New Jon Hope Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jon Hope - A Guy Named Harry [Album]

Rhode Island buzzmaker and longtime Booth favorite Jon Hope has released A Guy Named Harry, his latest full-length and the album follow-up to 2012's Work In Progress. Lead by Booth-approved single "Camp St. & Comstock," the... Read More


Jon Hope - Camp St. & Comstock [Stream]

After two years with nary a solo feature from Jon Hope, we started to wonder if the Rhode Island representative would ever return, but we never gave up… um… hope. With that horrible pun out of the way, we’re... Read More


Blaze P ft. Jon Hope & Statik Selektah - What’s That Smell? [Stream]

It’s said that, of the five senses, smell is the most strongly linked with memory. But isn’t it downright crazy to smell something and immediately be reminded of a person, place or thing? While some scents are... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Khalil - No Lights [Stream & Download]

With his new, DJBooth-sponsored studio album currently enjoying rave reviews on our mixtape page, Jon Hope returns to the DJBooth with a freshly-released standout cut off the project. On No Lights, beatsmith LJC serves up a... Read More


Jon Hope - Work in Progress [Album]

Rhode Island buzzmaker Jon Hope has come together with The DJBooth and Surefire Recording Studios to bring listeners his latest album release, the Work in Progress LP. The project features 16 original records from the Booth... Read More


Jon Hope - Sara’s Song (The Proclamation) [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Hope has arrived. Though the title of the Rhode Island representative’s DJBooth-hosted street release suggests that he’s still putting the pieces together, I don’t know how you can... Read More


Jon Hope - Cashews [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Hope has gone completely nuts. On the second single off his Booth-sponsored full-length, the Rhode Island phenom shares a creative reading of a Wu-Tang classic, announcing that “Cashews... Read More


Jon Hope - Rhode Less Traveled [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view Jon Hope’s Walu-direct Rhode Less Traveled video. First of all, just in in case you’re pun illiterate, yes, Jon Hope is from Rhode Island – hence the title of his... Read More


Jon Hope Presents: Hope All Is Well [Video] [Feature ]

Providence, R.I. -- With the arrival of his DJBooth-sponsored Work in Progress mixtape a little over a month away, Jon Hope gives fans a little insight into his roots as an artist in a new mini-documentary. Directed by Colby... Read More


Jon Hope - The Second Hand [Stream & Download]

There’s never a shortage of suitable hip-hop records to get lifted to, but when is someone going to create an anthem for those who choose not to partake? OK, to be fair, refraining from puffing herb may not sound like... Read More


Quit Your Day Job - Jon Hope [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply a daydreamer, you've likely fantasized about what it would be like to leave your nine-to-five grind behind and try your luck in the music game. But what is the... Read More


The Road to A3C: Jon Hope [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that the Jon Hope will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Hope says “I use my life as the foundation of my music. That alone allows me to be original because no one... Read More


STS ft. Jon Hope & Nikkiya - Writings On The Wall [Stream]

Since the release of Run This Town by Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna, anthem styled tracks similar to the tone of RTT have been popping up around every corner. Most of the tracks that followed couldn’t carry the same... Read More


Marc Antoni ft. Jon Hope - Should’ve Known [Stream & Download]

Attention rap heavyweights: Marc Antoni‘s got his eye on the throne, and all who get in the way risk being bulldozed. On Should’ve Known, a standout cut off his recent, Booth-sponsored EP, the Boston native gives... Read More


Grynch ft. Jon Hope & La - Timeless [Stream]

Over the course of Booth history, Mike Dreams, Truck North, Costell and Pol B have each earned good-to-great reader reviews for joints with the word “Timeless” in the title. Have they held up as well as the artists... Read More


Jon Hope ft. LJC - The Bottle [Stream]

Over the past few years hip-hop has slowly moved from a music that celebrates partying to one that celebrates liver-destroying binge drinking. It’s no longer enough to simply pop bottles, you have to do Shots with LMFAO and... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Sean Falyon - Bills [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

As the industry continues to produce songs about clubbing, popping bottles and having your own G5 pilot, Jon Hope brings us back to reality with his new freestyle, Bills. With the help of Philly rapper Sean Falyon and a... Read More


Jon Hope Shouts-Out DJBooth in Showoff Radio Interview [Feature ]

Boston, Mass. -- On the latest episode of Statik Selektah's Showoff Radio, Rhode Island up-and-comer (and freestyle series alum) Jon Hope sits down with the Boston DJ/producer/radio personality to promote his... Read More


Exclusive AC3 Video Interview: Jon Hope [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- Last weekend, many of hip-hop's hottest emerging talents gathered in ATL for 2010's AC3 festival, which included a star-studded showcase sponsored by none other than (click here to read Sig's... Read More


Mista Mista ft. Jon Hope, Taktix & Crucial - All In [Stream & Download]

Looks like we can add another name to the list of rappers doing it big despite hailing from the smallest state in the country: with Jon Hope, Theo Martins, Starrs & Murph, and now Mista Mista grinding to put Providence,... Read More


Jon Hope - WaterFire: Collection of Emotions [Album]

Providence, Rhode Island emcee Jon Hope has hooked up with and Vital Clothing to bring fans WaterFire: Collection of Emotions. The mixtape features eight new, previously-unreleased joints from the freestyle... Read More


Jon Hope - Pressure [Stream & Download]

They say that pressure makes diamonds, but it also crushes, pulverizes and demolishes those not strong enough to withstand it. If DJBooth nation’s response to Providence emcee Jon Hope’s last offering, the uber-approved... Read More


Jon Hope - Still Breathin’ [Stream]

I love road trips. Let me edit that: I love road trips when I have some good music in my stereo - nothing irks me more than having to listen to Pretty Boy Swag 18 times on the radio in 30 minutes. Thankfully, I received a... Read More


DJ Mickey Knox ft. Thad Reid, Jon Hope & 6th Sense - Fatal Attraction [Stream]

In 1987 film Fatal Attraction, a Manhattan attorney’s life gets turned upside-down when a woman with whom he’d had an affair reveals herself as a crazed and violent stalker. DJ Mickey Knox’... Read More


Jon Hope - Which One [Stream]

It’s been quite a while since last we heard from Jon Hope (eight months and 23 days, to be exact). If you’ve been um, hoping to hear more from the Rhode Island native (and exclusive freestyle series alumnus), your... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Nandi - Above It All [Stream]

Screaming fans, flashing cameras, and big money are nice, but no amount of glitz or glamor can distract Jon Hope from his first love, the music—as the Providence, RI native puts it on the lead single off his forthcoming... Read More


Jon Hope - Forever (Mr. Murray Song) [Stream]

How long does Jon Hope hope to stay in the game?  As the Providence emcee explains on this newly-leaked cut, he’s planning to stick around “Forever and a day.”  Knowing that there’s no better way to... Read More


Jon Hope Drops “Somekind of Wonderful EP” [Free Download] [Feature ]

Providence, RI -- Jon Hope , the up-and-comer last seen on our front page with his Booth-exclusive "Rakim Joint" freestyle, has joined forces with to offer his latest project for free download. Awarded 3.5 out... Read More


Jon Hope - Somekind of Wonderful [Album]

2009 is a good year to be named Hope. Thanks to the audacity of Barack Obama a black man is now occupying the White House, and with the economy in worse shape than Snoop’s lungs after a trip to Amsterdam, millions of... Read Full Review


Jon Hope - Rakim Joint [Stream & Download]

The ninth entry in our exclusive freestyle series comes courtesy of Jon Hope, the up-and-coming rapper you may remember from recent features Better and Roll Call.  The Rhode Island native, who freestyles over original... Read More

Jon Hope Spits “Rakim Joint” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Jon Hope, the up-and-coming emcee recently seen on featured cuts "Better" and "Roll Call" (both off his forthcoming Some Kind of Wonderful EP), has stepped into the Booth to bring listeners the ninth entry in... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Taktix - Better [Stream]

Down in the dumps?  The appropriately-named Jon Hope is back in the Booth with a new record that’s sure to make you feel a little bit Better.  Debuted on Tuesday, the first official single off Hope’s... Read More


Jon Hope - Roll Call [Stream]

Due to the historic election of Barack Obama, 2009 seems destined to be remembered as the year of hope, and one Rhode Island up-and-comer is angling to ride this trend to success in the New Year.  Whether Jon... Read More


Jon Hope - Showdown [Stream]

As a nation we’re searching for change and progress, which is exactly what Rhode Island’s Jon Hope is praying for on his newest single, Showdown.  Armed with a distinctive voice, a Statik Selektah mixtape called The... Read More


Jon Hope - The Rush [Stream]

Emcees that rhyme about an addiction to the ‘street life’ are usually products of their own lyrically-explained environment. Unfortunately, record label head honchos feed off of their artist’s strife and this tends to... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Statik Selektah - The Rap Life [Stream]

One of the most underrated regions in hip-hop is the Greater Boston area.  Despite loads of underground talent, such as Akrobatik, Termanology, and REKS, the upper Northeast has never gotten its ‘major shine.’ ... Read More