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Jaheim - Baby X3 [Stream]

No, Jaheim hasn’t become the proud father of triplets. The title of his latest single, Baby X3, is actually a truncated transcription of the record’s chorus, à la Chris Breezy‘s Yeah 3X. Following... Read More


Jaheim - Age Ain’t a Factor [Stream]

Many men retain the same taste in romantic partners as they age, continuing to chase after 21-year-olds well into their golden years. (And failing hard, unless they happen to be fabulously wealthy.) To R&B vet Jaheim, on... Read More


Jaheim - Another Round [Album]

Every Tuesday night a group of us, ranging from ex-college players (not me) to guys who just love the game, gather in an aging Koreatown gym to sweat and yell and ostensibly play basketball, and Big Al is one of the best. Big... Read Full Review


Jaheim - Finding My Way Back [Stream]

Though the R&B veteran’s last single, the Booth-acclaimed Ain’t Leavin’ Without You, suggested that Jaheim was back to the womanizing ways of his younger days, it seems that there’s still one... Read More


Jaheim ft. Jadakiss - Ain’t Leaving Without You (Remix) [Stream]

With his last feature, current single Ain’t Leaving Without You, R&B veteran Jaheim swept Booth regulars off their feet, snagging four and five-star ratings from readers and staff alike. How do you jazz up a track... Read More


Jaheim - Ain’t Leavin Without You [Stream]

Jaheim‘s last Booth feature, Keyshia Cole collabo I’ve Changed, found him ready to stop wilding out and settle down with a special lady. That was way, way back in ‘07, but fast-forward to fall ‘09 and... Read More


Jaheim ft. Keyshia Cole - I’ve Changed [Stream]

Jaheim has been known to make music the common-man can relate to.  So after demonstrating in his previous single that the right woman made him do things he Never does, Jaheim matures and reveals that “I’ve... Read More


Multi-Platinum R&B Superstar Jaheim Goes Top 15 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- "Never," the first single from multi-platinum R&B superstar Jaheim's forthcoming Atlantic Records debut album, The Makings of a Man, cracks the Top 15 at Urban AC Radio this week. The tender track - which is... Read More


Jaheim - Never [Stream]

The world is full of men who say they’ll Never settle down and stick with just one woman.  Singer Jaheim, at one time, was among that crowd who refused to “hang their jersey up and leave the game.” That is, until... Read More