New Johnny Spanish Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Johnny Spanish - In Spite Of It All ft. T-Razor [Stream]

In Spite Of It All, just know that you can always count on dope new music from Johnny Spanish. After his dedication to the Baddest B*tch in the world a couple weeks back, the Booth regular hits us with another world premiere... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Baddest B*tch [Stream]

“I’m ‘bout to buy you diamonds and pearls, ‘cause you the Baddest B*tch in the world” sings Johnny Spanish on the hook of his latest loose single - also a DJBooth world premiere. The longtime... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Abe Lincoln [Stream & Download]

Johnny Spanish wants you to understand he’s an honest guy, lies and fabrication won’t be found in his rhymes. Johnny smokes the cannabis, and his pockets are deeper than a Jaden Smith Tweet, all the traits you... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Okay [Stream]

Hindsight is always 20/20. But it’s even sweeter when you look back and know that you’ve made the right decisions. Grant Johnny Spanish a few minutes of your time, while he recalls just how he was able to turn out... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. T-Razor - Talk To ‘Em [Stream]

When someone says, “We need to talk,” it’s almost never about anything good. (If they ask you to sit down first, then prepare for some really bad news.) In the case of Johnny Spanish‘s latest single, though,... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Last Rites [Stream]

Missed Johnny Spanish’s Home album? Hey, no worries; s**t happens. Luckily, Johnny just dropped a friendly reminder in the form of a video for standout selection Last Rites. The only thing that needs Last Rites is Oliver... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Bed of Roses [Stream]

UPDATE: “Bed of Roses” is no longer available to stream. Here in D.C., August means humidity and pollen; it also means trouble for anyone with allergies. Because of this, I popped an Allegra (Now I’m sweating,... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Home [Album]

Johnny Spanish has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital album, Home. The project packs 14 original records from the Louisville-born and based underground rhymesayer, including reader-approved... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Don’t Tempt Me [Stream]

UPDATE: “Don’t Tempt Me” is no longer available for stream. If you are careless enough to leave a piece of pizza (or two) in front of me, I’ll tell you right now, I will eat it right in your face and I... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Home [Stream]

UPDATE: “Home” is no longer available to stream. Johnny Spanish has a lot of love for Brooklyn, where he currently hangs his hat, but a big piece of his heart will always remain in Louisville, Kentucky. On the... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Get It Now [Stream]

Back in January, when Johnny Spanish brought us unreleased jam On the Shelf, we stated that the Kentucky spitter was planning to drop a new, Ghost Beats and The Composer-produced mixtape in February. Obviously, given the fact... Read More


Johnny Spanish - On the Shelf [Stream & Download]

When a dope artist is recording a new project, it’s inevitable that a quality track or two will get left On the Shelf. Today, Johnny Spanish steps into the Booth with a record which, judging by its title, might have... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Body of Evidence [Album]

Kentucky underground spitter Johnny Spanish has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners Body of Evidence, a new street album compiling previously-unreleased singles and collaborations. Included among the project's... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. 2Lettaz - On Camera [Stream & Download]

We live in a digitally inter-connected world constantly being monitored by drones, satellites and street corner surveillance. These days it’s hard to find a place that’s not On Camera, a state of constant... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. Johnny Spanish - Bigga Thomas [Stream & Download]

The group may be a little smaller, but the music is still as dope as before. Always introspective, but never corny, Nappy Roots continue to offer quality product. The Kentucky collective maintain their down south underground... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Supa Dope [Stream & Download]

”I’m Supa Dope yeah, I’m supa dope.” So sayeth Johnny Spanish—and who am I to argue? Making its world premiere right here on our front page, this freshly-released cut is both a statement and a... Read More


Mad Child ft. Johnny Spanish & Chris Webby - Hate Me (Alt Version) [Stream & Download]

Think a little criticism is enough to get under Mad Child‘s skin? Think again. On unreleased cut Hate Me (Alt Version), the Swollen Members emcee (and freestyle series alumnus) comes together with Kentucky rhymesayer... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Going Postal (Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Everybody duck and cover—Johnny Spanish is Going Postal! Making its world premiere right here in The DJBooth, this unreleased freestyle finds the Kentucky rhymesayer (and freestyle series alumnus) firing off his... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Never Be Still [Stream & Download]

Whatever your opinion on the ever-growing Occupy movement (I think it’s rather dope, myself), you’d have to be an anosmiac not to notice the scent of revolution in the air. Unsurprisingly, the trend towards... Read More


Johnny Spanish & T-Razor Offer Up “2 the Top” Mixtape for Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Kentucky up-and-comers Johnny Spanish and T-Razor are offering up their collaborative street album,2 the Top, for streaming and download via Featuring nine fresh cuts from the Bluegrass State... Read More


Johnny Spanish & T-Razor - 2 the Top [Album]

Kentucky up-and-comers Johnny Spanish and T-Razor have joined forces with to bring listeners their new collaborative street album, 2 the Top. The project features nine original cuts from the Bluegrass State... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Day In The Life [Stream]

Whether you’re working a 9-5, six part-time jobs or just spraying shoppers in the face at a fragrance booth in the mall (you know who you are), everyone is working for something. For some A Day In The Life is a trend to... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. T-Razor & Jackie Chain - Make It Take It [Stream & Download]

Johnny Spanish may be all about his paper, but he considers his pride more valuable than any amount of currency. That’s why, even if the Kentucky repper falls upon hard times, you won’t catch him asking for a... Read More


Johnny Spanish x T-Razor - I Know [Stream & Download]

Kentucky emcees Johnny Spanish and T-Razor take the opportunity to teach us a little history on I Know, the latest selection off their forthcoming collaborative mixtape. Spitting over a pensive, piano-driven instrumental by... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Like That [Stream & Download]

For a normal birthday I might have a few drinks with friends and go out to eat; something a little better than the Ramen stocked at the house. Johnny Spanish doesn’t have normal birthdays. For his celebration this year, the... Read More


Johnny Spanish - What It Do [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been looking for a song to roll up to a party with on Friday night, I have some bad news. Johnny Spanish has a track you’ll want to party with every night. If that’s a problem (say, for example, you’re... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Can’t Go Wrong [Stream & Download]

The 218th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Johnny Spanish, the Kentucky up-and-comer who earned reader acclaim for Up in the Clouds and Got Damn Shame. On his brand new,... Read More


Johnny Spanish Spits “Can’t Go Wrong” for DJBooth x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

Johnny Spanish, the Kentucky up-and-comer who earned reader acclaim for "Up in the Clouds and "Got Damn Shame," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 218th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle... Read More


Johnny Spanish - Up in the Clouds [Stream & Download]

Those who tuned in for the Kentucky buzzmaker’s previous Booth features, Got’ Damn Shame and Shining (Remix), know that Johnny Spanish is fly, but just how fly is he? As the up-and-comer puts it on his latest... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. T-Razor - Got’ Damn Shame [Stream & Download]

Though Johnny Spanish‘s first Booth feature, Shining (Remix), found him flowing alongside Southern stalwarts Nappy Roots, the Louisville, Kentucky native proved perfectly able to hold his own, showcasing skills... Read More


Johnny Spanish ft. Nappy Roots - Shining (Remix) [Stream]

Fresh off the June 15, release of their hotly-anticipated fourth full-length, The Pursuit of Nappyness, Kentucky’s own Nappy Roots are back in the Booth to introduce us to an up-and-coming emcee and fellow Bluegrass... Read More