New Jared Evan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jared Evan - Bad Guy [Stream]

Jared Evan is far from a Bad Guy, but that is the title of the latest single off his newly-released, surprise LP. Accompanying the !llmind-produced record are a set of grainy, vintage visuals from Jeremy Koegel. The Art Form... Read More


Jared Evan - The Art Form of Whatever [Album]

Jared Evan has been known to give away a free project or two (or three) in his day, which is why the release of his brand new, free surprise album, The Art Form of Whatever, is not really all that surprising. Conceptualized... Read More


Jared Evan - Glassful [Stream & Download]

Here is your feel-good song of the day. Booth fave Jared Evan has let loose a new freebie, entitled Glassful, in order to thank his fans for all of the love. The positive and uptempo record, which should do well to lift your... Read More


Jared Evan - Bass Is Low [Stream]

Update: The Rik Cordero-directed visuals for Jared Evan’s Bass Is Low single have been added. For the lion’s share of Still Blue, his sophomore collaborative LP with Statik Selektah, Jared Evan stuck to vocals,... Read More


OCD: Moosh & Twist ft. Jared Evan - Back To The Wall [Stream]

Though they’re currently crisscrossing Europe on tour, Moosh & Twist haven’t forgotten their fans back in the U.S.A. To tide listeners on the left side of the Atlantic over while they’re on the road, the... Read More


Jared Evan & Statik Selektah - The Background [Stream]

Much as it pains me to say this, even after a grip of acclaimed Booth features, there are folks out there who still haven’t copped Jared Evan and Statik Selektah‘s sophomore collaborative set. Until all 7.125... Read More


Nefew ft. Jared Evan & John Turrell - Paper Planes [Stream]

Have you ever felt like there’s just too much gold and shmoney in hip-hop? Have you ever felt like you wanted an album that covered themes like: conquering fear, doubt and the limitations put on us by others? If you... Read More


I Got High, Played FIFA & Listened to Jared Evan’s “Still Blue” Album [Feature ]

Like Darwin, Einstein and that crazy guy on the corner yelling about the apocalypse, I have a theory. A theory so ground breaking, so epic, so ingenious, that it might change the way we all look at the world. Centuries from... Read More


Jared Evan - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [Stream]

To celebrate the release of his new Still Blue album, rapper/singer/producer/multi-dimensionalist Jared Evan joins our RapBox series to test his lyrical skills accompanied by Boston Cherry‘s beatboxing skills. This is... Read More


Jared Evan & Statik Selektah - Still Blue [Album]

Like Darwin, Einstein and that crazy guy on the corner yelling about the apocalypse, I have a theory. A theory so ground breaking, so epic, so ingenious, that it might change the way we all look at the world. Centuries from... Read Full Review


Jared Evan x Statik Selektah - Scene [Stream]

With less than one week to go until their sophomore collaborative set hits digital retailers (and The DJBooth) house favorites Jared Evan and Statik Selektah are back on our front page with another fresh single off the set.... Read More


Jared Evan & Statik Selektah - Still Blue [Stream]

Two weeks after dazzling our readers with the Ransom-assisted Outside, Jared Evan and Statik Selektah return with another fresh single off their sophomore collaborative set. On album title track Still Blue, Evan lets his mic... Read More


Hoodie Allen ft. Jared Evan - Numbers [Stream]

In his Real Recognize Real interview this past summer, Hoodie Allen told us that he had collaborative work with fellow reader fave Jared Evan in the pipeline. Today, thanks to the release of his latest record, Numbers, we get... Read More


Jared Evan & Statik Selektah ft. Ransom - Outside [Stream]

Boom Bap & Blues, the 2013 collaborative debut from recording artist Jared Evan and DJ/beatsmith Statik Selektah, was so successful that they’ve stepped into the studio to create a sequel. Though they’re not... Read More


Jared Evan - Hot Sauce [Stream]

Craving something spicy? As far as I know, there’s no way to send Sriracha over the Internet, so you’ll have to settle for the next best thing: Hot Sauce, a brand new loosie from Booth fave Jared Evan. On this... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Bun B, Jared Evan & Posdnous - God Knows [Stream]

With his next solo set just one short week away from release, Statik Selektah returns to get heads buzzing even louder with another fresh single off the project. If you’re a Beach Boys fan, you likely read the title... Read More


Jared Evan - Charlie Brown (Revisited) [Stream]

It’s been nearly two years to the day since Jared Evan stepped into the Booth with Charlie Brown, an EP single vividly depicting the pain and frustration of feeling like an outcast. Today, the reader-approved singer... Read More


Jared Evan - Better Now [Stream & Download]

Though Jared Evan‘s brief stint at Interscope didn’t result in the release of an LP, it did yield some quality songs—several of which we’ve already featured in the Booth. Today, the longtime reader fave... Read More


Sammy Adams ft. Jared Evan & Ea$y Money - Loser [Stream]

Is Sammy Adams a Loser? Since he’s a successful rapper with hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, I’m inclined to say no. If you take the question literally, though, you could answer to the affirmative; as the... Read More


Jared Evan - Team (Lorde Cover) [Stream & Download]

As his fans in the Booth already know, Jared Evan is just as skilled at reimagining other artists’ songs as he is at penning original material. (If you weren’t aware, drop whatever you’re doing and take a... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Skyzoo - Pulp Fiction [Stream & Download]

It’s never a good a idea to get involved with someone who treats his or her life as if it were a movie; while it might seem romantic at first, constant drama is never a good look. When they think they’re part of a... Read More


Jared Evan - If Dreams Could Talk [Stream]

If you’re not on someone’s wavelength in waking life, it seems unlikely that you’d have an easier time getting through to them while they were snoozing. Nonetheless, EP standout and future single If Dreams... Read More


Jared Evan - Proud [Stream]

Jared Evan‘s latest project, Pieces, finds the multitalented Brooklynite reflecting on the course of his career to date—from his obscure beginnings, to his stint as a major-label signee, to his current independent... Read More


Jared Evan - Sloane [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his Pieces EP, Brooklyn singer/songwriter, emcee and producer Jared Evan returns to our pages with a new single off the project. Given the artist’s tendency to fall for women who are, quite... Read More


Jared Evan - Pieces EP [Album]

Booth-acclaimed singer/songwriter, producer and emcee Jared Evan has liberated his latest collection of original material, the Pieces EP. Coming on the heels of February's Boom Bap & Blues LP, a joint release with Statik... Read More


Upcoming Album & Mixtape Alert: Yo Gotti, Jared Evan & More [Feature ]

Here at The DJBooth we strive to always keep our readers well informed of all the latest album, mixtape and EP releases. So every Friday we will preview the week ahead in new releases, highlighting the hip hop projects, both... Read More


Jared Evan - Ferris Bueller [Stream]

In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” While you don’t need a reason to kick back and appreciate life for a... Read More


Jared Evan - State I’m In [Stream]

Jared Evan may no longer be part of the Universal/Republic family, but the multi-talented Booth fave left a few unreleased records in the vaults when he parted ways with Interscope/Zone 4. In anticipation of the release of... Read More


Termanology ft. Action Bronson & Jared Evan - Take My Turn [Stream]

After countless hours of hustle and preparation, it’s finally Termanology‘s time to shine—and the Boston rhymesayer ain’t about to let the moment pass him by. Fresh off the release of his sixth independent... Read More


Camm Hunter ft. Jared Evan - Fire in the Night [Stream]

This Monday, Down With Webster rhymesayer Camm Hunter made his solo Booth debut with NLG, a confessional jam which explored the artist’s ambivalent relationship with Mary Jane. Three short days later, the... Read More


Jared Evan x Statik Selektah - Bad News [Stream]

I’ve got good news and bad news for y’all. The good news is, Jared Evan and Statik Selektah have stepped into the Booth with a fresh collaborative record. The bad news is the song itself—as in, its title is... Read More


Rapper Big Pooh ft. Jared Evan - Happy Birthday [Stream]

I’m not sure exactly how many years Rapper Big Pooh has under his belt, but I think it’s safe to say the Little Brother alum’s been around the block. Far from fretting about getting older, though, the First... Read More


Rapsody ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan - Generation [Stream]

Last week, Rapsody kicked off promotion for her forthcoming Gangsta Grillz tape (and brought her label’s Summer of Jamla series to a thrilling conclusion) with Dark Knights, a reader-acclaimed cut which found her... Read More


Jared Evan - Blue [Stream]

Given the state of the Booth fave’s love life, as described in recent femme fatale anthems Bad News and The Devil Wears Prada, it would be tough to blame Jared Evan for being a little down in the dumps. Contrary to what... Read More


Jared Evan - The Devil Wears Prada [Stream]

Lately, it seems that Booth fave Jared Evan‘s been neck-deep in femmes fatales. On the last single off his collaborative set with Statik Selektah, the unsigned singer, songwriter, producer and emcee had fallen in lust... Read More


Jared Evan - Are We Almost There Yet? [Stream & Download]

For many recording artists on the rise, the path to success is so long and winding that they start to feel like kids on a cross-country road trip. Multi-talented reader fave Jared Evan is evidently getting a little restless,... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Action Bronson - Pro Create [Stream]

The mark of a great relationship is that it gives rise to something—whether tangible or not—that neither party could have created on their own. Take the partnership between Booth-acclaimed singer/songwriter/emcee Jared... Read More


Jared Evan - Boom Bap & Blues [Album]

What’s in a name? That which we call a genre, by any other name would sound as dope. True, labels do have their place. Generally speaking it’s good to know if I’m listening to ATL trap or Mongolian folk music before I... Read Full Review


Jared Evan ft. Joey BadA$$ - Black and White [Stream]

Jared Evan’s Joey BadA$$-assisted single, Black and White, is a little like, well, black and white. Both are polar opposites, but when they’re fused together nothing looks (sounds) better. Evan displays soft,... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Lil Fame - Uma Thurman [Stream & Download]

Looks like Quentin Tarantino ain’t the only one with a thing for Uma Thurman. Coming on the heels of reader-approved lead single Are We Almost There Yet?, the latest song release off Jared Evan‘s forthcoming... Read More


Jared Evan - Letters [Stream]

Throughout his career to date, Jared Evan‘s done nothing but exceed listener expectations at every turn. In the artist’s personal life, though, there are a few people he feels he’s let down. On the opening... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Wax, Tayyib Ali & Emilio Rojas - Charlie Brown (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On EP single Charlie Brown, Jared Evan revisited his years as an adolescent outcast and bullying victim, comparing himself to the doleful, prematurely-balding protagonist of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts comic strips.... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Nitty Scott - Fatal Attraction [Stream & Download]

Success in the music game may make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but there’s a catch: you also have to deal with those chicks and/or dudes who are a little too into you. Jared Evan knows what I’m... Read More


Jared Evan - One Good Thing [Stream]

One Good Thing about Jared Evan is the heart he puts into his songs… one good thing about Jared Evan is his versatility—since it would probably take me all day to list off the Booth fave’s many admirable... Read More


Jared Evan - October 10th [Stream]

While the date October 10th might not offer much significance to most, it unfortunately marks quite a tragic day for New York musician and DJBooth favorite Jared Evan, who lost his best friend Frank Bruno to a car accident.... Read More


Jared Evan - Charlie Brown [Stream]

Like so many musical dreamers, Jared Evan is intimately acquainted with the pain of feeling like an outcast. This is highlighted on Charlie Brown, the latest Rik Cordero-directed video single off his new DJBooth-hosted EP.... Read More


Jared Evan - The Fourth Chapter EP [Album]

Multi-talented recording artist Jared Evan has come together with The DJBooth and Karmaloop to bring listeners his "debut EP album," The Fourth Chapter. In the works since late 2009, the long-awaited set comprises eight... Read More


Jared Evan - It’s Over [Stream & Download]

It can look like the artists we keep steadily moving through our headphones have it made – money, women, posts on The DJBooth – but we rarely see the struggle and doubt that happens behind the scenes, unless an artist... Read More


Jared Evan - 4th Chapter [Stream]

If you’ve been paying attention to Jared Evan’s artistically daring career then you know to only expect some visually remarkably videos from the man, and if you haven’t, there might be no better introduction to Evan... Read More


Jared Evan - Kill Me [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: Jared Evan has never shied away from channeling his angst into his work, but “Kill Me?” That’s a touch dramatic, isn’t it? Don’t fret—not only does the Zone... Read More


Jared Evan - Traffic Light [Video]

Fresh off the premier of Traffic Light‘s audio, the always innovative Jared Evan is back with the single’s visuals, featuring an appropriately moving ride through both Jared’s life. Jared Evan’s The... Read More


Jared Evan - Traffic Light [Stream]

Most recording artists, when they reach the crossroads between hip-hop, pop and rock ‘n’ roll, are forced to commit to a single road. Jared Evan, however, went for option D: “All of the above.” Though the... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Sk8board P & Game - Anywhere [Stream]

When you’ve got the talent, versatility and artistic vision of Jared Evan, you can make it Anywhere—in a fair world, anyway. In reality, of course, who you know is just as important as what you can do. Being... Read More


Jared Evan Offers “unCOVERED” for Free Streaming/Download via The DJBooth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Rising singer/songwriter/emcee/producer Jared Evan is offering his latest artistic release, unCOVERED, for streaming and download viaThe DJBooth. Featuring the Interscope/Zone 4 signee's renditions of... Read More


Jared Evan - unCOVERED [Album]

Singer/songwriter/emcee/producer JARED EVAN has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest artistic release, unCOVERED. Breaking boundaries of the traditional remix mixtape, unCOVERED finds the... Read More


Jared Evan - Yellow [Stream]

If you’re a fan of Coldplay (especially their older material) then Jared Evan‘s brand new cover of their breakout hit Yellow might just make your day. The tricky thing about song covers is the approach. Do you... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Styles P, Saigon & Jared Evan - New York, New York [Stream]

Full disclosure: The native Bostonian in me is angry to see my fellow Beantown representative Statik Selektah involved in a track called New York, New York (Yankees suck), but the hip-hop head in me knows that it ain’t... Read More


Jared Evan - Hurt [Video]

For the first video off his new unCOVERED series, the always creatively daring Jared Evan gets seriously dark with a re-interpretation of Nine Inch Nail’s Hurt. unCOVERED is a musical web series created by Jared Evan... Read More


Jared Evan - Hurt [Stream]

It would be an audacious artist who covered Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower today; no matter how dope an effort you turned in, there would be those for whom Hendrix’ rendition was the last word. Similarly, it... Read More


Jared Evan - Ice Cream (unCOVERED) [Stream]

Jared Evan is many things – a Zone 4/Interscope signee, a DJBooth Freestyle alum, one hell of a good interview subject – but first and foremost he’s consistent. Over the last year it’s hard to remember a month... Read More