New Jered Sanders Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jered Sanders - Hope Is Dope [Album]

DMV-based singer, songwriter and emcee Jered Sanders brings his style of "hope hop" into 2016 in the form of a brand new full-length, entitled Hope Is Dope. Totaling ten tracks, the album includes features from Eris Ford,... Read More


Jered Sanders - Be Myself [Stream]

On the latest single off his forthcoming album, Daylight Savings Time., due out August 28, via Soulspazm, emcee Jered Sanders makes clear that he just wants to Be Myself. Like the previously-featured Who Am I, which was... Read More


Jered Sanders - Who Am I? [Stream]

Freestyle Series alum Jered Sanders has released Who Am I?, a new single that will appear on his forthcoming album, Daylight Savings Time., due out August 28 via Soulspazm. The record, which follows loosie Mitchell &... Read More


Jered Sanders - Mitchell & Blessed. [Stream & Download]

Florida native Jered Sanders has released Mitchell & Blessed., an almost five-minute open verse, produced by Illien Rosewell. The record will be a bonus track on Sanders’ Daylight Savings Time album, due out August... Read More


Jered Sanders - Hero [Stream]

Need a Hero? Allow Booth-favorite Jered Sanders to make his case with his latest single—a Booth-exclusive world premiere. Last featured on our pages with his entry into our world-renowned Freestyle Series, the... Read More


Jered Sanders - P.S.E. (Public Service Enhancement) [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More


Jered Sanders - Real [Stream]

As evidenced by the rave reviews that greeted his Sorry for the Delay EP, Jered Sanders has been at the top of his game lately. But, below the surface of his Booth-approved tunes, inner conflict has been bubbling. Real the... Read More


Jered Sanders - Sorry for the Delay EP [Album]

Elementality Productions recording artist Jered Sanders has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Sorry for the Delay EP. The official prelude to studio debut Gorgeous (dropping in... Read More


Jered Sanders - Same Ol’ Thing [Stream]

Thus far, each of the records we’ve featured off Jered Sanders‘s forthcoming EP has been strikingly different from the last in sound, style and subject matter. The final pre-release single is the Same Ol’... Read More


Jered Sanders - Hustle Hard [Stream]

Even an emcee as patently talented as Jared Sanders sometimes entertains doubts about the path he’s chosen. On Hustle Hard the latest world premiere off his forthcoming EP, the Booth fave admits that lately, he’s... Read More


Jered Sanders - Iron Man [Stream]

Jared Sanders‘s last Booth feature, the Valentine’s Day-themed Black Butterfly, saw him tenderly pouring his heart out to a special girl. Fast-forward just a few short weeks, and that joint’s gentleness has... Read More


Jered Sanders - Black Butterfly [Stream]

When first I glanced at the promo artwork for Jared Sanders‘s latest single, my second thought (after, “Hey, isn’t that a red butterfly?”) was that it looked like the poster for a grisly horror flick. Turns... Read More


Jered Sanders - Boys on the Radio [Stream]

I have to admit, I’d be a little shocked if I heard Jared Sanders‘s voice the next time I was browsing the FM band. But the surprise would be a pleasant one; amid the mass-produced hits that dominate the... Read More


Jered Sanders - Superstar, Pt. 1 [Stream]

Released via The DJBooth in late August, Jered Sanders‘s While You Were Waiting EP was most definitely dope—as its rave Booth reviews attest—but it was only an appetizer. Now, the Elementality Productions signee has... Read More


Jered Sanders - While You Were Waiting EP [Album]

Elementality Productions rhymesayer Jered Sanders has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his debut EP, While You Were Waiting. The official prelude to his debut full-length, Gorgeous, which is set to drop this... Read More


Jered Sanders - Black [Stream]

On a classic 1969 single, blues/soul legend Syl Johnson reflected on the sheer amount of struggle and disappointment he’d faced over the course of his life, wondering, “Is It Because I’m Black?” More than half... Read More


Jered Sanders - Gorgeous [Stream]

Back in May, Jered Sanders made his solo Booth debut with Closed Captioned, an LP single that won a spectacular 4.7-star average rating from our readers. Topping that is a tall order, but the Elementality signee makes a... Read More


Jered Sanders - Closed Caption [Stream & Download]

No, unfortunately Jered Sanders’ latest effort has not been Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired. (Though, if anyone feels like typing the lyrics out, I’m sure your efforts would be much appreciated.) That... Read More


DJ K.O. ft. Silent Knight, Jered Sanders, Justin Bates, K-Hill, East, MadKem - Stand Up! [Stream]

Whether it’s his work on 2008’s star-studded Picture This project or his forthcoming album EMPBeTheTeam, the goal for DJ K.O. has always been crystal clear; to make, “good, old-fashioned Hip-Hop.” Whatever... Read More