New Jesse Boykins III Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jesse Boykins III - Great Idea [Stream & Download]

Having not graced our pages in over half a year, Jesse Boykins III returns with a standout track off of his forthcoming Bartholomew project. Released in a three song pack yesterday, entitled Bartholomew Wave I, Great Idea is... Read More


Jesse Boykins - Our Tonight Is Mine [Stream]

Earlier today, alt-R&B phenom Jesse Boykins III unleashed the deluxe edition of his latest studio album, Love Apparatus. As the word “deluxe” implies, the project packs a few tracks in addition to those on its... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Show Me Who You Are [Stream]

Update: The Jesse Boykins III and Godfrey Tabarez -directed visuals for Show Me Who You Are have been added. In late February, Jesse Boykins III stepped into the Booth with Plain, an unconventional R&B cut expressing his... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Tribe [Stream]

Since his the release of his free album back in February, things have been pretty quiet on the Theophilus London front, but the international jet setter is back today with Tribe, a bouncing cut designed to soundtrack your... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Love Apparatus [Album]

Jesse Boykins III, a Chicago-born R&B singer and producer, has come quite a long way since his first DJBooth appearance, a feature for solo single "Pantyhose," in October of 2008. Over the past five plus years the indie... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Live In Me [Stream]

Fresh off lending his vocals to beatsmith Daithi‘s Have to Go, featured Monday in the Booth, alt-R&B buzzmaker Jesse Boykins III returns to our pages with a fresh single of his own. Follow-up to the starstruck Show... Read More


Daithi ft. Jesse Boykins III - Have to Go [Stream]

A Booth feature from a favorite artist can be a bittersweet occasion. On one hand, you get to hear some dope new music from that special rapper, singer or beatsmith. On the other, after you’ve given the song a few... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Plain [Stream]

Of the many songs Jesse Boykins III has had featured on our pages, not one of them could fairly be described as “Plain;” without fail, the neo-soul buzzmaker brings something fresh, inspiring and unpredictable to the... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Amen Awoman [Stream]

Lots of male R&B singers are lovers of women in the bedroom, but many fail to match their erotic passion for the opposite sex with thoroughgoing respect and consideration. Jesse Boykins III, I’m happy to say, is not... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Our Party [Mash-Up] [Stream]

You’re craving some quality R&B, but you can’t decide whether Janelle Monáe will hit the spot, or you’re in more of an Alicia Keys mood. Unfortunately, you only have time to listen to one song—who do... Read More


Jesse Boykins III ft. MoRuf - From Time, With Time [Stream & Download]

One of the most acclaimed tracks on Drake‘s newly-released junior album, From Time found the T-Dot heavyweight engaging in an intimate rapport with an old flame played by rising pop songstress Jhené Aiko. Indie crooner... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Young & Beautiful [Stream]

If you caught the recent cinematic adaptation of The Great Gatsby, then you have heard Lana Del Rey’s Young & Beautiful about 5,000 times. Seriously, the song was beaten to death. Here to bring it back to life is Jesse... Read More


Paris 96 (Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III) - Afternoon [Stream & Download]

In keeping with his pledge to drop a new song for each week of February (beginning with Jump (Club Cheval Remix), featured on our front page last Friday), Theophilus London has returned to liven up your Afternoon with a brand... Read More


Zodiac ft. Jesse Boykins III - Come [Stream]

New single Come may be Zodiac‘s first headlining feature in the Booth, but his style should immediately ring a bell for anyone who’s followed urban music over the last year and a half. That’s right:... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons) [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since October 2010, when he guested on MeLo-X‘s She Is Forever, Jesse Boykins III returns to tell us of his recent exploits on new single Back Home. Over Gold Panda‘s pulsing boardwork,... Read More


MeLo-X ft. Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III - She Is Forever [Stream & Download]

Through decades of evolution, occasional revolutions, and plenty of weird and wild tangents, hip-hop has remained fundamentally linked to the celebration of black culture. But don’t take it from me – take it from... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Life of a Lover [Stream]

There are few artists as qualified to discuss the Life of a Lover than alternative emcee Theophilus London and R&B singer Jesse Boykins III, the duo who brought us steamy collaborative cuts Cold Pillow and Oohs &... Read More


Theo Martins ft. Jesse Boykins III - You Don’t See [Stream]

For many artists, the musical grind and the fame that (sometimes) results are endless sources of stress. Theo Martins is a different breed. If the dreamy feel of his latest feature is any indication, he finds the music game... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Enjoy the Sun [Stream]

It seems like colder weather is always synonymous with radio stations putting the same seven songs in continuous rotation and playing them until it’s painful (just thinking about Mario’s Break Up is giving me a migraine),... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Oohs & Ahhs [Stream]

On this new, unreleased cut, Theophilus London addresses the one activity that elicits more Oohs & Ahhs than a Fourth of July fireworks show—if you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Cold Pillow [Stream]

Looking to push his music past the industry-standard boundaries that rule radio is Brooklyn’s own Theophilus London, who has a potential single in Cold Pillow. Longing for a lost love, London implements a uniquely... Read More


Jesse Boykins III - Pantyhose [Stream]

Like fellow young artist Sean Kingston, soul songman Jesse Boykins III split his youth between the musical hubs of Jamaica and Miami, but unlike Kingston, who has already serenaded his way to the top of the industry, Boykins... Read More