New Jitta On The Track Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Chris Webby - Got Your Back ft. Jitta On The Track [Stream & Download]

In need of some new music from Chris Webby? Don’t worry, he’s Got Your Back. The Connecticut rhymesayer’s latest effort comes as part of his Webby Wednesdays series, on the heels of the Booth-approved So... Read More


Jitta On The Track - The Giving [Stream & Download]

Nothing goes together like sparking up and reading some Shel Silverstein, right? Right? In his latest 4/20-approved loosie, The Giving, Jitta On The Track pulls inspiration from none other than the bestselling author.... Read More


Jitta On The Track x Jayscho - Oh My God [Stream]

Ever listen to a record that hit so hard, you found yourself exclaiming “Oh My God” to no one in particular? If not, well, there’s a first time for everything—and yours might be coming sooner than you think. Making... Read More


Jitta On The Track - Bipolar [Album]

Like quite a few other talented emcees, Jitta On The Track can be a little bit erratic—even Bipolar. Whether the Connecticut emcee is up or down, though, his music never fails to captivate listeners, as his current #11 spot... Read More


Jitta On The Track - Don’t Care About Yah [Stream]

Did Jitta On The Track‘s Booth-exclusive RapBox freestyle, featured in late September, leave you hungry for more fresh material from the Connecticut rhymesayer? Well, you’re in luck; today, he’s back on our... Read More


Jitta on the Track - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [Stream]

How an emcee performs with just a beat box backing them is the true test of their skills, and it’s a test we’ll be giving all-comers in our new video series, RapBox. Following our inaugural edition with Mick... Read More


Jitta On The Track - Loud [Stream]

Hold up! Before you hit play on the new single from Jitta on the Track, be sure you have the volume turned up as far as it will go. You’re gonna want to listen to this one Loud. (Disclaimer: the DJBooth bears no... Read More


Chris Webby ft. Jitta On The Track - Good Day [Stream]

Today’s gonna be a Good Day for Chris Webby fans. Not featured on our pages since dropping off Won’t Be Today back in March, the Connecticut repper returns to our pages with a fresh single that’s guaranteed... Read More


Jitta On The Track ft. Cam Meekins & Sonny Shotz - FTW [Stream & Download]

Earlier this week, Jitta On The Track made his long-awaited return to The DJBooth with KEWL, a single that—judging by the rave reviews it received from our readership—lived up to its name and then some. Not a moment too... Read More


Jitta On The Track ft. Bukkweat Bill - KEWL [Stream]

Hartford, Connecticut’s Jitta on the Track first introduced himself to The DJBooth with late 2012’s Letters Part III, a powerful reflection on Trayvon Martin’s murder earlier that year. Fresh off... Read More


Jitta On The Track - Letters Part III [Stream]

It seems like it was years ago, but its only been 10 months since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. Unfortunately, as is the case with most news stories, the mainstream media appears to have moved on from talking about it.... Read More