New Jarell Perry Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Deebs & Jarell Perry - Driving Blind [Stream]

Toronto producer Deebs and LA singer Jarell Perry recently came together for a collaborative EP, entitled Shift, pushing the boundaries of genre and combining elements of trip-hop with soul. Today, we have the latest music... Read More


Muneshine ft. Jarell Perry - Boom Goes the Dynamite (Laudz Remix) [Stream]

Ball State University’s Brian Collins may have delivered the most inept sports news segments of all time (granted, it wasn’t his fault; the teleprompter failed on him), but without that f**k-up we wouldn’t... Read More


Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - Imperfect [Stream]

Awe-inspiring as it is to hear Locksmith simply go hard on the mic, the Golden State emcee is at his best when spitting brutally honest bars about his personal experiences. On new mixtape single Imperfect, he returns to the... Read More


HSVN ft. Jarell Perry - Supreme [Stream & Download]

Up till now, we in the Booth have known HSVN chiefly as the architect behind indie soul singer Jarell Perry‘s sound. Though they’re still paired up on the newly-released Supreme, this marks the first time... Read More


Jarell Perry - Butterflies (Michael Jackson Cover) [Stream]

In the wake of posthumous album XSCAPE‘s arrival on store shelves earlier this month, listeners everywhere have been revisiting the King of Pop’s classic material—indie crooner Jarell Perry included. On his... Read More


Jarell Perry - Taboo [Stream & Download]

Sometimes a forbidden love is the strongest. And for whatever unconventional reason, Los Angeles native Jarell Perry is in the clutches of the sweetest one. The indie R&B/Pop singer’s new promo single, Taboo, is an... Read More


Jarell Perry - Blow (Beyoncé Cover) [Stream & Download]

Late last month, Jarell Perry impressed Boothgoers with a soulful reimagining of Own It, a cut of Drake‘s 2013 Nothing Was the Same LP. Now, the indie crooner has put his stamp on a sensual selection off... Read More


Jarell Perry - Own It (Drake Cover) [Stream]

Over the last two years, Jarell Perry‘s shown Boothgoers the strength of his solo material. Now, the indie-R&B buzzmaker tries his hand at a cover of an existing joint. “Guess whose it is. Guess whose it is. Guess... Read More


Jarell Perry - Braindead [Stream]

Fresh off earning reader acclaim for This Is Spinal Tap-inspired lead single Eleven, Jarrell Perry returns to The DJBooth with another fresh single off his next digital release. This slow-burning ballad finds the Golden State... Read More


Jarell Perry - Black Valentine [Stream]

Next month at SXSW, indie R&B singer Jarell Perry will be unleashing his latest EP, White. A multifaceted project encompassing “stunning visuals and a live show” as well as seven tracks’ worth of new music, the... Read More


Jarell Perry - Daredevil [Stream]

Jarell Perry‘s last feature found the unsigned singer/songwriter wondering whether his feelings for a certain woman were sapping his higher mental faculties. Braindead or not, he at least knew he had a problem. The... Read More


Jarell Perry ft. Chuck Inglish - Eleven [Stream]

Why settle for 10 out of 10, when you can go all the way to Eleven? Like Nigel’s amp from This Is Spinal Tap, Golden State R&B buzzmaker Jarell Perry has the ability to bring it up one crucial notch higher than the... Read More


Jarell Perry x Locksmith - Don’t Run From Me [Stream]

Starting in mid-November, Cali buzzmakers Jarell Perry and Locksmith will be linking up to play a series of shows in L.A., New York and San Francisco. While Boothgoers have had plenty of opportunities to witness their... Read More


Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - Much More [Stream]

If Locksmith were a Major League Baseball player, I’d assume that he’s been hanging out with A-Rod and Ryan Braun (cough…cough…taking PEDs), because the Bay Area emcee is batting a thousand here in the Booth. His... Read More


Locksmith x Jarell Perry - Broken [Stream]

Thus far in 2013, Locksmith has one hell of a winning streak going. Livin’ Loaded, Transitions, Be Free and F**k Love have each won him more acclaim than the last. Today, the Cali native endeavors to top himself yet... Read More


Jarell Perry - Getaway [Stream]

Introduced to our pages via July 2012’s reader-acclaimed Healing and subsequently heard delivering a guest chorus on THURZ’ Keep Livin’, rising R&B singer Jarell Perry finally returns with solo feature... Read More


Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - You Never Know [Stream]

As he watched criminals being led to their execution during his imprisonment in the Tower of London, English Reformer John Bradford famously stated, “There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford.” In a similar... Read More


Cadence Weapon ft. Jarell Perry - When It’s Real [Stream]

In rap, it’s generally accepted that there’s no such thing as keeping it too real. In love, on the other hand, being honest about your feelings and intentions can cripple a relationship before it’s even... Read More


THURZ ft. Jarell Perry - Keep Livin’ [Stream]

The current state of hip-hop is a perennial topic of debate among heads but, personally, I’m not worried; as long as THURZ’ heart is beating, I can feel secure in the knowledge that realness is alive and well in... Read More


Jarell Perry - Healing [Stream]

The power of healing tends to be quite the interesting topic and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jarell Perry delves into it on his latest single and first ever DJBooth feature, Healing. The singer, who co-wrote Chris... Read More