New Jazmine Sullivan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jazmine Sullivan - Reality Show [Album]

Soon after the fall 2010 release of Jazmine Sullivan's sophomore set, Love Me Back, relationship woes forced the R&B songstress to take a vacation from the music game. Though the hiatus turned out to be (much) longer than... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Mascara [Stream]

This year, songstress Jazmine Sullivan ended a three year hiatus, returning to our front page and announcing that her third studio album, Reality Show, will be coming in 2015. Her latest single, Mascara, has a lot of... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Forever Don’t Last [Stream]

Though many, if not most wedding vows contain the phrase “till death do us part,” 40 to 50 percent of American marriages nonetheless end in divorce or permanent separation. Clearly, “Forever Don’t Last too long... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. Meek Mill - Dumb [Stream]

Being cheated on sucks. Being obviously cheated on? Well, that’s adding insult to injury. On her first single in nearly four years, R&B chanteuse Jazmine Sullivan wonders just how Dumb her unfaithful man must thinks... Read More


XV ft. Jazmine Sullivan & Sez Batter - Famous [Stream & Download]

The Kid with the Green Backpack decided to “leak” one more song in preparation of his new upcoming EP, Zero Heros. This time, XV borrowed Jazmine Sullivan‘s Famous, which was originally on her ‘10... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Love Me Back [Album]

Hundreds of artists across every genre and medium have threatened to retire, almost none have. In fact, Dave Chapelle’s “mental breakdown that eventually became a de facto retirement” aside, I can’t think of a single... Read Full Review


Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds [Stream]

Good music comes from the heart. But sometimes great music comes from throwing furniture around and doing some good ol’ fashioned venting after a messy departure from a significant other. On 10 Seconds, Jazmine Sullivan’s... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beatz - Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles) (Remix) [Stream]

The response to Ms. “Cross me and I will bust your windows” Jazmine Sullivan’s latest song Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles) has been overwhelmingly positive – DJBooth nation gave it four stars – so you know... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Going in Circles) [Stream]

2008 was an excellent year for music, due in large part to the contributions of Philly songstress Jazmine Sullivan with her singles Need U Bad (where she couldn’t get over her man), Bust Your Windows (where she was this... Read More


Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan - World Tour [Stream]

Having already accumulated a broad national fanbase (including Bun B, Young Jeezy, and Lindsay Lohan), Wale is more than ready to take the next step: widening his reach on the global scene with a World Tour!  On this... Read More


Jack Splash ft. Missy & Jazmine Sullivan - I Could Have Loved You [Stream]

Here in the Twin Cities, Prince is still held in very high regard, but the sad truth of the matter is that his last couple dozen albums just haven’t packed the freaky, feel-good punch of his ‘80s output. ... Read More


Rocky Fontaine ft. Jazmine Sullivan - Love Me Baby [Single Version] [Stream]

Over the past year, Rocky Fontaine has been busy positioning himself as Philadelphia’s next big thing, impressing listeners here and elsewhere with several stellar street singles (Once Again It’s On, Best in the... Read More


Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & Jazmine Sullivan - Champion [Stream]

It seems that Ace Hood has finally found his niche; having experimented with the club/street approach (Cash Flow, Get ‘Em Up) and the ladies’ jam angle (Ride), the Deerfield Beach rapper has decided to focus his... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan Premieres “Lions, Tigers & Bears” Video on MySpace Music [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Earlier today, Best of the Booth-nominated singer/singer Jazmine Sullivan premiered a brand new music video for "Lions, Tigers & Bears," the third single off her debut album, Fearless. Directed by Syndrome,... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears [Stream]

There’s a reason why Jazmine Sullivan‘s debut album is titled Fearless; as our very own Nathan S. pointed out in his review, “she’s not afraid to sing about topics that even most rappers stay away from.”... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. The Dream - Bust Your Windows (Remix) [Stream]

The reason Jazmine Sullivan‘s second single, Bust Your Windows, has been so successful (peaking at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100) is its audacious, head-turning subject matter.  So many heads have turned, in fact,... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. Skillz - Bust Your Windows (Remix) [Stream]

When Jazmine Sullivan decided to christen her debut album Fearless, it was perhaps the most fitting name she could have chosen.  After all, several of the 21-year-old Philly native’s songs cover topics that the... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan Releases Screenshots of New, Uncut “Bust Your Windows” Video [Feature ]

Philadelphia, PA-- Up-and-coming R&B star Jazmine Sullivan, who joined our very own DJ "Z" in the Booth last week for an exclusive interview, has released these screenshots of a brand new version of the video for "Bust Your... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless [Album]

So the music industry walks into a club. Dressed head to toe in Gucci, the music industry walks up to the bar, orders a glass of Cristal, and starts cruising the room looking for a dime piece to take home. But the music... Read Full Review


Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows [Stream]

Jazmine Sullivan has already shown her vulnerable side with her debut hit, I Need U Bad and proclaimed herself Fearless with the titling of her forthcoming debut.  Now, on Bust Your Windows, she focuses on a new,... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. T.I. & Missy Elliot - Need U Bad (Remix) [Stream]

J Records sent singer Jazmine Sullivan’s debut record, Need U Bad, to radio on May 26.  A little over two months later, the Missy Elliot and Lamb produced single is a Top 5 record at Urban radio across the country and... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan - I Need U Bad [Stream]

As the newest R&B singer to sign with J Records, 21-year old Jazmine Sullivan has quite the summer ahead of her.  Going with the typical ‘pining over a lost love’ ballad route, the Philadelphia songbird quickly... Read More