New Jennifer Lopez Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Fat Joe ft. Jennifer Lopez - Stressin [Stream]

Update: The Eif Rivera-directed visuals for Fat Joe’s Stressin single have been added. Being a famous recording artist ain’t exactly a low-pressure lifestyle, but some people are just built for the spotlight.... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea - Booty (Remix) [Stream]

Update: The Hype Williams-directed visuals for Jennifer Lopez’ Booty (Remix) single has been added. The original incarnation of Booty, single numero tres off Jennifer Lopez‘s eighth full-length, didn’t make... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A. [Album]

Three years after the release of her seventh studio album, LOVE?, Jennifer Lopez makes her return to the music game with the A.K.A. LP. Booth approved singles "First Love," "I Luh Ya Papi," and "Same Girl" (both featuring... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - First Love [Stream]

When you lose something, it always seems to be in the last place you look. Similarly, you only find The One after sifting through a seemingly endless series of duds. On the latest single off her eighth LP, Jennifer Lopez... Read More


Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One (Ole Ola) [Stream]

On his last single, Wild Wild Love, Pitbull injected a little folk-rock into his dancefloor-ready sound. While it didn’t reach the stature of his biggest hits, the experiment was enough of a success for the hip-pop... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. French Montana - I Luh Ya Papi [Stream]

When not busy judging the current season of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has been keeping her musical fanbase satisfied by liberating the occasional promo single. January’s Girls and February’s Same Girl,... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl [Stream]

After more than a quarter-century in the game, Jennifer Lopez is still the Same Girl she was when she laid down her first vocal track. On the follow-up to January promo cut Girls, the veteran pop songstress returns to the... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - Girls [Stream]

It’s as true today as when Cyndi Lauper first said it: “Girls just wanna have fun.” On a new promo single, pop heavyweight (and current American Idol judge) Jennifer Lopez transplants the catchphrase from the 1983... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Live It Up [Stream]

Previously heard collaborating on 2011’s On the Floor and ‘12’s Dance Again, pop heavyweight Jennifer Lopez and Latin-rap hitmaker Pitbull once again combine their powers on Live It Up, the former... Read More


Flo Rida ft. Jennifer Lopez - Sweet Spot 2.0 [Stream]

Flo Rida‘s senior album may be eight-and-a-half months old, but the set is still chock full of potential hits just waiting to be unleashed. Thus, the Panhandle State club chief has just liberated single number six off... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Flo Rida - Goin In [Stream]

This summer, the viewing public will be treated to Step Up Revolution, the fourth entry in the bloockbuster dance film franchise. Premiered by Jennifer Lopez on this week’s American Idol season finale, the latest single... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Dance Again [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Jennifer Lopez’ “Dance Again” video. Jennifer Lopez may be an international star, but her longings are simple—as she puts it on her latest promo... Read More

will-i-am-the-hardest-ever ft. Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez - T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) [Stream]

Since time immemorial, heads have hotly debated the relative hardnesses of various artists, but an objective standard for measuring that elusive quality has yet to be established—until now. Using a complex set of... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - Starting Over [Stream]

Don’t be fooled by the upbeat sound of Jennifer Lopez‘s new Danja-produced single Starting Over - as the title suggests, the subject of the song centers around the dissolution of her marriage to fellow entertainer... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne - I’m Into You [Stream]

In 2003 Jennifer Lopez was unarguably one of the biggest stars on the planet, regularly cranking out top ten hits and sold out shows, while Lil Wayne was mostly known for coining “drop it like it’s hot” on Back That Azz... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - On the Floor [Stream]

Featured back in November of 2009, the lead single off Jennifer Lopez’ seventh LP was a bit of a misstep (hey, it’s tough to keep your balance while rocking Louboutins), and 2010 came and went with no album in... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins [Stream]

J-Lo may have taken a spill onstage during Sunday’s American Music Awards, but for the most part she’s on solid footing when it comes to reviving her once unstoppable career. Sure her last track Fresh Out the Oven... Read More


Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Fresh out the Oven [Stream]

In the music industry, sexy comes and sexy goes. And since the definition of sexy is constantly changing, many feel the need to bring it back, however they deem necessary. As the latest example in this time honored trend, I... Read More


Jennifer Lopez - Brave [Album]

Remember when Jennifer Lopez was the biggest female performer in music? She was sitting pretty atop the charts, graced the cover of every tabloid in the world and shook her assets so well, Chris Rock joked she showed up for... Read Full Review


Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well [Stream]

After the disappointing sales from her last English album, Rebirth, Jennifer Lopez decided to return to her previous pop-R&B-hip-hop mix for her upcoming album, Brave.  The first urban single, Do It Well, finds her... Read More