read More


J. Mars - Toast Music [Stream & Download]

Five minutes ago, I had no idea who J. Mars was; after listening to his first Booth feature, however, I’m feeling inspired to raise a coffee cup to the Delaware rhymesayer. (Hey, 1:00 in the afternoon is a little early... Read More