New Jamie Foxx Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Rise & Fall of Jamie Foxx, One Time R&B Superstar [Feature ]

The Jamie Foxx Show premiered on August 28, 1996, a new sitcom that starred a familiar face for those who watched Jamie during his four years on In Living Color or caught one of his few appearances on the fairly popular... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses [Album]

Acting, comedy, writing, producing; Jamie Foxx has had his hands in everything. Believe it or not, though, it's been nearly half a decade since his last studio album. That wait has come to a end, however, as Foxx's... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Baby’s In Love ft. Kid Ink [Stream]

Jamie Foxx‘s fifth studio album, Hollywood, is scheduled for release on May 18 via RCA Records. Baby’s In Love is the album’s third single, and is sure to do well not only on radio but also at just about any... Read More


Jamie Foxx - You Changed Me ft. Chris Brown [Stream]

Busy prepping his forthcoming album, Jamie Foxx uses this opportunity to let a special woman know, “You Changed Me, baby.” On his latest single, the GRAMMY-award winning R&B star links up with his labelmate... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Ain’t My Fault [Stream]

Last month, when Jamie Foxx made his long-awaited return to the Booth with promo single Party Ain’t a Party, some were concerned that he had strayed from his R&B roots to embrace a more club-oriented sound. If you... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. 2 Chainz - Party Ain’t a Party [Stream]

It goes without saying that a Party Ain’t a Party without some quality tunes blasting from the sound system. This freshly-minted promotional single fits the bill precisely, though some may be surprised to see Jamie... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Fly Love [Stream]

Those in the mood for a tropical vacation but short on funds are in luck – today Jamie Foxx takes us to Brazil with his new record Fly Love, a song placed in the latest Blue Sky Films 3D computer-animated movie Rio, where... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Best Night of My Life [Album]

Do you understand how incredible Jamie Foxx’ story is? Do you really? Let’s review. Foxx started his musical career in church choirs and, in retrospect, a group hilariously called Leather and Lace, and ended up a Grammy... Read Full Review


Jamie Foxx ft. Wiz Khalifa - Best Night of My Life [Stream]

Jamie Foxx has an incredible track record of success, and the talented actor/comedian has some serious plans for his upcoming album Best Night of My Life (known in another incarnation as Body). With previous Booth features... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Drake - Fall for Your Type [Stream]

Jamie Foxx was riding high after the extraordinary success of his previous album Intuition, but the build-up to his next full-length has repeatedly hit a roadblock that can’t simply be blamed on the alcohol; the lack of a... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Rick Ross - Living Better Now [Stream]

This week, Jamie Foxx and Rick Ross decide to mix it up and make music devoted to wealth and living extravagantly. Okay, so it’s not that big of a surprise (and it begs the question of where they stand in the “real... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Justin Timberlake & T.I. - Winner [Stream]

I’m a pretty confident guy, but sometimes I need theme music to become truly sure of myself. If only songs like Winner could play every time I walked into a room I’d be all set. Singer turned actor turned hitmaker Jamie... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne - Straight to the Dancefloor [Stream]

Featured right before our holiday hiatus, potential album inclusion Marching On proved to be a little too paint-by-numbers for Jamie Foxx’ fans in the Booth. Having struck out on the “sweeping ballad” front, the... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Tank - Marching On [Stream]

I’ve always found the “Love Is War” concept a little lopsided. I mean, try to imagine a soldier on the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq turning to his buddy and saying, “Hey, this is exactly like a difficult... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Gucci Mane - Speak French [Stream]

I know I’m gonna have to address this sooner or later, so we might as well get it over with. Here’s the deal: if you wants us to stop posting tracks from Gucci Mane, tell your favorite artists to stop putting him on their... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. The-Dream, Drake & Kanye West - Digital Girl (Remix) [Stream]

Man, it seems like everyone’s into online dating these days. What used to be a realm populated solely by overweight nerds is now being used by anyone feeling a little lonely on any given day—even wildly successful... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Timbaland - I Don’t Need It [Stream]

Though Jamie Foxx has been enjoying a high-charting hot streak with moderate hit Just Like Me and its immensely successful follow-up, Blame It (Remix), longtime have begun to worry that he’s abandoned his soulful sound... Read More


Git Fresh ft. Jamie Foxx & Rick Ross - Swag Up [Stream]

In the last several years, the lines between R&B and hip-hop have been growing increasingly blurred; the “typical rap topics” of money, cars, jewels, and women have found their way into R&B joints, while... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Blame It (Remix) [Stream]

You may remember the Yung Joc-featuring remix of Jamie Foxx‘s boozy Blame It, which I cited as a potential Intuition single.  Well, I was half correct: Foxx’s latest single is a remix of Blame It, but not... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain & Yung Joc - Blame It (Remix) [Stream]

On this brand-new remix of Jamie Foxx‘s Blame It, guest artist Yung Joc reveals what it is that he’s been drinking: “Patroose,” a cocktail consisting of equal parts Patron and Grey Goose.  While this... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Intuition [Album]

Every rapper wishes they were an actor. LL Cool J set the stage for the legions of rappers who would follow in his sizable foot steps, stars whose ranks range from Common to 50 Cent, who always looked like a character out of... Read Full Review


Jamie Foxx Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look at “Just Like Me” Video Shoot [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Multitalented recording artist Jamie Foxx, whose recent, T.I.-featuring single, "Just Like Me," scored highly among Booth members, has been hard at work shooting a video accompaniment to the record. The... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. Lil’ Wayne & Just Blaze - Get Dumb (Number One) [Stream]

On October 28, DJBooth premiered Jamie Foxx’s current T.I.-assisted single, Just Like Me; the record has appeared on our Top 10 Picks chart every week since.  As the December 16 street date for Foxx’s new album,... Read More


Jamie Foxx Prepares “Intuition” for December 16 Release [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy-nominated songster Jamie Foxx will release his J Records sophomore album, Intuition, on December 16. The first single, "Just Like Me" featuring production by... Read More


Jamie Foxx - Closer [Stream]

Oscar Award-winning jack of all trades Jamie Foxx has let music permeate his entire career. From his remixing of nursery rhymes on his ‘93 stand-up special, Straight from the Foxxhole, to Unpredictable, the... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. - Just Like Me [Stream]

Within the last week or so, many of Q4’s major releases have played hop-scotch on the calendar.  Universal pushed Akon’s Freedom back a week, from November 25 to December 2, and Common’s Universal Mind Control from... Read More


Ne-Yo ft. Fabolous & Jamie Foxx - She Got Her Own (Miss Independent Pt. 2) [Stream]

Ne-Yo likes his women like Joe Budden likes his label status: independent.  In fact, the Def Jam crooner is so infatuated with all of the Miss Independents out there, that he joined up with fellow R&B star Jamie Foxx... Read More


Plies ft. Jamie Foxx & The-Dream - Please Excuse My Hands [Stream]

Fresh off a promotional stop in Chicago, rapper Plies has dropped his “official” second single, Please Excuse My Hands.  Transitioning perfectly from his current single, the chart-heavy Bust It Baby (Pt. 2), the Fort... Read More