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Jonathas - SMOKIN’ PT. 2 [Stream]

At first I thought I had eaten a few brownies from Snoop Dogg’s kitchen, because I could have sworn I did a writeup for Jonathas’ Smokin back in February. While I was worried, I think I can pop another brownie now,... Read More


Jonathas ft. Chris Landry - How I Do [Stream & Download]

Thus far in 2013, Jonathas has covered his proclivities in the sexual arena (No Rubber) and his fondness for the herb (Smokin). Evidently, he wasn’t quite satisfied with his treatment of the former topic, as it’s... Read More


Jonathas - Smokin [Stream & Download]

Jonathas might be rolling up a bit too much because the indie artist recently released Smokin, a track that was a part of his 2012 mixtape, The Foreigner. Actually, while he may be engulfed in clouds of kush, he does know... Read More


Jonathas - No Rubber [Stream]

Written in Stone singer Jonathas is willing to do just about whatever his girl likes in the sexual arena—the position, the pace and the location are all up for grabs. He has just one request: he wants to do it with No... Read More


Jonathas - Written in Stone [Stream]

Life isn’t like the board game Chutes & Ladders, in which shady behavior instantly sends you tumbling down a slide of karmic retribution. In the real world, the future is never Written in Stone, and bad deeds (when... Read More