New J NICS Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


J NICS - DJ Saved My Life [Stream]

Five months after blessing our front page with Respect My Mind, a poignant promo cut commenting on the murder of Michael Brown, J NICS returns to kick off his 2015 with a fresh video single off his next EP. Originally... Read More


J NICS ft. Sean Buck & Prez P - Respect My Mind [Stream]

Months ago, when J NICS recorded Respect My Mind, the Booth fave had no idea that the death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown would turn racism and police brutality into hot-button issues on the national scene. The... Read More


Prez P x Young McFly ft. J NICS & Lil Champ - Late Night Turn Up [Stream]

Prez P., the North Miami buzzmaker who brought us Money Callin’ back in April, has joined forces with rising producer Young McFly to drop a brand new collaborative EP. As a taste of what y’all can expect from the... Read More


J NICS - Through It All [Stream]

If you’ve asked yourself, “What happened to J NICS?” in the last month or so, you’re not alone. To answer that question, the Miami emcee has been busy working on new music as well as new videos. Just... Read More


J NICS - All Week/The Clean Up Man [Stream]

Last we heard from J NICS, it was October and the Panhandle State rhymesayer had linked up with DJ Burn One and Freddie Gibbs to craft hard-nosed mixtape inclusion Scale. Today,  the longtime Booth favorite returns to... Read More


J NICS x DJ Burn One ft. Freddie Gibbs - Scale [Stream]

The Jewish philosopher Maimonides emphasized the importance of every moral choice by asserting, “One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil.” A walk through the... Read More


J NICS - ThreeSixtyFive EP [Album]

Floridian emcee J NICS has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the ThreeSixtyFive EP. His first project since December 2012's Darkside, the set packs a total of 10 brand new cuts from the DJBooth favorite.... Read More


Webbz ft. J NICS - Holding on to a Prayer [Stream]

On his last feature, a non-album loosie, Webbz stressed the importance of maintaining faith in one’s own abilities—after all, if you don’t Believe in yourself, who else will? In times of trouble, however,... Read More


J NICS ft. Denzel Curry - Here I Go [Stream]

Fresh off lending his flow to Holding on to a Prayer, a late-August single from Webbz, Florida-repping DJBooth fave J NICS steps back into the spotlight with freshly-minted EP single Here I Go. The follow-up to June lead... Read More


SIN ft. J NICS - Steal the Scene [Stream]

According to the Ten Commandments, taking sh*t that doesn’t belong to you ranks high on God’s list of don’ts. As you may have surmised from his stage name, though, Sin ain’t the type to be constrained... Read More


J NICS - 24/7 [Stream]

As fans in the Booth have likely noticed, J NICS has been less active than usual thus far in 2013, only breaking his silence to drop the occasional guest verse. Which isn’t to say the South Florida flame-spitter’s... Read More


GRASSMAN ft. KiddCash & J NICS - Walter Kronkite [Stream & Download]

An up-and-coming hip-hop collective hailing from South Florida, GRASSMAN make their grand entrance into The DJBooth with the world premiere of their latest EP single. Loosely (and I do mean loosely) inspired by the late CBS... Read More


Wrekonize ft. J NICS & Ryan Evans - Silent Partner [Stream]

UPDATE: “Silent Partner” is no longer available to stream. Earlier this month, Wrekonize hooked up with The DJBooth to drop his latest solo street release, The Rooftops Mixtape. Just in case the ¡MAYDAY!... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. J NICS - Bars Of Death (Remix) [Stream & Download]

When The Audible Doctor picks up a microphone, you’d best get to stepping; otherwise, you risk becoming the target of his 16 Bars of Death. The official remix of a cut off his just-released Winter Tape, this version of... Read More


J NICS x DJ Burn One ft. Bernz & Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - On the Go [Stream & Download]

Fresh off hooking up with Freddie Gibbs on last week’s reader-approved Scale, J NICS keeps the momentum going with another fresh song release off his latest street album. While project standout On the Go is all about... Read More


J NICS x DJ Burn One - Darkside [Album]

J NICS has established himself as one of the South's most promising emcees, while DJ Burn One has emerged as one of the region's most sought-after producers. So it was only right that the two joined forces for their new... Read More


J NICS - Smoke In The Wind [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Unsigned talent is abundant in this viral era, and sometimes preferred. Case in point, because he can move when and how he likes, J NICS just keeps releasing material. Today, he began by giving the world his short-but-sweet... Read More


REKS ft. J NICS - Bang Bang (Audible Doctor Remix) [Stream & Download]

What’s better than a freshly grilled burger on a sunny day? A freshly grilled cheeseburger (unless you’re lactose intolerant that is) on a sunny day. It’s crazy to think how one little change can take something you... Read More


J NICS - Wonderland [Stream & Download]

While the word, “Wonderland” generally has positive connotations, the kingdom Alice visited in Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s books was actually a pretty f**king scary place, where beheadings are an... Read More


J NICS ft. JT Money - City of No Conscience [Stream & Download]

For many, the South Florida region may bring about thoughts of beach beauties, jolly retired couples, emerald waters, and other sunny weather pleasantries, but for Floridian spitter J NICS that picture is a far cry from his... Read More


J NICS - Block Boy [Stream & Download]

After treating The DJBooth listeners with his acclaimed promo freestyle Smoke In The Wind just a few weeks back, up-and-coming emcee, J NICS returns with his latest release, Block Boy. For the production on Block Boy, Grammy... Read More


J NICS - G-Code (Mini Movie) [Stream]

Back in December of 2011, I was surprised to find that J NICS’ featured mixtape cut, G-Code, has more to do with f**king beautiful women and staying fly rather than the unspoken rules that govern the criminal... Read More


Ryshon Jones ft. J NICS & Benny Love - Dollar & A Nightmare [Stream & Download]

Most people have visions of a dollar and a dream, but DJBooth newcomer Ryshon Jones sees things a little differently on his latest song release Dollar & A Nightmare. The Philly rhymesayer, who’s still fresh off the... Read More


REKS ft. J NICS - Bang Bang [Stream]

Just in time for today’s release of REBELutionary, the New England emcee REKS has linked up with fellow spitter J NICS on the visuals for his stand out effort Bang Bang. The record finds both emcees touching on the... Read More


J NICS - Unruly [Stream & Download]

Even when he’s getting Unruly, J NICS is the very image of suave self-assurance. Released along with visuals by Last Rights and UnkleLuc, the Panhandle State rhymesayer’s latest single sees him demonstrating his... Read More


J NICS - ThunderBay (Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Still riding high off the wave of acclaim that greeted his latest street album, J. NICS bounces back with his first original feature since the set’s arrival. On newly-released freestyle ThunderBay, a pummeling synth... Read More


Phresh James ft. Da Camp & J NICS - Coming Down [Stream & Download]

Phresh James’ last feature, Timeless, was a promo single when it hit our front page in February; in the intervening months, however, it’s blossomed into the title track of the North Miami repper’s next... Read More


J NICS ft. ¡MAYDAY! - Blood Money [Stream & Download]

J NICS’ attitude toward the Almighty Dollar can be summed up in four words: easy come, easy go. Having witnessed firsthand the speed with which the winds of fate can change directions, sending one from poverty, to... Read More


J NICS - Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow: The Product [Album]

Panhandle State rhymesayer J NICS has come together with The DJBooth and Last Rights to bring listeners The Product, the second and final installment in his Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow mixtape series. The follow-up to... Read More


J NICS ft. El Prez & REKS - All These B*tches Love It [Stream & Download]

Women flock to J NICS, and it’s not too hard to see why; with his swag, his mic skills, and his ever-expanding pocketbook, what is there not to like? Just in case you remain unconvinced, the Panhandle State rhymesayer... Read More


Steven A. Clark ft. J NICS & Victoria Blue - Lonely Roller [Stream & Download]

Steven A. Clark is many things, but lucky in love doesn’t seem to be one of them. Just look at the titles of the indie singer/songwriter’s features to date: Angel of Death, Don’t Have You. Can a Lonely... Read More


J NICS - Talk It [Stream]

With the second entry in his Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow saga just around the corner, J NICS returns to our pages to build anticipation with a fresh video single off the inaugural installment, The Tribute. Released along... Read More


J NICS Debuts Official Trailer for “S.N.A.S.: The Product” [Video] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- On Monday, April 23, J NICS will be unleashing his latest street album, Southern N*ggas Ain't Slow: The Product, for free streaming and download via The DJBooth's very own mixtape page. In anticipation of... Read More


J NICS ft. Aleon Craft - Wired Up [Stream & Download]

It’s finally happened. The time has come to let the world know that the South has something to say and you better listen up because they’re not going to say it slowly. Miami-bred emcee and The DJBooth regular J NICS amps... Read More


Will Brennan ft. J NICS - White Man’s World [Stream]

Black president or no, we’re still living in a White Man’s World. Having exposed the (literal) whitewashing of world history to efface the achievements of African antiquity on the previously-featured This Land,... Read More


Kirby Maurier ft. J NICS - Da’ Lick [Stream & Download]

Kirby Maurier may be an R&B singer rather than a rapper, but that doesn’t mean she can’t represent (“...represent, represent!”) for classic hip-hop. On newly-leaked EP cut Da’ Lick, the South Florida... Read More


J NICS - Last Time (Numonics Remix) [Stream & Download]

A standout track off J NiCS‘s 2011 Champion Rizla street album, Last Time could hardly be said to be broke, but why leave well enough alone when the alternative is a dope remix? To coincide with a new interview with... Read More


Garcia ft. J NICS & Bernz (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Stolen Soul [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his new, DJBooth-sponsored EP, Garcia returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked standout cut off the project. On Stolen Soul, Miami Beat Wave (who brought us compilation album Slight Modification and... Read More


Phresh James ft. J NICS, Golden, Sean Buck, Personal, & Lil Champ - For a Long Time [Stream]

Released via our mixtape page last week, Phresh James’ latest street album has lived up to its title, garnering Universal L[o]ve from the Booth readership. If all those four and five-star reviews weren’t enough to... Read More


J NICS - From the South [Video]

J NICS goes in over the Mr. Lee produced track, which was originally for Houston rapper Z-RO. Take a ride thru the streets of Miami with the Polar Bear Mack as he shows the world what it truly means to be From the South. For... Read More


J NICS - G Code [Stream & Download]

When a song bears the title “G Code,” there are certain subjects you expect will be touched upon: gang loyalties, gunplay, the hustle for cash and—most importantly—the ironclad prohibition against snitching on your... Read More


J NICS - Swangin’ [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

E.S.G. may no longer have the cachet of a Bun B or Slim Thug, but he was one of the most influential artists on the H-town scene, helping to popularize the chopped-n-screwed style that would become his hometown’s... Read More


J NICS Offers “Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow - The Tribute” for Streaming/Download via The DJBooth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Miami up-and-comer J NICS is offering up his latest street release, Southern N*ggas Ain't Slow - The Tribute, for streaming and download via The DJBooth. The first in a two-mixtape series showcasing the... Read More


J NICS - Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow: The Tribute [Album]

Miami up-and-comer J NICS has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow - The Tribute. The first in a two-mixtape series showcasing the emcee’s influences... Read More


Phresh James ft. J NiCS - Down the Line [Stream & Download]

A month has passed since Phresh James stepped into the Booth with post-breakup jam Lonely, but the Panhandle State repper is still neck-deep in the grieving process. On follow-up Down the Line, Bodega‘s moody... Read More


J. NiCS - Til Death [Video]

On this darkly shadowed cut J NICS goes in over the Mr Lee produced track for Lil’ Keke’s Im a G. Til Death is the first visual from the upcoming album Southern Niggas Aint Slow, dropping via The DJBooth on... Read More


The Road to A3C - J. NiCS [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that the J. Nics will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. J. NiCS (Born Justin Nicholas) was born in the heart of Miami at North Shore Hospital. As a youth bouncing... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Sean Buck & J. NiCS - Raise Ya Glass [Stream & Download]

Life, love, wealth, health, more Rosa Acosta stretching videos, all things I’m more than willing to Raise Ya Glass to in celebration. Of course I’m also willing to fill up a cup to some dope new hip-hop and thankfully... Read More


J NiCS - Till Death [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

How long will J. NiCS retain his true-gangster status? The answer can be found in the title of the Florida repper’s latest mixtape leak, a freestyle over the Mr. Lee-produced beat that backed Lil Keke‘s Ima G... Read More


J NiCS - A Rapper From Miami [Stream & Download]

If you’re a regular reader of, odds are you’re already acquainted with J NiCS. For all the rest, well, he’s A Rapper From Miami... and a dope one at that. Making its world premiere right here on... Read More


J NiCS ft. REKS - Never Be Free [Video]

For the third video from his Champion Rizla project, Miami up-and-comer J NiCS and Boston emcee REKS fearlessly attack the reality of political and socioeconomic bondage on Never Be Free. Champion Rizla is available for free... Read More


J NiCS ft. Co$$ & QuESt - Road To Riches (Remix) [Stream & Download]

For some, like say Diddy’s son, the Road to Riches is short and paved in gold. For the rest of us, however, the journey to full bank accounts can be filled with dead ends, traffic jams and empty gas tanks. I know J NiCS can... Read More


J NiCS - The Return [Video]

Miami’s own J NiCS joins forces with Last Rights and UnkleLuc to present The Return, the latest visuals from J NiCS’ collaborative EP Champion Rizla with producer Numonics. With his hometown of Miami serving as the... Read More


J NiCS - Big Tymer [Stream & Download]

Having repped for his region on his last feature, mixtape freestyle From the South, Panhandle State emcee J NiCS turns the spotlight on himself and his crew on follow-up leak Big Tymer. St. Louis native Ace2euce produces,... Read More


J NiCS - From The South [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been paying attention to J. NiCS’ Booth features to date, you already know the Panhandle State emcee is From the South and proud of it. In case anyone missed the memo, though, this new freestyle should... Read More


¡MAYDAY! ft. Freeway & J NICS - Highs & Lows (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Featured back in January, ¡MAYDAY!‘s Highs & Lows was a pop-appealing, (relatively) upbeat ode to self-medication. As we all know, every action has its equal and opposite reaction – and it’s only... Read More


J. NiCS - Champion Rizla [Album]

Miami emcee J. NiCS and Ft. Lauderdale beatsmith Numonics have joined forces with, Last Rights and 2DopeBoyz to bring fans a new collaborative EP, Champion Rizla. The highly-anticipated project finds NiCS... Read More


J. NiCS - Road to Riches [Stream & Download]

True emcees know that they need to create a triumphant joint that gives consolation to all the underdogs fighting for position. Hard-knock joints like J. NiCS’ Road to Riches is exactly one of those joints. On the second... Read More


J Nics Premieres “Road to Riches” Video on DJBooth [Feature ]

Fresh off the release of his highly rated single Slumber, DJBooth is proud to premiere the new video for up-and-comer J NICS' Road to Riches, a video that shows in unblinking detail where NICS is coming from, and just how far... Read More


J NiCS - Slumber [Stream & Download]

If you’re anything like me (and I know y’all aspire to be just like me), then Slumber is something that you didn’t get nearly enough of anoche. While a couple more hours of shut-eye may not be an option,... Read More