New Johnny Polygon Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Johnny Polygon - The Fall [Stream]

Update: The Shellie Lewis-directed visuals for Johnny Polygon’s The Fall single have been added.Though we’ve featured dribs and drabs of new material in the intervening year, Johnny Polygon fans haven’t... Read More


Johnny Polygon - The Weather Report [Stream]

In late July, we heard Tulsa, Oklahoma phenom Johnny Polygon ponder his own mortality on the moody, yet enlightening You’re Never Too Old to Die Young. His latest promo cut, The Weather Report, shares its... Read More


Johnny Polygon - You’re Never too Old to Die Young [Stream]

Though there are people who manage to hang onto life for a hundred years or more, precious few leave this world without some unfinished business. As Johnny Polygon reminds us on his latest promo single, You’re Never Too... Read More


Johnny Polygon - Purple Mess [Stream]

As Johnny Polygon revealed in this March interview, the opening track off his latest street album resulted from the conjunction of a simple keyboard melody and a surreal image (“What if you splattered blood across the sky... Read More


Johnny Polygon Deconstructs “The Nothing” - Super No Lye [Video] [Feature ]

Tulsa, O.K. -- On February 27, Johnny Polygon linked up with The DJBooth to drop new street album The Nothing, his first project in more than two years. In a newly-released video shot at Swing Studios, the Tulsa, Oklahoma... Read More


Johnny Polygon Deconstructs “The Nothing” - Purple Mess [Video] [Feature ]

Tulsa, O.K. -- On February 27, Johnny Polygon linked up with The DJBooth to drop new street album The Nothing, his first project in more than two years. In a newly-released video shot at Swing Studios, the Tulsa, Oklahoma... Read More


Johnny Polygon - The Nothing [Album]

For the first time in over two years, Johnny Polygon is back in the Booth with a new project. Set to go on The Light Up The Night tour from March 21, through April 27, with PAC DIV, the Tulsa native is preparing for the... Read More


Johnny Polygon - Vacation Suicide [Stream & Download]

Since Johnny Polygon stepped into The DJBooth with my sh*t in March 2012, we haven’t featured any new sh*t from the Tulsa native. Today, he finally makes his return to our pages with new single Vacation Suicide. While... Read More


Johnny Polygon - my sh*t [Stream]

Funny how everything with booming bass just sounds so effin awesome, as Johnny Polygon would say. The eccentric emcee, with the kaleidoscope of beats and brain-stinging lyrics, keeps things moving on his latest video drop my... Read More


THURZ ft. Johnny Polygon - Are You Not? [Stream & Download]

Fresh off getting the Booth jumping with the in-your-face L.N.S., THURZ dials back the intensity for the follow-up. Propelled by the loping percussion, delicate piano and dreamy synth warbles of DJ Dahi and J. LBS, this... Read More


Johnny Polygon ft. Gabriel Royal - rapcom [Stream & Download]

When your last name is an obscure geometric shape you can’t just get by with the same old, same old, and sure enough Johnny Polygon has never been one to hold back from experimentation. Need an example? How about new... Read More


Cisco Adler ft. Yelawolf, Dirt Nasty & Johnny Polygon - Lemonade [Stream]

I thought Gucci Mane had cornered the market on rap songs titled Lemonade, but Malibu native Cisco Adler, who we last heard delivering some yuletide cheer on Silent Night 2011, proves there’s more enough room in the game... Read More


Johnny Polygon - LIMOSEXSUPERSTAR [Stream & Download]

If just about any other rapper released a song titled LIMOSEXSUPERSTAR, you’d know exactly what to expect: a dope, hedonistic, but ultimately disposable jam celebrating the perks of fame and fortune. You can count on... Read More


Johnny Polygon - Invincible [Video]

For Johnny Polygon’s latest visual for the single Invincible, he teams up with Italian Vogue Director Tommaso Cardile to paint a debaucherous picture with the help of all his closest friends. Johnny’s writing and... Read More


Johnny Polygon - What Sadness [Video]

In these visuals from Johnny Polygon‘s latest Booth-sponsored mixtape, Wolf in Cheap Clothing, available for download here, Johnny tells a story that, literally, reveals a bigger picture as the song progresses. Shot by... Read More


Johnny Polygon - F**kin’ Awesome [Stream & Download]

An artist who titles a record “F**kin’ Awesome” runs the risk of shame and embarrassment if the contents don’t match the label; thus, it was with temerity that I clicked “Play” on Johnny Polygon‘s... Read More


Johnny Polygon - Wolf in Cheap Clothing EP [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee/singer Johnny Polygon has hooked up with and Read More


Johnny Polygon Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

There's the usual, and then there's Johnny Polygon. Hailing from Oklahoma, Johnny has become a rhyme spitting, street-ballad singing, force of nature within the music industry thanks to an immediately distinctive style and a... Read More


Johnny Polygon Attends Therapy With T.J. Miller in New Promo Video [Feature ]

Los Angeles, Calif. -- Later this month, "Get Right" emcee Johnny Polygon, will be hooking up with Orisue to drop new street album Catch Up, which will be followed by EP Wolf in Cheap Clothing.... Read More


Johnny Polygon Does Tulsa Proud [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Pabst Blue Ribbon was the bartender’s special Saturday night, so of course I bought two. It was my first time having a PBR, but I have a feeling most of the people there had put back a few in their life. The streets were... Read More


Johnny Polygon ft. Amanda Diva - Get Right [Stream]

Ironic detachment may be a hallmark of Johnny Polygon‘s musical persona, but don’t let the Oklahoma rapper’s world-weary tone fool you into thinking he doesn’t care about his craft.  Au... Read More


Johnny Polygon - Day Dreamin’ [Stream]

Johnny Polygon‘s a hard emcee to pin down, but one thing’s for certain: there’s something about him that keeps listeners coming back for more.  His last feature, That’s You, saw him mixing blunt... Read More


Johnny Polygon - That’s You [Stream]

As those familiar with his Booth debut, I Been Runnin’, are already aware, Johnny Polygon has absolutely no interest in setting a good example for the young and impressionable.  If the newly-released That’s... Read More


Johnny Polygon - I Been Runnin’ [Stream]

Should musicians feel obligated to act as good role models for the young and impressionable?  It’s a question posed frequently (and often unfairly) in regard to hip-hop, and rap in particular.  On I Been... Read More