New Jason Derulo Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me [Stream]

Jason Derulo had a big year in 2014, thanks to the release of his Talk Dirty album, but with the release of his latest single he seems to have his sights squarely set on 2015. Want To Want Me finds the R&B... Read More


Jason Derulo ft. Tyga - Bubblegum [Stream]

Jason Derulo likes a girl who knows how to “pop that Bubblegum;” and no, I ain’t talking about Fruit Stripe. On a new Australian single off his junior set, the Warner Bros./Beluga Heights R&B hitmaker waxes... Read More


Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg - Wiggle [Stream]

Given that it’s a Thursday morning and you’re most likely sitting in front of a computer screen, it’s unlikely that even the dopest club banger will inspire you to leap to your feet and dance. But you... Read More


Jason Derulo - Tattoos EP [Album]

R&B hitmaker Jason Derulo has released his latest collection of original material, the Tattoos EP, via Beluga Heights/Warner Bros. The artist's third official retail release, the project follows 2011 sophomore full-length... Read More


Jason Derulo - Marry Me [Stream]

Still riding high off the Billboard success of lead selection The Other Side (which was followed by international hit Talk Dirty), Warner Bros. crooner Jason Derulo returns to our pages with single number two off his... Read More


Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty [Stream]

During his international travels, Jason DeRulo often finds himself unable to converse with locals in their native tongue. When it comes to spitting game to beautiful women, however, the R&B/pop singer always manages to... Read More


Jason Derulo - The Other Side [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Derulo has crossed over to The Other Side. No, not the Jim Morrison, “spirit world” other side—I’m talking about the other side of the friend zone. On single numero uno off his third... Read More


David Rush ft. Jason Derulo - She Ain’t You [Stream]

UPDATE: “She Ain’t You” is no longer available to stream. When you’re in love, there’s no one who can measure up to the object of your affection. Just ask David Rush, whose latest promo single,... Read More


Jason Derulo - Fight for You [Stream]

If I had to draft a list of corny 1980’s hits that I’m guaranteed to blast at high volume whenever they come on the radio… actually, that would be an extremely long list. Somewhere near the top, though,... Read More


Jason Derulo ft. Rick Ross - Make It Up as We Go [Stream]

Damn, a lot can change in a month; though Jason Derulo‘s last single, featured in early August, found him serenading a woman in hopes she’d become his “It Girl,” the arrangement evidently didn’t... Read More


Jason Derulo - It Girl [Stream]

Sure, Jason Derulo has a small army of women throwing themselves (and their undergarments) at his feet everywhere he goes, but that doesn’t mean the young crooner has found what he’s looking for. On the contrary, he’s... Read More


Jason Derulo - Don’t Wanna Go Home [Stream]

It’s practically a law of pop physics that, when an urban-music heavyweight has a hit using a particular sample, other artists and producers will jump on the source material, hoping to secure their own piece of the... Read More


Behind the Scenes of Mann’s “Text” Video [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

In this Booth-exclusive backstage footage, West Coast up-and-comer Mann gives us the inside scoop on the official video for reader-acclaimed single "Text," co-starring guest singer Jason Derulo and featuring a cameo by the... Read More


Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj - In My Head (Remix) [Stream]

I know, I know, you had just begun to get Jason Derulo’s hit single In My Head out of your, well, head, but there was no way we could let the song’s official remix go by, especially when it features Nicki Minaj, the... Read More


Jason Derulo - Jason Derulo [Album]

There was a time when pop artists wouldn’t have dreamed of touching rap, and vice-versa, but over the last two decades the lines between r&b, hip-hop and pop have become so blurred these differentiations have become almost... Read Full Review


Jason Derulo - In My Head [Stream]

In his recent, Booth-exclusive interview with DJ Z, Jason Derulo assured his fans that his smash hit debut single, Whatcha Say, was only the beginning of what he had to offer, stating, “I reinvent myself with each track.”... Read More


Mann ft. Jason Derulo - Text [Stream]

There’s no doubt about it: texting has become the music industry’s latest technological obsession; Raheem DeVaughn and the Ko*Starz have both dropped records with “Text Message” in the title, Trey... Read More


Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say [Stream]

It seems that unsigned R&B artists are starting to follow a pattern: submit your best record to in August, watch the rave reviews roll in, wait a few months, and get signed to Beluga Heights/Warner Bros. ... Read More


Pryslezz ft. Jason DeRulo & N.O.X. - Sideways [Stream]

There’s no better way to relieve the stress built up over a long work week than popping a few bottles at your local club – that is, if you don’t end up drinking so much that you’re unable to walk straight... Read More


Jason Derulo - Algebra [Stream]

19-year-old Jason Derulo knows his life’s work will be in music, and he already has an extensive résumé to prove it – in addition to writing for such prominent artists as Lil’ Wanye and Kat DeLuna, he also... Read More