New Jay Electronica Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Is It Better to Release Too Much or Too Little Music in 2017? [Feature ]

I did something equally terrible and amazing the other day; I listened to a bunch of Gorilla Zoe music. Not just the old classics, but rather Zoe’s eerily unremembered series of 28 mixtapes that he released in... Read More


8 Instant Reactions to Jay Electronica’s New “Letter to Falon” Record [Feature ]

Only Jay Electronica would end nearly a year-long drought of new music on a whim seemingly in response to a Kevin Durant NBA Finals performance, but hey, when it comes to Jay Elect we take what we can get when we can get... Read More


A DOOM & Jay Electronica Collab is Coming This Year [Feature ]

DOOM hasn't released a solo album since 2009's Born Like This and Jay Electronica might never release his full-length debut—this July marks 10 years since the Roc Nation emcee released Act I: Eternal... Read More


From Noname to Jay Electronica, the Curious Case of Hip-Hop’s Hermits [Feature ]

Rap the genre and hip-hop the culture attract more good men and women than the Army, but only a chosen few make you feel as if you’re witnessing something great; a true anomaly to the standard. I vividly... Read More


Jay Electronica Once Again Reminds Us That We’re Never Getting an Album [Feature ]

In September 2014, former DJBooth scribe Lucas Garrison proclaimed he was quitting on Jay Electronica. After waiting seven years for the Roc Nation emcee to follow-up his 2007 mixtape Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)... Read More


Jay Electronica Returns With a New Verse, But Where’s the Album? [Feature ]

In the video for “Dear Moleskine,” a short but stunning track produced by Just Blaze from 2009, Jay Electronica wanders the streets of Nepal like a celestial monk. With paint on his forehead and a scarf round his... Read More


Jay Electronica Pretends to Rap in New Toyota Car Commercial [Feature ]

You never know when or what Jay Electronica will do, it’s the unknown that aggravates and gives him a certain mystique. With every year that goes by without an album, we wonder what he's doing? Well,... Read More


When Jay Electronica Made a Crappy Website, Posted Fake Story About Signing to Bad Boy [Feature ]

Jay Electronica is a mystery wrapped in a maze, a quandary draped in uncertainty, an enigma engulfed in a riddle, and that’s exactly why we love him. His music is amazing, but I think the real appeal is who he is,... Read More


The Internet Discovered a 15-Year-Old Jay Electronica Album & Then It Disappeared [Feature ]

If Jay Electronica will not giveth, the internet will taketh. Or at least discovereth and re-uploadeth.  While the world waits (and waits, and waits) for a Jay Elec album that will most likely never come, some... Read More


If Jay Electronica Never Drops An Album, Will He Still Be Remembered in 10 Years? [Feature ]

Meek Mill vs. Wale Green Ranger vs. Red Ranger Lucas vs. Yoh Just because people are on the same team doesn't mean they always agree on everything. For the past year, Yoh and I have been brothers in blog, pen... Read More


Where’s “Act II”? The Complete Timeline of Jay Electronica’s Long Awaited Album [Feature ]

Jay Electronica’s career has made little sense to the larger world. He’s put out one project, several loose songs, and continues to remain shrouded in a thick veil when it comes to his long awaited debut album,... Read More


Jay Electronica Calls Out Drake & J. Cole, Says He’s the “God of Rap” - Is He Right? [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram] One of the biggest questions in hip-hop over the last few years (and counting) isn't "What the f**k is a Jay Electronica?," as an early unofficial compilation project of the New Orleans... Read More


Going Through the Five Stages of Jay Electronica Grief [Feature ]

[Art from @tedikuma] I spend more time with albums than I do people. To me, a "1 Listen Review" is more exciting than a first date. I can go a month without talking to one of my friends, but if I don't... Read More


Jay Electronica - Road To Perdition ft. JAY Z [Stream]

Late last night, a low quality version of a new Jay Electronica song surfaced, and 4th shift Twitter rejoiced like it was the second coming of Based God. Despite the horrendous quality, listeners enjoyed hearing the... Read More


Closing Act: Why I’m Quitting Jay Electronica [Feature ]

What's the famous adage? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well, for my relationship with Jay Electronica, it's, "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me seven hundred thousand times, shame on me."... Read More


Common ft. Vince Staples & Jay Electronica - Kingdom (Remix) [Stream]

It’s a blue moon, it’s a double rainbow, it’s a new Jay Electronica verse! While maybe not quite that rare, new rhymes from Jay Elec are certainly hard to come by. The man’s not just jumping on any... Read More


Jay Electronica x Jay Z - We Made It [Freestyle] [Stream]

After enjoying last week’s Better in Tune With the Infinite, I had silently resigned myself to another year or two without new music from from Jay Electronica. Now, though, it seems that the famously reclusive emcee may... Read More


Jay Electronica ft. LaTonya Givens - Better in Tune With the Infinite [Stream]

Jay Electronica‘s reclusiveness has earned him plenty of flak from hungry fans as well as detractors. And it’s hard to blame ‘em; the man shows his face less often than Punxatawney Phil. While it’s... Read More


Rapsody ft. Phonte & Jay Electronica - Jedi Code [Stream]

With her Gangsta Grillz tape just hours away from release, Jamla Records rhymesayer Rapsody has liberated one last standout cut to whet fans’ appetites. Label boss 9th Wonder mans the boards on Jedi Code, pairing grimy... Read More


Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica - Control (#HOF) [Stream]

Big Sean is gearing up to release his new album, Hall of Fame, on August 27, so naturally the G.O.O.D Music signee is in a celebratory mood.  Instead of popping bottles before pre-sale numbers begin to flood in, however,... Read More


The Bullitts ft. Jay Electronica - Murder Death Kill [Stream]

Back in April, Jeymes “The Bullitts” Samuel introduced his genre-defying musical stylings to our pages with They Die By Dawn, a Spaghetti Western-style jam which just so happened to pack guest bars from two of the most... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Jay Electronica - Suplexes Inside of Complexes & Duplexes [Stream]

It takes one hell of a lyricist to coax Jay Electronica out of hiding for a guest verse. As such, Mac Miller‘s latest single should be a wake-up call to any heads who still aren’t taking the indie phenom’s... Read More


The Bullitts ft. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu - They Die By Dawn [Stream]

If you are like me, then you, too, must be saying a daily prayer that Jay Electronica’s album will drop unexpectedly. So far, the elusive emcee hasn’t said a peep about the album’s release but, thankfully, he drops... Read More


Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine [Stream]

It’s that time again: time for Jay Electronica to come out of the woodwork with a mind-blowing new record, remind us that he’s one of the most talented emcees in the game, then disappear for at least six months... Read More


Jay Electronica ft. Mobb Deep - Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3) [Stream]

While I don’t follow the massively popular Modern Warfare series, a quick Google search assures me that the latest entry, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is poised to utterly revolutionize the console gaming industry... Read More


Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The-Dream - Shiny Suit Theory [Stream & Download]

Humphrey Bogart would be proud. With red curtain cinema dipped in 1920’s bravado, Roc Nation‘s newest member Jay Electronica gives his audience a tip of the hat with his latest release, Shiny Suit Theory,... Read More


Paul Wall ft. Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf - Live It [Stream]

I never know what to expect from Paul Wall, although knowing his track record and also being from Texas, I probably should. So when he keeps surprising me time and time again, I wonder if the rest of the world will notice.... Read More


Big Boi, YelaWolf & Jay Elecontonica Make the ATL Proud [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Most hip-hop fans take pride in their hometown rappers. However, moving from state to state I never truly got to feel that pride until this weekend. On Thursday, Big Boi threw a free concert that also featured Jay Electronica... Read More


Jay Electronica ft. Diddy - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace [Stream]

When there are two full moons in one month it is called a “Blue Moon,” so it seems like we should have a term for the far rarer occasion when Jay Electronica drops ONE record in a month. The mysterious emcee sneaks in... Read More


Stars Come Out in Support of Diabetes Awareness [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. – On Monday, January 20, advocates, musicians, actors and DJs united in support of diabetes awareness at Brooklyn’s new Knitting Factory for the Mind Body Soul benefit. Most notably the benefit included... Read More


Reflection Eternal ft. J. Cole, Jay Electronica & Mos Def - Just Begun [Stream]

About a month ago the internet got its collective headphones in a bunch when a bootleg version of Reflection Eternal’s new track Just Begun leaked, so I can only imagine the reaction now that we’ve been blessed with the... Read More


DJBooth & RefinedHype Present the Weekly Rap Up - Vol. 1 [Feature ]

Every week's partner site takes everything that's new in urban music and culture and refines it for a discriminating audience (that would be you). In the first of a regular series we're calling the... Read More


Jay Electronica - Exhibit C [Stream]

November 4, 2008: a day that will go down in history. The day Exhibit A (Transformations) was featured at Well, OK, the electing-our-first-African-American-president thing may slightly eclipse Jay... Read More


Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (Transformations) [Stream]

I know what you Booth-heads are thinking; it’s about time you featured something from Jay Electronica!  Signed to his “spiritual partner,” Erykah Badu‘s Control FreaQ Records, the New Orleans native has... Read More