New Jabee Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jabee - Hot Sauce ft. Fat Tony & Chopps [Stream & Download]

Hot Sauce makes 99% of food better, according to proven scientific research that I just made up. Regardless, Jabee‘s latest loosie speaks on putting a smile on when remembering the (hot sauce coated) times you’ve... Read More


Jabee - Shoulda Sold (Dope) [Stream]

One of hip-hop’s most prominent archetypes is that of the dope boy who turns to rap in search of a better life. But is the straight and narrow really a reliable pathway to success for aspiring artists? Jabee isn’t so... Read More


Jabee ft. Taylor McKenzie - Life Is Good [Stream & Download]

Oklahoma City rhymesayer Jabee has reached a point at which he can say, truly and without a trace of irony, that Life Is Good. Even so, he’s knocking on wood regularly, because he knows that his prosperity could come to... Read More


Jabee - To Whom It May Concern [Stream]

Apparently, the cliché about the grass being greener on the other side is true; in a reversal of the usual situation, new single To Whom It May Concern opens with Jabee fantasizing about giving his rap career up for a boring... Read More


Jabee ft. Mr MFN Exquire & Kosha Dillz - Out Of Time [Stream]

Jabee put underrepresented Oklahoma City on the hip-hop map with his last project, Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt. And while he poured a lot of energy into the release, he still has a few cards up his sleeve to... Read More


Jabee - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt [Album]

Oklahoma City reppin' emcee Jabee has released his latest album, Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt. The 10-track LP, which features Booth-featured lead single "Dreams," includes guest contributions from Cameron Neal,... Read More


Jabee - Dreams [Stream]

Last we heard from Jabee, the Oklahoma City rhymesayer was wilding out alongside Das Racist alumnus Kool A.D. on PLVYVHVT3, the final release off his Deliver Us From Evil EP. Dreams, the lead single off his next project, is a... Read More


Jabee ft. Kool AD - PLVYVHVT3 [Stream]

With his new EP just a day away from release, Oklahoma City rhymesayer Jabee is back to stoke the flame of anticipation with one last single off the project. On PLVYVHVT3 (That’s “Playa Hate,” for those not fluent... Read More


Jabee x Thelonius Martin - Penny For Your Thought/Sarayu Rao [Stream & Download]

When you’ve been away from the Booth for as long as Jabee—his last feature hit our front page in December of 2012—it’s in your interest to come back with a bang. Today, the Oklahoma City phenom makes a... Read More


Jabee ft. Carlitta Durand - Stephanie [Stream & Download]

Brace yourself, Booth readers; sh*t’s about to get ugly… super ugly. Not featured on the solo tip since dropping off For Real in early July, OK City repper Jabee returns to eviscerate his opponents on... Read More


Drique London ft. Jabee, Rapper Big Pooh & DJ Flash - Take It Back [Stream & Download]

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sensing a stronger-than-usual undercurrent of nostalgia today in the DJBooth. Just a couple hours after hearing Everliven Sound lament rap’s post-1990s decline in... Read More


Gotham Green & Quickie Mart ft. Jabee - Natural Progression [Stream & Download]

With their Haze Diaries Vol. 4 album only days away from dropping, Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart remind the world that their music is always evolving with new release Natural Progression. Behind the boards Quickie Mart... Read More


Jabee ft. Dre Murray - For Real [Stream & Download]

Last heard resurrecting that classic boom-bap flavor on April’s Catch That Feeling, Jabee returns to our pages with For Real, another freshly-released jam off his forthcoming EP. Here, Thelonious Martin dreamy,... Read More


Jabee - Catch That Feeling [Stream & Download]

Been craving that 1990’s boom-bap flavor? You’ve come to the rigth place; just click “play” on Jabee‘s latest single and you’ll Catch That Feeling once again. Here, Thelonious... Read More


Jabee x Drique London - Someway Somehow [Stream & Download]

Each a Booth-approved artist in his own right, Oklahoma City emcee Jabee and Raleigh, N.C. representer come together to make their debut as a twosome on Someway Somehow, the inaugural leak off their forthcoming collaborative... Read More


Jabee ft. Yung Jones - GHETTO [Stream & Download]

Currently hard at work on a new EP with underground mainstay EL-P, Jabee has stepped into the Booth with a little something to tide fans over in the meantime. Unreleased cut GHETTO finds DJ Semaj flipping a sample from Rick... Read More


Lushlife ft. STS & Jabee - Glistening [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since way back in June 2009, when he brought us In Soft Focus, Lushlife returns to our pages with Glistening, a freshly-leaked cut off his latest full-length. Over his own piano-driven,... Read More


Jabee ft. XV - Beautiful Day (Remix) [Stream & Download]

How do you make a Beautiful Day even more beautiful? Throw XV into the mix, of course! On the official remix of Jabee‘s Seven-produced EP standout, Jabee is joined on the mic by Kansas CIty-repping Booth fave (and... Read More


Pugs Atomz ft. StaHHr & Jabee - Shootem Down [Stream]

Has it really been 10 months and 15 days since Chi-town fave Pugs Atomz stepped into the Booth with a solo feature? As you may have surmised from that oddly specific figure, the answer is “Yes.” Not, that I can... Read More


Jabee ft. Gotham Green & Ayomari - Jewels (Remix) [Stream & Download]

One of many gems to be found on Jabee‘s recent, Booth-hosted street album, Jewels makes its return to our pages in officially remixed form. This version of the cut retains the headliner’s blunted but upbeat bars... Read More


J. Capri ft. Jabee - All Aboard [Stream & Download]

Contrary to popular belief, there have been many good things to come out of the Carolinas aside from Carowinds and Myrtle Beach souvenir wifebeaters. It’s a more than refreshing feeling to be able to single out great... Read More


Nobody - Jabee [Video]

Nobody is with him, nobody is against him, nobody loves him, he don’t hurt nobody, nobody cares… You get the picture. In this homegrown video from Jabee, he discusses what it really means to have Nobody. This song... Read More


Jabee ft. El Prez & Yung Nate - Bout My Business [Stream & Download]

With all the beef and personal drama, the rap game often seems more like a circus than an industry run by grown-ups. Not that there’s anything wrong with circuses – if you’re not scared of clowns, they can be a... Read More


Jabee - Lucky Me [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee Jabee has hooked up with and IM KING to bring fans his latest street album, Lucky You. The follow-up to last year’s Mick Boogie-hosted Must Be Nice mixtape, the project features 11 new... Read More


Jabee - How to Fly [Stream & Download]

First, the bad news: despite what the title may suggest, Jabee‘s latest mixtape leak is not intended as a how-to manual. Do not, I repeat, do not jump off your roof while listening to How to Fly, unless you’re a... Read More


JABEE ft. Carlitta Durand - Imagination [Stream & Download]

How could a record be better than up-and-coming Oklahoma City emcee JABEE’s last Booth approved effort Better? You’ll just have to use your Imagination. (Shout out to me for the puns.) Making its worldwide premiere right... Read More


Jabee ft. King Mez & Carlitta Durand - Better [Stream]

Did you enjoy Go and Tell ‘Em (Remix), Blood and A Blessing, the previous solo features from Jabee? Well, I’ve got good news: his latest promo single is “Better.” OK, that’s just the title – but, with... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Gripz, Beyond Belief, Logics (of ArtOfficial) & Jabee - Blue Swing (Remix) [Stream]

If there’s one thing better than taking a stroll to your local park and hopping on a swing on a sunny afternoon, it’s heading to the playground with a couple good friends to relive your respective childhoods... Read More


Jabee ft. K. Sparks & Phil Nash - Go and Tell ‘Em (Remix) [Stream]

Just as sharks congregate at the barest scent of blood in the water, haters have an uncanny knack for sniffing out up-and-coming talent. As such, it’s no surprise that Jabee‘s attracted a few non-constructive... Read More


Jabee - Blood [Stream]

Paul McCartney may have been addressing a romantic relationship when he sang “Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting…,” but that sentiment holds even more true when it comes to the... Read More


Jabee - A Blessing [Stream]

Those counting their blessings can add one more to the list – Oklahoma City native and Caraway1965 crew member Jabee‘s stepped into the Booth with a track so divine that you may want to say “Grace” before... Read More