New John Public Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


John Public - Re-Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience [Album]

Jersey buzzmaker John Public has joined forces with to bring fans his highly-anticipated debut album, Re-Gifted: The Thrift Shop Experience. Co-Executive produced by Public and 6th Sense, the 12-track set finds... Read More


John Public ft. Mike Maven - Second-Hand Minutes [Stream & Download]

We all know John Public is frugal, but just how frugal is he? Not only does the Jersey City buzzmaker rock a thrift-store wardrobe, but he forgoes pricey off-the-shelf time in favor of lightly-used Second-Hand Minutes. How is... Read More


John Public ft. Jubilation & The Mercy Project - Untitled Life [Stream]

As the stage name suggests, Jersey native John Public is all about giving voice to the unsung (and un-rapped) masses. Fresh off speaking truth to power on a Veteran’s Day revamp of Freedom People, the freestyle series... Read More


John Public - Freedom People [Stream & Download]

November 11, aka Veterans Day, is a time to celebrate those who served, and in many cases sacrificed their lives to keep the U.S. safe. While we’re honoring the troops, though, it’s important to remember that... Read More


John Public - Jack & Ginger Ale [Stream & Download]

Most rappers, when asked their drink of choice, would spring for something trendy and expensive – Patron, Rozay, perhaps Siroc. Ever the populist, however, John Public prefers a glass of Jack & Ginger Ale. Making its... Read More


John Public x Jimi Hendrix - Raps, Meet Guitar [Stream & Download]

The 162nd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of John Public, the Jersey City native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape tracks Sneaker Music and Freedom People. On his brand new, exclusive Raps, Meet... Read More


John Public Spits “Raps, Meet Guitar” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- John Public, the Jersey City native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape tracks "Sneaker Music" and "Freedom People," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #162 in our Freestyle Series.... Read More


John Public - Freedom People [Stream]

I don’t mind suspending my disbelief to enjoy a good song, but when I hear underground up-and-comers rhapsodize about their stratospheric stacks and million-dollar jewelry… well, let’s just say I find it a... Read More


John Public - Sneaker Music [Stream]

Don’t let the title mislead you – John Public‘s first Booth feature is not so much about kicks as it is about… well, pretty much everything else. As a matter of fact, Sneaker Music is as thorough an... Read More