New J The S Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


J The S - Sweet Sinning [Stream & Download]

J The S has made himself scarce on our pages since this April, when he wrapped up promotion on his Booth-sponsored The Last Days LP with the release of video single Higher Ground. What’s the Boston representative been... Read More


J The S ft. Greater Good & ANE - Higher Ground [Stream & Download]

J The S is on the rise, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to plateau anytime soon. On the latest single off his DJBooth-sponsored debut set, released along with its Joe Politics-directed video, the Boston... Read More


J The S - WTF [Video]

J The S continues his Last Days campaign by providing visuals to album standout offering WTF, an unflinching look at the nightmare lurking beneath the American Dream. For more honestly dope hip-hop be sure to cop The Last... Read More


J The S ft. Styles P - Razor [Video]

Up-and-coming emcee J The S links up with NYC street legend Styles P for the sharp and dangerous “Razor” video. For even more from the Boston artist be sure to cop his The Last Days album, available for free... Read More


J The S - The Last Days [Album]

Rappers often like to compare themselves to athletes, and lord knows athletes want to be rappers, but for all their differences the two professions do have one thing in common; in both the public expects you to be at the peak... Read Full Review


J The S - The Last Days [Album]

Boston rhymesayer J The S has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his long-awaited debut studio album, The Last Days. Executive Produced by J The S and Good Will, the project features 14 original records from... Read More


J The S ft. Pill & Franco Anthony - Simple Man [Stream & Download]

As anyone who plays the guitar, or even plays Guitar Hero, already knows, Lynard Skynard’s Simple Man is simply one of the better rock songs ever written. While the original’s roots lay in Southern rock, its spirit is... Read More


J The S ft. REKS - For The Taking [Stream & Download]

For the first leak from his presented and DJ Motion hosted mixtape, The Jake The Snake Conspiracy, J The S gets loose over a bouncy DB Koopa beat on For The Taking, featuring REKS.  Jake takes the... Read More


J The S ft. Emilio Rojas - In the Shadows [Video]

Always creatively fearless emcee J The S recruits Emili0 Rojas for his new video, In The Shadows. J The S’ upcoming album, The Last Days, will be dropping on January 18 via and features Styles P, Pill and... Read More


J The S - WTF [Stream & Download]

As a supporter of my local—and the global—Occupy movement, I’ve frequently had to grit my teeth while others tarred protestors as unemployed layabouts whose problems could be solved with a little elbow grease.... Read More


J the S - Never Sleep Again [Video]

Always fiercely creative emcee J the S drops off his new Never Sleep Again video, a fearlessly honest look at our crumbling world. Off his upcoming debut album, The Last Days, due to drop on January 18 via The DJBooth.... Read More


J The S ft. Styles P & P-Dub - Razor [Stream & Download]

In a genre filled with musclebound toughs, J The S might not seem like the most intimidating physical presence. As Joe Higgs cautioned us in 1967’s Steppin’ Razor, however, appearances can be deceiving:... Read More


J The S ft. The Greater Good & Annie Lee - Was It Worth It [Stream & Download]

When one’s pathway to success is strewn with heartache, lies and even a couple bodies, it’s only natural to look back and wonder, “Was It Worth It?.”  J The S’ latest effort finds him... Read More


J The S ft. Franco Anthony - The Day the Music Died [Stream & Download]

While hip-hop is certainly alive and kicking, it’s undeniable that the genre’s gone through changes over the years. On unreleased cut The Day the Music Died, J the S laments the corporate, homogenized state of the... Read More


J The S ft. Mistah F.A.B. - Live By the Game [Stream & Download]

Those who Live by the Game may die by the game, but that’s a risk J The S is willing to take—as he puts it on the latest leak off his debut studio album, “that sh*t’s in my veins.” Over The... Read More


J The S Says “The Sky Is Falling” on New EP [Feature ]

Boston, Mass. -- Boston mainstay (and freestyle series alumnus) J The S has joined forces with Restless Films to bring fans his latest street release, The Sky Is Falling. Featuring six original tracks from the underground... Read More


J The S - Paranoid Politics [Video]

In the 3rd installment of his The Sky Is Falling mixtape, out May 25 and presented in full through music videos, J The S has teamed up again with director Court Dunn to create another fabulous video to back up another... Read More


J The S - Call U Snitch [Video]

Nobody likes a snitch. But especially not J The S. In the second installment of his new mixtape The Sky Is Falling, presented completely in video format, J The S spills his guts to the classic bad cop, but only to let him... Read More


J The S ft. Emilio Rojas - Last Tickets for the Bandwagon [Stream & Download]

The opening air horns from J The S’s Last Tickets for the Bandwagon ring out like a klaxon, a warning sign for many. Jake The Snake doesn’t necessarily carve out a new sound on the duo cut with Emilio Rojas; instead he... Read More


J the S ft. P-Dub - Patriot [Stream]

Calm down, calm down – Booth favorite (and recent “In the Mix” interview subject) J The S hasn’t switched up his game to appeal to the Tea Party crowd. On the contrary, Patriot finds the Boston representative in... Read More


Shawn Chrystopher, El Prez & J the S - Shootin’ Cops [Stream]

First things first: Shootin’ Cops, the latest leaked track off Numonics’ forthcoming street album, is not a spiritual successor to Ice-T’s infamous Cop Killer. In fact, the title doesn’t have a whole... Read More


J The S ft. Franco - Put My Cape On [Stream]

If you tuned in for last week’s Booth countdown on Don Cannon and DJ Infamous’ Infamy Radio, you’ve already gotten a taste of Put My Cape On, the new single off J The S’ recent, Read More


J The S - Wish You Were Here [Album]

To quasi-quote Charles Dickens, for indie rappers 2010 is the best of times, and the worst of times. On the downside, the ongoing collapse of the major labels have made deals - and plush advances - rarer than a Mormon in... Read Full Review


J the S Jumps “In the Mix” [Exclusive Interview] [Feature ]

The trials that many of us undergo during our lifetime can either tear us down or make us stronger, but when these hardships inspire art, masterpieces may be the result. Massachusetts native J The S (shortened from Jake The... Read More


J The S - Wish You Were Here [Album]

Boston representative and longtime Booth favorite J The S has hooked up with, and IM King Clothing to present his latest project, the long-awaited Wish You Were Here. The free street album features... Read More


J The S - Wish You Were Here [Premiere] [Stream]

After hearing producers Franco & Snipe B repurpose a couple riffs from Smells Like Teen Spirit on J The S’ last Booth feature, I was half expecting the title track off the emcee’s forthcoming, IM... Read More


J The S ft. Franco - Change [Premiere] [Stream]

J the S’ last Booth feature found the underground emcee ready to party till the sun burned out and the angels fell from the sky. While the concept made for one fresh record, the Boston native knows as well as anyone... Read More


J The S ft. Jadakiss, Nipsey Hussle, & Dre Robinson - The Last Party (Remix) [Stream]

On J The S’ last feature and current single, the Boston up-and-comer announced his intent to party till the sun burned out and the angels fell out of the sky, unconcerned as to whether he’d live to see the next... Read More


J The S ft. Jadakiss & Danny McLain - The Last Party [Stream]

As anyone who’s been to college knows, the main problem with ‘partying like there’s no tomorrow’ is that there usually is a tomorrow—and, once you’ve experienced a few hangovers, the apocalypse... Read More

J The S Spits “A New War” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- J The S, the underground emcee who recently won reader acclaim for mixtape cuts "Oil," "Automatic," and "My Thing," has stepped into the Booth to deliver the 29th entry in our DJBooth Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


J The S - A New War [Stream & Download]

The 29th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of J The S, the underground rapper who recently earned reader acclaim for My Will mixtape cuts Oil, Automatic, and My Thing.  The Boston native, who flows... Read More


J The S ft. Saigon & Rich Rivera - Oil [Stream]

On the newest single off his recently-released My Will mixtape, Boston’s J The S sets his sights on the substance that made “Arab Money” synonymous with big bucks – I’m talking, of course, about Oil. ... Read More


J The S Joins Forces with DJ Warrior & Peter Parker on “My Will” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

Boston, MA -- Underground emcee J The S, who recently impressed our readers with "Automatic" and "My Thing," is back in the Booth with his latest street release, My Will. The new mixtape, hosted by DJ Warrior and Mr. Peter... Read More


J The S - Automatic [Stream]

J The S was all business on his last DJBooth feature, telling all who would doubt him, “I’m gonna do My Thing.  Acknowledging that he’s been a little serious as of late, the Boston emcee looks to lighten... Read More


J The S Honors Hip Hop with “My Will,” Due Out January 20th [Feature ]

Boston, MA - Underground emcee J The S, whose Donny Goines and Emilio Rojas-featuring mixtape cut, "My Thing," recently graced our front page, will be releasing a brand new street album entitled My Will on Tuesday, the 20th.... Read More


J The S ft. Donny Goines & Emilio Rojas - My Thing [Stream]

On a newly-released mixtape record, unsigned emcee J The S has a message for critics, haters, and skeptics of all stripes: “I’m gonna do My Thing.”  As the Boston native explains in the course of the cut,... Read More


J The S ft. Joell Ortiz & Lee Wilson - Do You [Stream]

In anticipation of the release of his third underground album, The Last Days, Boston rapper J the S (short for Jake the Snake) released a “prequel” album, When In Rome…, this past March.  Joining fellow Bay... Read More