New Jason Caesar Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Shane Eli ft. Jason Caesar - Die Alone [Stream]

In his Pensées, the French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, “We are fools to depend upon the society of our fellow-men. ...[T]hey will not aid us; we shall Die Alone.” Following February’s Prelude to a Kill, the... Read More


James Watts ft. Jason Caesar & Miles Cody - Beautiful Monster [Stream & Download]

As befitting a comeback project, James Watts’ new, Booth-hosted EP finds the Jersey representative offering fans a little insight into what he’s been doing during his time away from the game. According to this... Read More


DJ Katch ft. Jason Caesar & Tiffany Kirkland - Bounce Like My Levels [Stream]

The thumping bass in Jason Caesar‘s music isn’t just there for your listening pleasure; equally important are the effects of low frequencies on the female anatomy. On his latest promo single (a Booth-exclusive... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Jason Caesar - Back Seat Oven [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “Back Seat Oven? That sounds incredibly f**king unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable.” Well, according to a Google search, there were people crazy enough to install a full-size oven in... Read More


Jason Caesar - The Other Guy [Stream]

The best relationship advice I’ve ever received came from my mother: “Never make someone a priority if all you are to them is an option.” (A Google search reveals that she was actually quoting Maya Angelou but,... Read More


Jason Caesar - Radio [Stream & Download]

One of the more underrated perks of being a big-name artist is that, when more traditional methods of communication just won’t cut it, you can tell that special someone—and the rest of the world—exactly how you feel... Read More


Jason Caesar x Laws - Imagination [Stream]

It’s been said (by old people, mostly) that today’s generation of young adults has lost the power of Imagination, thanks to a steady diet of TV, Internet, video games and other passive media. Today, Booth faves... Read More


Jason Caesar ft. Laws - (Still) Not Over You [Stream & Download]

One very steamy guest feature aside, we haven’t heard anything from Jason Caesar since his heralded The Musical album dropped way back in….September of 2010. (Good lord, has it really been that long?) Thankfully there’s... Read More


Jason Caesar - The Musical [Album]

Let’s pretend for a moment that I ran my own major label, Nathan S. Records. (Not a very original name, but what can I say? I‘m narcissistic). And then let’s pretend that I was looking to add a young, male r&b singer to... Read Full Review


Jason Caesar - The Musical [Album]

Internationally-known R&B up-and-comer Jason Caesar has joined forces with to bring fans his latest full-length EP, The Musical. The project features 16 fresh records from the Black Shield/PoE.T.s Music... Read More


Jason Caesar - Hats Off [Stream]

Some songs are meant to do one thing and one thing only; make babies. What J. Holiday did with his hit single Bed in ‘07, Jason Caesar is on track to replicate for 2010 with Hats Off, making its premiere right here, right... Read More


Jason Caesar ft. Ma$e - Taking You Home [Stream]

Those who, like me, narrowly missed experiencing the music of the ‘80s firsthand (I’m an ‘88 baby) are currently being treated to a thorough retread of the era’s hits. Whatever your feelings on urban... Read More


Jason Caesar Debuts Trailer for Booth-Sponsored “The Musical” EP [Video] [Feature ]

Waldorf, Md. -- Jason Caesar, the internationally-known R&B singer who brought us "Relax (Your Mind)" and "Pullin Me Down," offers fans a sneak peek at his forthcoming EP, The Musical, in this brand new... Read More


Jason Caesar ft. Stanza - Misery Loves Company [Stream & Download]

Coined way back when Latin was still a living language, “Misery Loves Company” is an idiom that’s stood the test of time by virtue of being very, very accurate. As true as it is that that the habitually negative... Read More


Jason Caesar - Pullin Me Down [Stream]

Relax (Your Mind), globetrotting R&B singer Jason Caesar‘s first feature, did its job so well that some readers may not even remember it—if you’re anything like me, you probably zoned out about thirty... Read More


Jason Caesar - Relax (Your Mind) [Stream]

Feeling stressed lately?  Overwhelmed?  Looking to put on something soothing, kick back, and simply Relax Your Mind?  Well, R&B up-and-comer Jason Caesar (nephew of Grammy-winning gospel singer Shirley... Read More