New JD Era Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sean Brown ft. JD Era - Probably Don’t Know (Remix) [Stream & Download]

At the top of January, Los Angeles rhymesayer Sean Brown let listeners in on a few little-publicized factoids about himself on Probably Don’t Know, a bold and arrogant promo single that won positive reviews from our... Read More


JD Era - F**k ‘Em [Stream & Download]

JD Era‘s attitude toward anyone who stands in the way of his hustle can be summed up in two simple words: “F**k ‘Em.” On his latest promotional single, making its world premiere right here on our front page,... Read More


JD Era - You Got It [Stream]

What have you been fiending for lately, Booth readers? Some new music from JD Era? As the T-Dot buzzmaker puts it on his latest promo cut, “You, you, you, You Got It.” On this cut, his first headlining feature since... Read More


Art of Fresh ft. JD Era - Champion [Stream]

Hip-hop seems to be chock full of Champions; from Kevin Rudolf to Emilio Rojas, a whopping 28 artists have stepped into the Booth with records featuring that word in the title. The latest holders of the championship belt? Art... Read More


Tony Touch ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, JD Era & RZA - Unorthodox [Stream & Download]

In order to create some buzz for his forthcoming project, The Piece Maker 3… Return of the 50 MCs, veteran DJ Tony Touch has taken an Unorthodox approach, recruiting some of the most hardened hip-hop vets to take part... Read More


JD Era ft. Shi Wisdom - Mount Olympus [Stream & Download]

Like your hip-hop on the epic side? Then JD Era‘s latest Footage-directed video, Mount Olympus, will be right up your alley. Here, B.T.‘s cinematic, string-laced production bangs in the back as the Toronto spitter... Read More


Paypa ft. Raekwon, Nick D’s, & JD Era - Tried to Tell Em [Stream & Download]

Still riding high off the wave of buzz and acclaim that greeted late 2011’s Henny on the Rocks, Paypa is already hard at work on a sequel to the Booth-sponsored LP. On the project’s inaugural leak,Tried to Tell... Read More


The Foodchain ft. JD Era - Basically (Remix) [Stream & Download]

After garnering glowing reader reviews for past features Traction and Dear Industry, The Foodchain are Basically shoo-ins for Booth fave status. Nonetheless, another banger certainly can’t hurt their... Read More


JD Era ft. Mac Miller - Hate Me Later [Stream]

Feel like talking trash to JD Era? Take a number; as the Ice H2o Canada signee explains on the latest leak off his forthcoming digital debut, it’s going to be a damn long time before he finds an opening in his schedule... Read More


Mean Doe Green ft. JD Era, Ceazar & Black Zeek - Terminators [Stream & Download]

Mean Doe Green and his colleagues may be—to my knowledge—made of flesh and blood like the rest of us, but that’s not going to stop them from taking over the globe, Terminator-style. On the latest single off... Read More


JD Era ft. Raekwon - Pay Day 2 [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from JD Era, on the latest leak off The Real Frequency‘s New North compilation, he’d set out in search of Change. Change in the abstract, societal sense, that is—when it comes to currency, the... Read More


JD Era ft. LOKZ - Change [Stream & Download]

Fed up with “the same sh*t every day,” JD Era strikes out in search of Change on the latest release off The Real Frequency‘s forthcoming compilation album. With Soundsmith‘s piano boardwork banging in... Read More


Raekwon x JD Era - Dirty Water (Freestyle) [Stream]

Ice H20, Inc.’s newest signee JD Era has teamed up with label head Raekwon for a freestyle over Nas’ Nasty beat, produced by Salaam Remi, called Dirty Water. Raekwon kicks of the track with a rapid fire rhyme in his... Read More


JD Era - Ice H20 [Stream & Download]

Recently added to Wu-Tang legend Raekwon‘s Ice H20 roster, T-Dot buzzmaker JD Era revels in his victory on a freshly-released album leak. On this ice-cold banger, the chilly synth boardwork of Snaz and Frank Dukes sets... Read More


JD Era - The Foundation [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from JD Era, the up-and-comer was spitting about his desire to become World Famous alongside ATL twosome The Canz. Well, turns out achieving international renown was only the beginning of his scheme for hip-hop... Read More


The Canz ft. JD Era & Danay Mariney - World Famous [Stream]

With the number of fresh faces I’ve heard lamenting the dark side of celebrity, it seems like some rappers are born disillusioned with life in the spotlight – not The Canz; as brothers Prominent and Foster explain on... Read More


JD Era - Th1rt3en [Album]

In anticipation of the arrival of his debut studio album, Toronto up-and-comer JD Era has cooked up a brand new prelude mixtape entitled Th1rt3en. Hosted by Canada’s Mixtape King, DJ Dax, the project features 13... Read More


JD Era - You Know This [Stream]

There are some truths that are so obvious we rarely comment on them, except to illustrate the concept of obviousness: the sky is blue, one plus one is two, JD Era goes hard, you get the picture. On You Know That, the... Read More


JD Era ft. Lokz - Champagne Nights [Stream]

Since BOOGNIGHTS’ Cheers! pulled in the most stars of yesterday’s features, we thought we’d treat you to another New Year’s-themed cut that doubles as an all-purpose party soundtrack. Best enjoyed with... Read More


JD Era ft. Drake - Rock N Roll [Stream]

Though I enjoy the occasional rock concert, I generally can’t stand the crowds—nine times out of ten, I’ll end up watching some band play their hearts out to a bunch of motionless, skinny-jeaned kids who, by... Read More


Solitair ft. JD Era & Joell Ortiz - Can’t Front [Stream]

Solitair‘s stage name may suggest that his policy is to fly solo, but this isn’t always the case; on a new street single off his forthcoming LP, The Departure (set to drop in ‘09), the Ontario emcee/producer... Read More