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Drake & J.Cole Rumored to be Touring Together This Summer [Feature ]

Who would you rather see in concert, Drake or J.Cole? Why not both?  Normally you might find Drake stans and Cole miners battling it out for rap supremacy, they are two of the most popular rappers on the... Read More


Surprise! J. Cole Releases Live Version of “Forest Hills Drive” [Feature ]

To celebrate his 31st birthday, newly-married emcee J. Cole has delivered a gift to his fans in the form of a live album, Forest Hills Drive: Live, which is now available for digital purchase. The LP... Read More


J. Cole’s Married But I Don’t Have Anyone to Hold Me Down [Feature ]

“Bitches come and go (You know that) / Money come and go (You know that) / Love come and go (Don’t shit last)” – J. Cole “Forbidden Fruit” Woman have always been a source of... Read More


Forbidden Fruit: Why a J. Cole & Kendrick Album Isn’t a Good Idea [Feature ]

For years it’s been whispered that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are working on a joint project, the original announcement came years ago during their raising domination, when they were still newcomers gaining... Read More


American Dreamville: How Kelechi Met J. Cole & Had to Keep Dreaming [Feature ]

“Cole passed you up!?,” Sway asked excitedly as Kelechi completes his freestyle on the morning show. The veteran radio show host seemed both impressed and stunned, the Nigerian newcomer not only proved to be... Read More


J. Cole’s New “Homecoming” Doc Episode is a Fascinating Look at Real Tour Life [Feature ]

I was never a particularly deep J. Cole fan, I think primarily just because I was already just too old to truly relate to him in the same way some of my younger writers did. At the same time Cole was Warming... Read More


Watch Episode 2 of J. Cole’s Homecoming Documentary: “Ain’t Nothin Like That” [Feature ]

The first episode of J. Cole's documentary series was excellent, and today Team Cole released episode two. You're gonna want to block out the next 30 minuntes of your life and press play.  Leading up to the... Read More


J. Cole’s New “Road to Homecoming” Documentary is a Must Watch [Feature ]

Just last week, J. Cole announced that his Homecoming Concert Film would premiere on HBO in January, a huge accomplishment for any artist and especially for Cole, who saw his stock rise exponentially in... Read More


Revenge of J. Cole’s Dreamers: The Blessing & Curse of Being a Dreamville Artist [Feature ]

Have you ever walked in the shadow of a giant? Kanye posed that question as the opening line on the final verse of “Big Brother,” reflecting on his early days as an artist on Roc-A-Fella signed to... Read More


J. Cole x Dreamville - Revenge of the Dreamers II [Album]

Talk about a pleasant surprise... After a series of tweets by J. Cole and the Dreamville roster set off wild speculation that a project was on the way barely 24 hours ago, Revenge of the Dreamers II is now available for your... Read More


J. Cole to Make History With HBO “Homecoming Concert” Film [Feature ]

Only one rap artist sold out The World's Most Famous Arena and had their album certified platinum in 2015. No, that artist is not Drake. To say 2015 was a huge year for J. Cole would be an understatement. The North... Read More


Raise the Bar: Unpacking Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole’s “Black Friday” Singles [Feature ]

By now we've all had time to sit down with the simultaneous release of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's "Black Friday" records. Featuring the MCs trading beats from their respective albums, much has been said and written... Read More


Is a Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Joint Album Coming in February? [Feature ]

On Thanksgiving, while the internet was dining on Lil Wayne's No Ceilings 2 with a side of Erykah Badu's new "mixtape" and a generous helping of Lil Bibby's free crack, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar were... Read More


J. Cole Has A Bright Future But Will It Be At Roc Nation? [Feature ]

[Art via Instagram] Madison Square Garden, the final stop on J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour. A year prior, J. Cole performed in the MSG Theater area where the capacity is only 5,600. He prophesied at the very... Read More


J. Cole Sells Out Madison Square Garden, Undeniably Enters Superstardom [Feature ]

[Photo Credit: JDotShots] Emcee, producer, Fayetteville native, Roc Nation signee and, of course, longtime DJBooth favorite J. Cole performed at Madison Square Garden last night to a sold out crowd. I'm sorry, that... Read More


What Happens When The Best Songs Don’t Make The Album? Revisited [Feature ]

What happens when the best songs don't make the album? It's a great question, one that's already been asked and answered by Yoh in this excellent piece from just a couple months ago. If you... Read More


Omen - Things Change ft. J.Cole [Stream]

Dreamville emcee and producer Omen has finally released his formal debut, Elephant Eyes, an album that was more than three years in the making. The standout selection off the project is Things Change, which features none... Read More


A Dollar & A Degree: J. Cole Keeps Promise, Helps Pay Fan’s College Tuition [Feature ]

Honesty and accountability are hard to come by these days. What once seemed like an easy commitment can slip the mind or become an inconvenience down the road. Luckily, people like J. Cole exist, who's proven to be... Read More


Jeremih - Planes (Remix) ft. J. Cole & August Alsina [Stream]

First we heard the single version with J. Cole, then we heard the previously-unreleased, original version with The Social Experiment, and now we have the remix featuring R&B hitmaker August Alsina. Needless to say,... Read More


J. Cole, “Just Playin” & Facing the Firing Squad Without Fear [Feature ]

[Image via Lenuardo] Fear can be found in hospital bedrooms, prison bathrooms, war zones, courtrooms, poverty-stricken neighborhoods and burning buildings. Fear can be found in the hearts of small children,... Read More


J. Cole - Wet Dreamz [Stream]

Depending on how you feel about seeing J. Cole‘s story of love and lost virginity being acted out by puppies, you’ll either think the video for Wet Dreamz is adorable or a little unexpected. Nevertheless, the... Read More


“2014 Forest Hills Drive” is Officially J. Cole’s First Platinum Album [Feature ]

J. Cole has been a star for years, but it wasn't until this week that he can add "platinum recording artist" to his resume.  Over the past seven days, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the third full-length album of his... Read More


Cozz ft. J. Cole - Knock the Hustle (Remix) [Stream]

Update: The 2-Tone-directed visuals for Cozz’ Knock the Hustle (Remix) single have been added. Cozz’ new album, the aptly-titled Cozz N Effect, has only been out for a couple hours, but already his new... Read More


J. Cole - G.O.M.D. [Stream]

Since J.Cole surprised fans with a new album in December, the world has been treated to a fully body of work from Lupe, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Action Bronson. Not to quickly be forgotten, Cole has returned to the spotlight... Read More


J. Cole, Vince Staples + more Close Out The ILLMore at #BeatsSXSW [Feature ]

Beats By Dre closed out night three of The ILLMore at SXSW with a resounding bang.  J. Cole, OG Maco, Vince Staples, Bun B, Tory Lanez and more performed for the thousands who were lucky enough to attend the... Read More


Jeremih ft. J. Cole - Planes [Stream]

Women love adventure, that’s why the guys galloping on the wild side is followed by a flock of admirers. A Red Lobster dinner and Netflix isn’t going to sweep her off Instagram, Jeremih is thinking bigger, going... Read More


Take 2 Album Review: J. Cole’s (Almost Classic) “2014 Forest Hills Drive” [Feature ]

I know there were some haters out there, some doubters, naysayers if you will, who thought I wasn't going to actually come through with my promise to re-review J. Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive a... Read More


J. Cole is the Most Important Voice in Music [Feature ]

Every generation in music has seen an artist rise above their comfort zone and stand for something that lends to the greater good of humanity. The artist becomes an active voice on current... Read More


J.Cole - Apparently [Stream]

When we look back on 2014, December 9 will be a day remembered for the release of great hip-hop. Ghostface Killah, Royce Da 5’9 with DJ Premier, and of course J.Cole. Today would’ve been much bigger for Cole,... Read More


J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive [Album]

[Editor's Note: This is part of our "1 Listen Review" series, a series that's particularly apt here considering it stemmed from Cole's "1 listen reviews are fucking up hip-hop" statement. For the full review and breakdown of... Read Full Review


J.Cole - Intro [Stream]

We assume many of our eager readers have heard J. Cole‘s highly-anticipated 2014 Forest Hill Drive album already, even our very own Nathan couldn’t resist the urge to give it one of his classic 1 Listen Album... Read More


1 Listen Album Review: J. Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive” (aka F*cking Up Hip-Hop) [Feature ]

"It's the ciiiiiiiiiircle of lifeeeeeeeee, and it moves us alllllllllllllllll." In many ways I got the idea of one listen album reviews from J. Cole, and he was right; one listen reviews are fucking up hip-hop, and no... Read More


Jessie Ware ft. J. Cole - Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe… [Stream]

On her last single, Jessie Ware admitted that she did think about her ex… Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe. Well, who should show up on the official remix but the very man in question, eager to use the songstress’s... Read More


Maroon 5 ft. J. Cole - Animals (Remix) [Stream]

We neglected to feature Maroon 5‘s latest single, Animals, upon its initial release back in August but, when we saw whom the pop mainstays had enlisted for the official remix, we knew we couldn’t pass it up the... Read More


J. Cole - Be Free [Stream]

Last week, Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown was shot to death by an anonymous police officer, apparently for little more than jaywalking. The incident sparked off an ongoing series of clashes between protesters and a... Read More


Bas ft. J. Cole - My N*gga Just Made Bail [Stream]

If Danny Ocean’s growing team made a video about getting out of jail, it would sound and look a lot like this. Dreamville‘s Bas drops off the Ramble West-directed visuals for his celebratory new single, My N*gga... Read More


J. Cole ft. Amber Coffman & The Cults - She Knows [Stream]

One of the overarching themes of J. Cole‘s blockbuster sophomore set is the artist’s less-than-sterling track record where fidelity is concerned. On She Knows, the project’s fourth official single, the First... Read More


Yo Gotti ft. J. Cole - Cold Blood [Stream]

Update: We have added visuals for Yo Gotti’s Cold Blood single. Yo Gotti may be on his King Sh*t, but he paid a heavy price for the crown. On newly-released single Cold Blood, the Memphis representative reflects on the... Read More


J. Cole - Revenge of the Dreamers [Album]

To help ring in his 29th year on planet Earth, J. Cole has chosen to celebrate by giving you, his fans, a gift. Following an announcement that his Dreamville label has signed a partnership deal with Interscope, the Carolina... Read More


Justin Timberlake ft. J. Cole, A$AP Rocky & Pusha T - TKO (Black Friday Remix) [Stream]

Having knocked listeners off their feet with TKO, the second single off his latest LP, Justin Timberlake returns with an official remix that packs an even stronger punch. As well it should, given that it features three of the... Read More


J. Cole ft. TLC - Crooked Smile [Stream]

With anticipation mounting for the release of his sophomore set later this month, J. Cole has liberated another fresh single off the project. On this soulful, co-produced selection with Elite, the artist reveals why he... Read More


Contest Closed: Win Tickets to J. Cole & Wale’s “What Dreams May Come” Tour [Feature ]

Fresh off a critically acclaimed number one album in Born Sinner and two hit singles in Power Trip and Crooked Smile, the future of Roc Nation, J. Cole, is preparing to embark on his 30 city national tour. Also featuring MMG... Read More


Wale x J.Cole - Winter Schemes [Stream]

Regardless of which album was your favorite of the season, you have to acknowledge the impact that both J. Cole and Wale have had on this action-packed summer of hip-hop. Despite heads’ efforts to pit their respective... Read More


Elijah Blake ft. J. Cole - Vendetta [Stream]

Absent from our front page since bringing down the house with December 2012’s Common-assisted X.O.X., Elijah Blake is back to (finally) kick off his 2013 with Vendetta, the second single off his forthcoming full-length.... Read More


Drake ft. J. Cole - Jodeci [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

As if last Tuesday’s album release wasn’t enough, this weekend has been full of dope surprises for J. Cole fans. In addition to getting cosigned by one of his musical idols on Made Nas Proud, the Roc Nation... Read More


Nas x J. Cole - Made Nas Proud [Stream & Download]

On Let Nas Down, a standout cut off his freshly-minted sophomore set, J. Cole harked back to 2011, describing his reaction when his musical idol criticized Cole World lead single Work Out. As it turns out, though, Cole had it... Read More


J. Cole - Born Sinner [Album]

The smartest move of 2013 (thus far) goes to Fayetteville’s native son J. Cole, who he decided to move up the release date for his sophomore album Born Sinner, to directly go up against Kanye West’s Yeezus. What some may... Read Full Review


J. Cole ft. 50 Cent & Bas - New York Times [Stream]

J. Cole may come from the South, but he’s never been shy about expressing his admiration for his adopted hometown’s hip-hop icons. On New York Times, a bonus cut off the deluxe edition of his sophomore set, he... Read More


J. Cole - N*ggaz Know [Stream]

When J. Cole stepped into the Booth for an interview with our very own DJ Z way back in 2009, he admitted to racking up such a huge bill at Verizon that he had to switch over to Sprint. Not because he couldn’t pay per... Read More


Bas ft. J.Cole & KQuick - Lit [Stream]

With the temperature rising and school sessions ending, many are already in a summer state of mind even though the official first day of the new season isn’t until June 21. Similarly, J.Cole’s label imprint Dreamville... Read More


J. Cole - Truly Yours 2 EP [Album]

While gearing up for the June 25, release of his sophomore album, Born Sinner, J. Cole has surprised his fans with his second Truly Yours EP. The free, six-track project includes pre-release leak Cole Summer, on which the... Read More


J. Cole - Cole Summer [Stream & Download]

According to Al Gore and just about every climate scientist not on the GOP’s payroll, man-made pollution has caused temperatures to rise all over the globe. That theory, however, may run into a challenge if J.... Read More


J. Cole ft. Miguel - Power Trip [Stream]

While all artists appreciate their fans, J. Cole really loves them. How else can you interpret the Valentine’s Day release of the latest Born Sinner singler, other than as a present?  On second thought, maybe I’m... Read More


J. Cole - Truly Yours EP [Album]

Raise your hand if you woke up on Tuesday morning, expecting to freely download an EP from J. Cole? Okay, since nobody had their hand raised we can move right along. In anticipation of the release of his forthcoming Born... Read More


Let’s Argue About Who’s the Better Emcee: Drake or J. Cole? [Feature ]

Frankly, I don't think that when it comes to pure emcee skills J. Cole vs. Drake is even much of a debate, and I said so via Twitter. But the response I got from that Tweet indicates that there's actually some serious... Read More


J. Cole - Miss America [Stream]

Last week J. Cole announced that his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Born Sinner, would be dropping in January, and the Roc Nation protege hasn’t wasted any time giving fans a first taste of what he has in store for... Read More


J. Cole x Major Lazer - Get Free ColeWorld [Stream]

Exactly three hundred sixty five days ago yesterday, J. Cole unleashed blockbuster debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story upon the listening populace, silencing his myriad doubters and cementing his heavyweight status in... Read More


J. Cole - I’m A Fool [Stream]

Whether its spending a ridiculous amount of money on his jewels or goofing off in school, North Carolina rhyme slinger J. Cole isn’t afraid to let it be known that he can act just as much a fool as anyone else, which is... Read More


Big Sean ft. J. Cole - 24K of Gold [Stream]

Now that Big Sean‘s brand spanking new Detroit mixtape has had a little time to soak in everyone’s ears, it should come as no surprise that there’s quite a few cuts off the project that are receiving a hefty... Read More


Rita Ora ft. J. Cole - Love & War [Stream]

If a relationship is a battlefield, then the bedroom is often the best negotiation table. Just ask Rita Ora, whose latest single, Love & War finds her pleading with her man to cease hostilities and work out their... Read More


DJ Khaled ft. J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar - They Ready [Stream]

If you don’t think J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar are prepared to annihilate anything and everything standing between them and hip-hop legendhood, then you haven’t been paying attention. Those slow on... Read More


J. Cole - The Cure [Stream]

While it may be a Cole World, Carolina emcee J. Cole has remained relatively low key this summer when it comes to new music. Though not one to disappoint his hefty fan base Cole returned to the spotlight this week with the... Read More


Melanie Fiona ft. J. Cole - This Time [Stream]

Last we heard from Melanie Fiona, she was urging women to Change the Record (i.e., break up) if they’re sick of the song (i.e., the man). Sometimes, however, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s... Read More


Voli ft. J. Cole - Sound of Love [Stream & Download]

Romance is in the air, Booth readers—can you hear it? (If not, then hitting “play” might help.) The follow-up to late May’s Guns N Roses, a heartbroken jam which saw the rapper/producer welcoming rock elements... Read More


Selah Sue ft. J. Cole - Raggamuffin [Stream]

If you’ll permit the cliché (and I don’t think you have any choice), you can’t judge a book by its cover; far from your typical guitar-strumming singer/songwriter, first-time featuree Selah Sue comes with a... Read More


J. Cole - Sideline Story [Stream]

After turning a lot of heads with the release of his debut album, Cole World : The Sideline Story last September, North Carolina representer, J.Cole brings us the video for the album’s quasi-title track, Sideline Story.... Read More


J. Cole - Visionz of Home [Stream]

Thursday evening, J. Cole returned to his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina to give back to his community in the inaugural “Dreamville Weekend.” In honor of the occasion, the Roc Nation megastar has dropped... Read More